'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 3!

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13“Ingo’s Mirror Ball helmet, which breaks ever rule of “safety first.” A helmet made up of tiny shards of glass?!? Seems like a sparkly disaster just waiting to happen!” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by DarkLordofDance, endorsed by Amy in KC, Cannoli, debbsjo, Colleen, Fridgedancer, emily t, pancake, Anthony

14“After Ingo laid Kym onto his motorcycle, there was a brief second where it looked like she was reaching out to his bejeweled helmet for help. Save me, oh shimmery headgear of Mirrorballus!” –Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Kevin

15“After Ingo and Kym’s dance, did anyone else notice that it looked like Carrie Ann was maybe giving him the old ‘bird disguised as a nose scratch’? Maybe in response to his comment that ‘she probably wishes she could take back that 6’? Looked like it to me. Maybe because I wear glasses and possibly occasionally use the old ‘bird disguised as pushing up the glasses’ thing. Ahem.” –TequilaSunrise
“Oh hey, Carrie Ann is wearing a tiny hidden crown!” –Cindy

16“When Gleb smiles, he reminds me of Sidney Crosby.” –Judy_kupiec

17“The rhinestones on Lisa’s dress look like a dragonfly. Real Housewives of Fern Gully, much?” –kellen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

18“It’s Planet Mirrorballus itself!” –Colleen
“When Lisa was being critiqued, some shimmer from (I believe) the Mirrorballus replica overhead was giving her some fake tear action.” –Wiltasaurus

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