'Sons of Anarchy' recap: Jax smells a rat (and other developments that make us uncomfortable)

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• Tara’s visit with Otto has… interesting results: Why was Tara, Jax Teller’s wife, allowed to see Otto in prison when he’s supposed to have no contact with SAMCRO? Because the officials didn’t know she was his wife. But now that her boss updated Tara’s insurance plan to include Jax and Abel so Abel’s hospital stay would be covered, they soon will know she’s married to a felon (insert smile). So Tara had to make another trip to Stockton now. Good thing the primary physicians there all came down with the flu and requested her. How about that worried look on Tara’s face after Jax kissed her and walked away — foreboding.

This time, someone remembered that Mr. Delaney “likes to stick s— in people’s ears,” so he was lying down in restraints when Tara saw him to test for meningitis. She brought him the perfume he used to insist Luann wear to remind him of what he loves. Tara told Otto she knows why he wants to die, and it’s not just because of losing Luann. It’s also because of the guilt he feels turning on the club.

Otto: You a shrink now, too?

Tara: No. I’m an old lady. Protecting my man. Just like Luann would have done for you.

Otto asked her to put some of the perfume on her wrist and to bring her wrist closer. No closer. Is he gonna bite her, I wondered. She pulled away when someone finally came in to take his blood. Afterward, Tara told him to recant his statement to kill the RICO case. Otto asked her to unhook his right hand. He promised he wouldn’t hurt her. Oh god, he’s going to masturbate, I thought. He asked her to hold his head, and she did, with her left hand — the wrist with the perfume on it. Then he put his hand down his pants. Tara objected, but far more calmly than I would have. “Please. I just want to feel a woman’s hand on me, one more time. Please.” She let him continue. He started to cry, and she gently ran her hand through his hair to comfort him. It’s a testament to Kurt Sutter’s writing and acting that a scene that made us that uncomfortable also made us feel for Otto.

Later, when Jax asked Tara how it went with Otto, she didn’t tell him where Otto’s hand had gone, just that Otto was emotionally broken and sobbing and she thinks she got through to him. Abel got to come home, and once Jax tucked him in, he told a freshly showered Tara that he’d be home in a couple of hours. (He had to go meet Eli with Frankie’s body and stalk Juice.) Tara kissed Jax goodbye in a way that surprised him — it was clear she wanted him to stay a little longer. “Hold that thought,” he said softly. “I’m here,” she answered. (Then Nero would say the same words to Gemma in the next scene, as she left him equally unsatisfied.)

Here’s where things got really, really confusing: Next time we saw Tara, she was still in her bedroom. She dabbed on some of Luann’s perfume, smelled it, and then slid her hand down her pants. How did you read that scene? Was the scent a turn-on because it reminded her of what she’d done to protect Jax, and it made her feel powerful? Was it a turn-on because it reminded her of Otto’s undying love for Luann, which is the passion she wants Jax to feel for her? Or was she punishing herself — now that she’s done that, she can’t leave this life, even if that Oregon job offer really is still on the table?

Your turn. What are your theories for how things will play out with Juice and Jax? How should we interpret Tara’s alone time? And who else replayed Abel’s answer of “Coooookies,” when Jax asked him what he wanted to eat at the hospital? “Good choice. Chocolate chip? A little milk on the side. Comin’ right up,” Jax said. Think about it: Jax started the hour talking to his son about milk and cookies, and he ended it dropping off one dead body and possibly getting ready to produce another. Man, this is a good season for Charlie Hunnam.

P.S. Since SOA is about family and loyalty, it only seems right to mention this: If you haven’t been following Staten Island native Theo Rossi’s efforts to help his hometown after Hurricane Sandy, you can do so here.

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