'The Wolverine' trailer: A Deep Dive

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Viper pulls a Mission: Impossible and rips off one face, revealing another face underneath. Not to go down a rabbit hole of geekery, but the film’s decision to prominently feature Viper is interesting. She isn’t typically a big character in Wolvie’s comic-book mythology (and, honestly, she’s pretty boring), but the trailer indicates that she’ll be a central part of The Wolverine. Will there be some kind of twisted romantic triangle between her, Wolverine, and Mariko? Does she only love Wolverine for his adamantium? Since Comic Book Viper is one of the leaders of HYDRA, the main nemesis of SHIELD, should comic book fans hope against all corporate logic that 20th Century Fox and Disney are building up to an X-Men/Avengers crossover?Wolverine-25


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