'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 3!

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19“Lisa’s husband holding Giggy looked like a short, squat, version of Rod Stewart, holding a dog in drag.” –Sugar, endorsed by KaulyJo and 1montrealaise3
“Too…much…Botox… Are they happy? Sad? Angry? Who can tell?!?” –SpeechTeacher89, endorsed by orville1970

20“I think Derek’s mad wasp face looks more like the Joker with maybe a bit of Jack Nicholson (The Shining) and perhaps a tad of Jim Carrey as well. Nightmare-inducing for sure!” –luvbug, endorsed by Tay, GlitterFan, Chloe, JJ
Other comparisons included the Guy Fawkes mask from V for Vendetta (IowaGirl), “the Keebler Elf (Krosstx)
“Len proclaiming Kellie the Queen of the Prom…would that make her the Queen Bee to Derek’s Angry Wasp Face?” –Amy in KC

21“After Derek and Kellie’s scores Tom was cutting to break when a woman on his left in a  blue paisley dress couldn’t resist a shout out, ‘Hi Mom!’ when the camera’s passed.” –Sugar

22“While Victor and Lindsay got their scores, I loved the shot of Ingo wearing the tiara. I love how the celebs share headwear with others. (See: Dorothy Hamill wearing Jacoby’s Yellow Hat last week.)” –Anthony, endorsed by Queue55, MLM, TequilaSunrise, Fringe Fairy, Kevin M. Kawa, Prplrose5
“Brooke looks like an extra from the final prom scene in Footloose! Not new Julianne Hough Footloose; original Kevin Bacon Footloose. :)” –JennieB
“I seriously couldn’t get over Brooke’s glove. I thought it was soap suds at first on her hand! And just one? How Madonna of her!” –Rachael
“If Brooke had a black bow on her butt, she could be Madonna in the Material Girl video.” –duranmom

23“At one point Cheryl ended up with a sort of creepy hair blindfold in the middle of their dance” –Jem H
“Gigantic peaches on the ballroom for D.L. and Cheryl’s salsa! Peaches? Beats me.” –Wiltasaurus
“DL’s blue suit and silver cape makes me think of big dance number in Muppets from Space.” –Electronic Neko

24“Bruno booing along with the crowd while giving a D.L. a 5.” –Kevin M. Kawa

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