'New Girl': Walt Miller... amirite?

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Notable Dotables…

Jess: Guess what! I got balloons! From a guy in a van! I love this neighborhood. I really love it.
Winston: What does that say? [reading balloons] “Me so horny.” Very good. “No credit, no problem.” And “Happy 100th, Jane!”
Jess: I don’t think she made it, but she lived a good life.

Jess: So this is where Nick Miller grew up!
Nick: Well, except for the fall of ’88 to the spring of ’89 — that was our van year.

Jess: Are you having time to process this?
Nick: I’m just trying to figure out the level of Elvis impersonator we can afford. I think a white one’s out of reach.

Winston [pretending to be dead]: Approach me and don’t be afraid.
Schmidt: Just promise not to move, all right? That’s what I’m afraid of.
Winston: Are you kidding me?
Schmidt: Also, you can’t breathe.
Winston: Schmidt, I need to breathe. Because I’m coaching you and also for regular life reasons. Now just calm down, find a joyful memory, and let it lift you to the sky.
Schmidt [kneels down]: You left us too soon… you beautiful black butterfly.
Winston: Start over.

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