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Honorable mentions: Ms. Hart and Ms. Covett from Notes on a Scandal, who are both twisted and a tiny bit sympathetic; Ferris Bueller’s Econ teacher, who doesn’t have enough screen time to prove how terrible he really is.

Mr./Mrs. Garrison, South Park
Why s/he gets an F: How much time do you have? When Garrison isn’t berating his students, he’s spouting racist drivel or putting a gerbil into somebody’s butt — right in front of the chalkboard.
Partial credit: Er… he really seemed to love Mr. Hat?

Mrs. Krabappel, The Simpsons
Why she gets an F:
Snide, jaded, and inappropriately sexual on school grounds, Krabappel is the embodiment of everything that’s wrong with America’s public school system.
Partial credit:
Her romance with Principal Skinner was sort of sweet… at least, the first time around.

SeƱor Chang, Community
Why he gets an F: He’s loud, obnoxious, devious — and, oh yeah, he doesn’t even have a teaching degree.
Partial credit: Chang got a little more tolerable once he was fired from his post — but being pathetic isn’t the same as being sympathetic.

Ms. Halsey, Bad Teacher
Why she gets an F: Doy. The movie isn’t called Good Teacher.
Partial credit: She’s nicer by the final reel, though she’s also no longer a teacher.

Professor Umbridge, Harry Potter series
Why she gets an F: Between the kitten fixation, the poisoned-honey voice, and the way she tortures students in detention (“I must not tell lies”), Umbridge is one of the most evil characters in the entire Harry Potter saga. And that’s saying something.
Partial credit: None whatsoever. Unless you’re a Slytherin.

Mr. McAllister, Election
Why he gets an F: He doesn’t sleep with a student, like his fired best pal — but Mr. McAllister does let his affair distract him from his work, and his personal vendetta against Tracy Flick really goes beyond the pale.
Partial credit: Come on, Tracy’s really annoying. Wouldn’t you also want to take her down a peg?

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