'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: A Deep Dive

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Say, you know who we haven’t heard too much from yet? Zoe Saldan’s Uhura, who practically replaced McCoy as the third member of the Trek Power Trio in J.J. Abrams’ last go-round with the franchise. She isn’t too prominent in this trailer, except for one stray comment — “We’re outgunned!” Come to think of it, besides Spock and Kirk, we haven’t seen very much of the rest of the Enterprise crew in this movie yet. Could it be that the movie is really focusing a lot of time on Cumberbatch’s character? Or are we being set up for a classic Abrams reversal? Given the dark tone of this movie, will Into Darkness be the latest big-franchise iteration with a major-character death? And if so, isn’t it likely that the person to go would be a character who’s the less-famous half of a romantic relationship? What I’m saying is: Watch your back, Nyota. Also: This shot provides confirmation that, despite the haters, there will be lens flares in this movie.

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