New Disney Park wristband could mean the end of lines


Image Credit: Kent Phillips/Walt Disney World

It’s more magical than a flying carpet!

Well, not really, but big tech changes are coming to Disney Parks. A new wristband, called the MagicBand, will replace paper tickets and is set to be rolled out over the next several months. The band is part of a new system called MyMagic+, which will include a web site and app, allowing guests to reserve time at a ride in advance, according to a press release. The project could completely revolutionize how we think about amusement parks… and the long, sometimes discouraging lines. The MagicBand would essentially act as a credit card, allowing everything from ride entry to food payment to be taken care of with a simple swipe.

In a move that could be creepy — but also amazing — The New York Times reports that this new intelligence can get kids on a first-name basis with Disney princesses. “Before, the employee playing Cinderella could say hello only in a general way. Now — if parents opt in — hidden sensors will read MagicBand data, providing information needed for a personalized greeting: ‘Hi, Angie,’ the character might say without prompting. ‘I understand it’s your birthday.’ “

Great news for twenty-somethings who were hoping to snap a picture with Aladdin.

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