'Iron Man 3' trailer: A Deep Dive

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Indicating that the film is not going to be all dark and dreary, Tony and Rhodey get a nice moment together where they banter about needing back-up. (This seems like a good moment to remind everyone that Shane Black’s first big screenplay was Lethal Weapon.) An important note on this shot: Tony Stark is wearing a shirt with the logo “A.I.M.” Comic fans know that A.I.M. stands for “Advanced Idea Mechanics,” a group of technocrat terrorists with the stated mission of using technology to conquer the world. (In the comics, they all wore matching Yellow Beekeeper costumes. Presumably, Shane Black won’t stand for that.)   Iron-Man-3-27
And here we come to the big reveal of Tony Stark’s Iron Army. “There’s my boys,” he says. Are these men in suits, or are they people remote-controlling the suits…or are they robots? And, more importantly, are they on Stark’s side…or the Mandarin’s?Iron-Man-3-28
In the immortal words of Homer Simpson: I call the big one Bitey.

So there you have it, people. More Iron Men. More romance. More rampage. More symbolic political subtext that the filmmakers will insist is completely apolitical. What do you think of this extended look at the Iron Man threequel? Who do you like more: Evil Smarmy Blond Guy Pearce or Evil Bizarro-Accented Speechifying Ben Kingsley?

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