'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 6

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“Hi ECL! We are waving back at you.” –debbsjo
“And Harold Wheeler…. Who’s got guns in their holster? You do!” –debbsjo
“Way to rock the bolo tie Mr. Wheeler!” –orville1970

“A rare genuine smile of Maksimum pride when Kirstie flawlessly executed that rumba move she was having so much trouble with in the rehearsal package. For a moment, Maks’ smile outshone the beloved Mirrorball Trophy itself.” –Misskanawati
“Okay, Maks needs to wear unbuttoned Western shirts every week. I’d watch a whole show titled Dancing in Maks’ Unbuttoned Shirt.” –DonnaW, endorsed by Fridgedancer, BV
“I feel like Maks should have gone for the sexy in this dance with a leather vest instead of an open cowboy shirt.” –orville1970

“Did they just cut to Jonathan Knight from NKOTB?” –JAYBES
“Totally thought that was Stephen Colbert in the audience during Maks & Kirstie’s critique. Oops, no, imposter.” –debbsjo
“Right after Maks & Kirstie danced, at first glance it looked like Monica & Ross Gellar were in the house!” –Scoobysnacks929

“The mirrorball on its lighted pedestal looks like a really yummy wedding cake.” –DonnaW

“The dance floor looked like it was draped in a rumba dress during Apolo and Karina’s dance.” –orville1970
“Karina’s earrings are ridiculous.” –kellen, endorsed by SpeechTeacher89, BV
“Endorsed! And I wish I had a pair just like them.” –DonnaW

“Len getting all excited when Carrie Ann finally agrees with him and Bruno” –Colleen

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