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5. Crooze Control (2000)
Between There’s Something About Mary and Meet the Parents, Ben Stiller made it clear he was on his way to becoming a massive star — the Tom Cruise of comedy, if you will — with this faux behind-the-scenes segment, in which he played overly dedicated Mission: Impossible stuntman Tom Crooze. Tom Cruise himself has participated in many hilarious bits for the (including appearing as Tropic Thunder’s Les Grossman in several 2009 gags), but his Improbable team-up with Stiller remains both of their funniest Movie Awards moment.

4. Brady-sic Instinct (1995)
Less of a moment, more of a “What were you smoking?” series of vignettes, the stars of The Brady Bunch turned up in several video reenactments of that year’s Best Movie nominees. The results were uneven, with a Bodyguard segment falling as flat as Rachel Marron’s chiffonaded scarf, but Florence Henderson’s racy Basic Instinct reenactment was so wrong it was right. We always knew Carol was a, ahem, free spirit.

<p><a href=”″>Brady Bunch – basic instinct</a> from <a href=””>neuromandw</a&gt; on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>

3. Robsten tease the Twihards (2009-2012)
The Twilight stars kicked off their four-time winning streak in the Best Kiss category. (Sad fact: Despite all that vampy cabin sex, they’re not even nominated this year!) How did the real-life couple repay their dedicated fans? By teasing them year after year, refusing to bring the Edward-and-Bella heat on the MTV stage. The first was somehow simultaneously the hottest and the most awkward (unless you count Robert Pattinson planting one on Taylor Lautner in 2011).

2. “Sex,” Shatner-style
Back in the Movie Awards’ early days, presenters were chosen for reasons other than maximizing facetime for whatever bit of summer shlock they starred in that year. Most notably, the show’s first ceremony featured William Shatner — who’d already proven his bonkers approach toward cultural ephemera with a spoken-word interpretation of “Rocket Man” — to perform that year’s Best Song  contenders. If you only do one thing today, it must be watching the Shat man undulate to a bongo-ed up rendition of Color Me Badd’s “I Wanna Sex You Up.”

1. “Like McAdams loves Gosling!” (2005)
If you don’t find this hot, you probably didn’t cry when the old people died at the end of The Notebook, you heartless jerk.

What other Movie Awards moments have stayed with you, PopWatchers? This year’s host Rebel Wilson has announced she’s reuniting the cast of Pitch Perfect — do you think their musical intro will join the list of all-time greatest moments? Find out for yourself when the MTV Movie Awards broadcast live tonight at 9 p.m. ET.

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