'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Wanted dead, now alive

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Reunited with the club at T-M, Jax and Bobby came clean to the table about the RICO case and the plan to get them out from under the cartel. The club unanimously voted in favor of handing the drugs off to the Mayans and the guns off to the Chinese. Man, Jax liked hitting that gavel. “Well done,” Clay told him. “Not yet,” Jax said. Maybe don’t poke the bear, Jax. Clay knows he was only alive because of the IRA-cartel deal. Now it’s gone. A desperate man is a dangerous man. Jax told Gemma to take Clay to her place and ordered Chibs, Bobby, and Juice to Clay’s for show and tell. Tig asked if Jax needed him there. “Not yet,” Jax said. “Still love me, Tiggy?” he asked. “I love you, boss,” Tig said. Jax kissed him on his cheek. I can’t read Jax, and it’s killing me.

At Gemma’s, as she prepared to give Clay a shot for his hands and he dodged calls from Juice (“It’s never too late to adopt,” Gemma quipped), he asked her again about Nero. She told him it was never anything real and still isn’t. As if on cue, there was a knock at the back door. The way Clay had his gun ready, you gotta think he expected someone was there to kill him. It was Nero, looking spent. After Clay pulled the ol’ “she’s changing” line, Nero said he just wanted to ask if Gemma had heard anything about Jax. (Where are their cell phones?) Clay told him Jax was fine — it’d been a misunderstanding, it wasn’t his crew. Supposedly Bobby tried to call him. I find it a little hard to believe that Clay didn’t lurk when Gemma asked him to give her and Nero a moment alone, but let’s say he didn’t. This was the best scene of the episode. Nero came in and splashed water on his face. Gemma wanted to know what had happened to him. “Ghosts, babe. Ghosts. Some very familiar ones,” he said. He went to leave and turned around, lost and losing it, to ask if Clay was really back. Gemma looked to make sure Clay wasn’t watching, touched Nero’s face, and said, “No.” I’m not sure if Nero wanted to cry or scream. Both probably. He tried to leave again, and Gemma grabbed him. “I can’t explain all this. Not yet. But please don’t go away. Please. I love you,” she said, and kissed him. It needed to be passionate enough that he’d be convinced he had a reason to hold on and not hurt himself. “It’s okay,” she said. But still, she had to shut the door in his face. Where does Nero go from there?

Over at Clay’s, Juice had to admit he’d left Clay alone in the house when they couldn’t find the papers. For now, Juice lives, but Jax punched him hard enough to send him to the floor. After Chibs escorted Juice out, Bobby realized Jax had enlisted Juice in his battle against Clay. He told Jax he has no evidence to take to the table but the word of a dead traitor and a Fed snitch. “You gotta let it go, Jax,” Bobby said. “Look, what you did for the club today, it’s epic s—, brother. Epic. Don’t let your hate kill that.” Jax told Bobby and Chibs about the few other things he can’t prove — the letters his father wrote to Maureen saying he feared Clay would kill him by sabotaging his bike, and why Clay really killed Piney and tried to kill Tara. “He’s responsible for everything,” Jax said, then calmly walked out. I love how the smoke of Jax’s cigarette floated up throughout that monologue. It was like either the fire was going out, or it was just starting. Right now, there’s only smoke, but all it needs is a spark to become a blaze again.

I guess Bobby thinks so, too. Bobby showed up at Gemma’s to see Clay and told him to keep his piece handy. “You here to kill me, VP?” Clay asked. “No, I’m here to keep you alive. Sit down,” Bobby said.

Now what? Judging from the promo for next week’s episode, “Darthy,” Jax doesn’t take Bobby making a deal with Clay behind his back well, even if Bobby says it was to save Jax from becoming the man he hates. And Pope is ready to collect Tig. Hold on, friends. Here we go…

Reward for making it to the end of this recap: Watch an exclusive clip from “Darthy” now.

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