'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 2!

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fly the gemly skies“Was that a coffee mug with a mirror ball on it right before the commercial?!  And more importantly, I want one!” –DarkLordofDance

too much, buddy“Cheryl’s cringe when D.L. kissed the side of her face.” –emily t, endorsed by Electronic_Neko, Jenn, Jem H
” Most awkward partner interaction (non-Gosselin category) ever.” –orville1970

i KNEW this was a porn“Derek’s porn ‘stache is not as good as Tony’s. I don’t even care that Tony’s was fake.” –emily t, endorsed by Electronic_Neko

more like stoned henge!“The fact that Derek’s light (saber) started blue but turned red just further proves that he’s evil. ” –kellen, endorsed by ODOG, BV
“Did Tom just call Derek the ‘Happy Jedi’? Sounds like a new nickname for ‘Little Derek’…” –Amy in KC
“Are those upright lasers/glowsticks/whatever in Kellie and Derek’s jazz number the Planet Mirrorballus equivalent of Stonehenge?” –Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Fringe Fairy

LOVE THIS, well done, Ho“The woman standing behind Tom after Derek and Kellie went up to the celebraquarium had a belt buckle that looked like a tiny golden door that would open up to her belly button. (now that I type that it sounds lame, but a golden door belt buckle seemed gem-worthy at the time.” –Jem H


mirrorballus rex loves to shroom“Dance floor looked like a giant salad.” –DonnaW, endorsed by Wiltasaurus
“Those 3D mushrooms are the perfect snack for last season’s dinosaur!” –@CindyKay618


Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for this fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

Annie Barrett’s ‘DWTS’ Facebook page

Not Enough Tristan in this pot o’ gold, I say! Press play for an extra dose of brogue-y goodness.

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