Best and Worst of 2012: The good, the bad and the grumpy memes

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5. Potato Jesus
Good intentions make for great memes — and terrible art. In the “you couldn’t make this stuff up” category, Spanish painter Elías García Martínez’s Ecce Homo fresco lovingly “restored” by Cecilia Jiménez made for a solid laugh at first (just asked SNL), but looking at that psychotic Devil’s Advocate blur face got old fast.

4. “What people think I do vs. What I Really Do”
Like “S— ____ Say,” this meme spawned imitators faster than was good for it. Deconstructing the “glamorous” liufe of a journalist or a director is certainly funny for insiders, but once you get to cat lady, a tragic line has been crossed. Meme over.

3. Jolie-ing
A sexy lady letting her gazelle-like leg peep out on the red carpet. What could possibly go wrong? Ummmm… THIS. AngieJo’s willowy gam wasn’t the only thing exposed this past March. Behold the Internet’s insatiable desperation to produce a meme from one of the most boring Oscars of the last decade! This one should have started and ended with Jim Rash’s hilariously impromptu on-stage mockery.

2. Hot Problems
Being popular and jailbait-y is hard, y’all! The self-absorbed single from two 17-year-old California girls was an instant car crash of a viral video. Such was its lack of self-awareness that the mighty forces of the Internet decided to rise up and… copy the heck out it. Scoring more than 16 million views and what felt like as many imit-haters, the song was proclaimed 2012’s worst song by some camps. But we won’t give it the credit as the year’s worst meme. Oh no, that goes to…

1. 50 Shades of memes
A meme based on fanfic based on Twilight? Too. Much. Meta.

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