'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 4

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“What is that small silvery glass square on the ground?” –Colleen

“Jacoby’s son is at that perfect age to be completely hypnotized by the glitter and the sequins in the ballroom. His expression is so adorable!” –orville1970, endorsed by duranmom, Colleen, Mambada, Wiltasaurus, debbsjo, RifaG
“Jacobaby?” –MissKitty
“Jacoby and his son had matching ties” –Carolyn, endorsed by MLM

“The arrow pointing up in the background served as a visual aid for Carrie Ann’s suggestion that Jacoby tuck in his booty.” –kfran
“Karina’s dress looks like a strawberry sundae.” –DonnaW

“Jacoby’s toothy little grin as Brooke was reading their numbers.” –Amy in KC
“It was a little Jim Carrey/Fire Marshall Bill I thought!” –Jem H

“At the start of Aly’s dance, the spotlight looked like a balance beam.” –stee

“I am surprised Mark didn’t paint spats on his feet… btw Mark, put clothes on” –Fridgedancer, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, Pinky Shears, Electronic Neko, DonnaW
“Is it just me or are Mark’s feet ghostly white? It’s almost as if they’ve rejected all attempts at spray tanning in their desire to always be clad in spats.” –orville1970, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

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