'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 3!

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25“Andy Dick after Jacoby Jones performed, mouthing ‘That was good.'” –Giantpanda, endorsed by Queue55

26“That was my son’s BFF in front of Jacoby’s mom….Torrey Smith! And no wonder Jacoby got kicked out of the prom.  The librarian took him home.” –PIMB

27“As Jacoby and Karina got their remarks, was it me or was Bruno’s zipper open?” –Anthony

28“When Tom was introducing Wynonna and Tony, there was a girl in front row in a green dress doing the McKayla Maroney ‘not impressed’ face. :)” –Kerri

29“Did I spy some glitter on that jackhammer?” –DonnaW
“That sounds…..so wrong.” Amy in KC, endorsed by duranmom, orville1970

30“The judges doing YMCA behind Sean and Peta.  They loved being part of it. ” –duranmom, endorsed by Anthony
“Len’s dyslexic backward C during the YMCA.” –Jem H
“I’d give it a solid seh-vehhhhhhn!” –Wiltasaurus

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