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Lindsay probably pulled the boldest stunt by showing up in a wedding dress. This move and Lindsay’s personality really skirted that grey area with Sean. He has a great sense of humor but Lindsay almost pushed things too far. She did end up getting a rose, but if she expects a honeymoon any time soon she has some work to do. We surprised Sean with a special 26th bachelorette this season. We all know Kacie from Ben’s season and she pleaded for permission to come back to meet Sean. These two met before the show and apparently hit it off enough in Kacie’s mind that she felt it was worth all she’d have to go through to come back and fight for Sean’s heart along with the other 25 women.

In the middle of the arrivals Sean decided he was so impressed with one of the ladies, Tierra, that he wanted to give her a rose. Turns out, that wouldn’t even be close to the last rose Sean handed out before the rose ceremony. Sean apparently had decided it was time to shake things up a little bit on that first night and since he’s The Bachelor, he can kind of do whatever he wants. If a conversation went really well and Sean felt a connection with a woman, he figured he didn’t need to wait to let her know she was safe. Sean ended up handing out 12 roses before the rose ceremony. The only problem with this strategy was that in the minds of some of the ladies, everything became about the rose. All the women could talk or think about that night was getting a rose. So the entire time they were sitting there talking to Sean they were looking at that rose and wondering if they were going to get it and, if not, what that meant. I personally liked the change as it shook things up a bit and made for a very interesting first cocktail party.

Whether it’s The Bachelor or The Bachelorette there’s always that one person who will probably not remember much of the first night, and when they see it they’ll regret most of it. This season Ashley P. was that person. I think Sean summed it up best when he said she was Fifty Shades of Drunk. Let’s take the drinking out of it, and there are definitely some good lessons to take from her first conversations with Sean: First of all, she led with bondage. This is something maybe best saved for a second or third date. When the person you’re talking to references a rape whistle, this is a sign your conversation isn’t going well and maybe you should dial it back a bit. Then she mentioned her mother and how she was going to marry him. Telling a person you’re destined to marry them and revealing that you’ve discussed this with your mother before you’ve even had a first date might be just a tad much. At that point that was strike 1 through 9, so she not only struck out… she struck out enough for an entire team.

Because Sean was so generous with the roses all night he only had seven to hand out at the actual rose ceremony. Admit it, we’ve been gone so long you missed me coming out and saying, “This is the final rose tonight.” I know — it feels so good to hear those words again. After the roses and a few tears, you got a great look at just how fantastic this season is going to be. As I said to the ladies that first night, Sean is as sincere a Bachelor as we’ve ever had. That’s obviously a good thing, as that’s what we all want, but it also means expectations are high. When you have all these ingredients you’re bound to have an explosive season. I’m so happy to be back and I look forward to watching with you each week as Sean tries to navigate his way to finding the woman of his dreams.

Before I wrap things up, I want to let you know for the third year in a row I’ll be hosting the Miss America pageant, which will air live from Las Vegas this Saturday at 9 p.m. on ABC. I always look forward to hosting this event. It’s a wild ride and I hope you’ll be there to join me crown the new Miss America. In the meantime, you can always find me on Twitter and Instagram @chrisbharrison.

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