'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 6

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“Non-blinking zebra lady before Sabrina and Louis.” –forizzle
“During an intro piece, a lady to our left of Tom was having the ultimate “Oh my god he’s right THERE!!!” moment, barely reigning herself in from grabbing onto our host with the most. :) I’d have done the same (Annie once showed us his biceps!).” –JennieB

“Emmitt, with a lot of weird clapping techniques last night, using his hat following Sabrina’s dance, and then another weird one following Kelly’s dance.” –Kevin M. Kawa
“Can we talk about Louis’ sparkly plaid for a sec? I meeeean… I need that.” –kellen, endorsed by CA, orville1970, BV, Wiltasaurus

“When Val was dancing with Kelly and pushing her back and forth, the lighting display looked like Val shook Kelly with such force that spit came out of her mouth.” –Andrea
“Something went flying in the corner. Me: what was that? Roomie: tooth. Classy.” –debbsjo, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa

“Not-so-hidden gem: Melissa’s abs. OMG!” –K2
“Full moon. Secluded campfire. Tony could turn into a werewolf at any moment!” –kellen

“Tony acknowledging the camera as Carrie Ann and Bruno bickered about Melissa’s ‘outwardness’ or whatever it was.” –Wiltasaurus, endorsed by Anthony

“Bruno’s FACE after Carrie Ann’s comment….!” –Electronic_Neko

“That was great! So was Derek trying to repeat the word ‘Friffery’ after Len said it…and then Bruno inexplicably ate his paper.” –SunBlitz42

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