'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 5

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06“Ingo and Tony are both wearing hats from the Gavin DeGraw Hat Collection during rehearsal.” –Amy in KC, endorsed by Wiltasaurus, Fridgedancer, orville1970

07“Love seeing Tony in the shadows really cheering Ingo on — he’s such a great guy.” –JAYBES
“Kym Johnson’s ginormous ass-bow on her costume!  Looks like her bum was all wrapped up as a present!” –Tnmiller916, endorsed by Stacisuzanne
“Kym’s butt bow looks like the tail of some glittery animal native to Planet Mirrorballus.” –DonnaW

08“Ingo and Tony clinking EMPTY(!) cocktail glasses! I was expecting a glittler mojito, not… well… nothing.” –Wiltasaurus

09“Hi Tot-emacher! Ingo’s son is adorable!” –Colleen, endorsed by DonnaW, JAYBES, Wiltasaurus, Gltrgrrl

10“A woman sitting behind Bruno was wearing a black cap that covered the top of her head and made it look like a bon bon.  I had to eat some chocolate after they kept showing her.” –pancake, endorsed by Prplrose5, Jem H
“I saw Meryl Streep/Lindy Chamberlain of A CRY IN THE DARK/EVIL ANGELS in the center of the audience behind the judges!!!! The dingo ate my gems!!” –Zach

11“I”m sitting here trying to come up with a hidden gem doppleganger for the guy sitting behind Carrie Ann on the right but all I can think of is ‘Darn that guy is HOT.’ Can we make him a ‘Star’ and assign him a partner?” –Liz
“It looks the the twin of Lloyd Eisler of Skating With the Stars fame! I thought it might even be him, but I think Lloyd looks older and has less hair up top. What is extra funny about that is that right after Ingo talked about ‘skating by,’ Tom referenced that show! ‘Yeah cuz we tried a skating show, and that didn’t work.'” –Jem H

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