'New Girl': Tin and Daffodils

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Notable quotables:

Jess: “Ten years? You guys are like Bert and Ernie.”
Nick: “I got dibs on Bert.”
Schmidt: [at the same time] “Dibs on Ernie.”
Nick: “Nice.”
Schmidt: “Cool, man.”

Schmidt: “I can’t talk right now. I’m writing a strongly worded email to my florist.”

Nick: [about Jax] “His hands are so big and warm. I want to fall asleep in them like Thumbelina.”

Cece:I used to just think that if I was being proposed to, I would notice it was happening.”
Shrivang: [confused pause] “But we’re doing this thing?”
Cece:Maybe you could just stop saying ‘doing this thing.’”

Jess:Ahh, what am I going to do? I guess I’ll just have to use my eyes, hair, boobs, legs and adorable personality. Fool.”
Winston:I got like three of those things.”

Nick: “I want everyone to use this. I want it to be the main potty.”
Schmidt: “No, I don’t think that should be the main anything. I think people would be better off if they just made a caca in their hand.”

Schmidt: “I’m proud of you. You did good.”
Nick: “I’m proud of you. You… brought a spaceship.”

Schmidt: “Ten years! Two hearts! One home!”

Schmidt: “I know it sounds kind of cheesy, but I always thought I was going to be the man to bone Cece for the rest of her life.”

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