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Romeo and Luis met with Clay and told him he’d been right: They’re CIA, and now that the RICO case is dead, they’re gonna take Jax out and anyone who stands in their way. Clay asked for time to talk Jax into keeping the deal alive, and they gave him 2 hours. Clay had to wait for Jax because he was off with Chibs, Happy, and Tig to sell the guns to Nero’s crew. When more guys showed up to the party than expected, Jax and Co. bailed. I’ll admit I laughed as Jax drove the station wagon in circles and the other guys fired away. I’m sure it was difficult to shoot, but it felt comically simple in a way. Then Jax drove through a barricade and sent the Family Truckster rolling down the mountain. Good thing it came to a stop right-side up. “Anyone dead?” Jax asked. “Negative,” Tig said. Happy’s head had been grazed by a bullet, but he announced he was feeling “rapturous.” Seeing their exhilaration made it worth it. I guess everything has been so complicated and calculated as of late, that spontaneous free fall would feel like a welcome adrenaline rush. And the Family Truckster kept moving.

Back at T-M, Jax told Nero about the perceived ambush and got word that Lin was ready to talk. Clay stopped him on his way out, revealed Romeo’s plan to remove Jax, and suggested he let the deal ride. After Jax asked Clay to stop calling him “son,” Jax told him he had a different plan. He’s tired of being crushed under the weight of greedy men who believe in nothing. He has to change that. Clay told Romeo he needed more time. Romeo told him he had another day, but then he gave Luis the greenlight to make a call. Jax told Bobby that Clay and Romeo know everything, so they had to move quickly — just like this episode. Clay watched Nero kiss Gemma goodbye, and Unser shared his weed with him. Ah.

While Jax road to meet Lin, we had time to watch Donal Logue’s character have a more civil meeting with Otto, who was still in his bloody clothes. “RICO is dead, bitch.  I ain’t givin you s—. Whoever you are,” Otto said, recognizing the voice. This isn’t about RICO. This guy’s not a Fed. He’s just a citizen, he told Otto. “I do want something. When a man is forced to put away what he does, sometimes he forgets who he is. Thank you for giving me something to want, Otto,” he said. Then, he leaned in. “These next few months will be the most excruciatingly painful time of your sick and miserable life,” he added. He left, and Otto’s head dropped to the table. For a man who just wants to die, knowing he’s going to be kept alive to suffer is the best/cruelest form of punishment. We later saw Tara leaving the hospital with her boys, and Logue’s character sitting in the hallway and getting up to follow her. If you want to know who he is, click here. He’ll stick around for the last two episodes of the season.

Lin signed on to supply the cartel with guns comparable to what the IRA offered — and agreed to tack on a 10 percent referral fee for SAMCRO. Jax left that meet when Juice called to say he’d found Clay’s documents hidden in the air vent. Jax told Juice to put them back, then go to T-M and get Chibs and Tig to bring Clay there, and make sure Clay was not left alone in that house. Jax and Bobby would meet them. Slight problem: When Jax and Bobby pulled up to a red light — don’t you cringe now when you see one of those on this show? — two vans cornered them and grabbed Jax. Bobby called Chibs and told him to assemble the club at T-M. Clay told Juice he’d meet him there. He supposedly forgot to take his meds and stayed behind. He saw something dangling from the vent. He knew someone had found his hiding place.

Bobby had said Mexicans took Jax, so Nero went to shake down his crew. He burst through the door of a house and swiftly shot one guy who reached for his weapon. So THIS is the turn Jimmy Smits had teased for Nero. He assumed the crew took Jax after the ring of gunfire. “Ain’t nobody here, fool. Man, you been eatin’ too much old white p—-. You forget who you are, bitch,” Nero was told by the leader. “You think so?” Nero asked. The leader looked at his gun next to a bong on the coffee table. “I’m gonna shoot you in the head in five seconds,” Nero said, sliding that gun closer to him. “Let’s see if that jogs my memory. One, two, three…” The guy reached for his gun, and Nero fired two shots at his head. Blood and brains on what looked like a very comfy couch — sad. These guys wanted Nero back, he’s back, he told them. I think we were all worried that the other shoe would drop and we’d have to hate Nero, but this is kinda the best case scenario: He did this for Gemma and Jax, so while it’s tragic that he fell off the gangster wagon for nothing, we can still like him.

It turns out Romeo and Luis snatched Jax. “We need to remind you how easy it is to disappear,” Romeo told him. “And yet, here I am,” Jax said with a defiant, smartass grin. Jax could afford to be cocky because, in his words, he’s an outlaw not a suicide bomber. He told them how he set them up: Mayans will mule from Arizona and distribute in northern Cali, while the Miners still push Pope’s weight into Reno. The Chinese (Henry Lin’s Lin Triad) will provide weapons from Gaza. Romeo told him to set the meet with Lin. It’s a lot of moving parts, and they better all work, Romeo said. That phrasing makes me nervous. If I’m remembering correctly, Bobby referred to the plan to get Frankie Diamonds to Eli alive as having a lot of moving parts, and we all know how that went…

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