'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 8

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“The shot of Tom standing there with Mark and Derek going by on tricycles was absurd and weird. And amazing.” –Anthony, endorsed by SunBlitz42, Prplrose5
“Derek looked like he was wearing a pair of glasses thanks to the eye makeup.” –Anthony

“Poor Shawn, got chastized by Derek for making the same “Eww, what are the doing” face that America was making after seeing the gross thrusting.” –Tricia, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa
“Mark’s sweats said “JUST GIVE UP”. I wonder if he borrowed those from Bristol.” –kellen, endorsed by Wiltasaurus

Lion King background. They should have held Shawn up Mufasa-style at the end.” –gigi, endorsed by duranmom, Wiltasaurus, Prplrose5, Stee, iamnotvoldemort, kfran

“Now Shawn is growing gems — she had a little tiny cut in the middle of her lip that looked like a pint-sized ruby.” –MLM, endorsed by Kevin

“Did I imagine Apolo, Karina, and Sasha’s Three Amigos tribute at the commercial break?” –kfran, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa

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