'Star Trek Into Darkness' trailer: A Deep Dive

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After the attack in London, the Starfleet grandies meet in a room that looks almost identical to the War Room in Dr. Strangelove. Present at the meeting are Captain Kirk, his mentor/father figure Captain Pike…


…and a top Admiral who is played by none other than Peter Weller, a.k.a. Robocop. Fans of Trek fashion will note that Weller is rocking an outfit that looks very similar to the ’70s-future jumpsuit worn by Kirk in The Motion Picture. (Is it weird that I always preferred the Motion Picture jumpsuits to the II-IV era red uniforms? Everyone just looked so comfortable.) Admiral Weller describes Cumberbatch as “one of our top agents,” indicating that this is a classic “Best Man Goes Rogue, Has To Be Stopped By The New Best Man” action movie. (See also: Skyfall, Goldeneye.) This sets Into Darkness apart from most classic Trek stories, which almost always portray Starfleet as an internally secure well-oiled organization being attacked by exterior forces. Though there are exceptions. See: Pointy-eared Samantha.

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