Golden Globes parties: Zachary Levi is Lord of the Dance (Floor), and the 'Modern Family' that wins together, parties together


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The Warner Bros.-InStyle bash turns on the flare, and turns up the dance music

Featuring a mesmerizing LED light “chandelier,” an obscenely yummy Godiva chocolate lounge, and a full dinner buffet catered by the Food Network’s Giada De Laurentiis, the Warner Bros.-InStyle party was arguably the most posh soiree of the evening. (Full disclosure: Both Warner Bros. and InStyle are owned, like Entertainment Weekly, by Time Warner.) The crowd seemed much younger than the Weinstein event and had more TV stars than movie stars.

Jon Hamm was overheard telling a well-wisher that he too would have preferred Mad Men to have started its fifth season much sooner. The men of Revenge huddled together in a tight pack of handsomeness, while John Stamos chatted up Jon Voight, because why not? Best of all, the party boasted a dance floor that — unlike most formal-dress Hollywood parties — was seriously happening.

At first, the dancing felt more free form: “Sweet Caroline” brought out some goofy moves from Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul and some impressive white-man’s-overbite-style head bopping from Paul’s costar Bryan Cranston and Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet and Ty Burrell. But then Zachary Levi showed up, and let me just say that if Levi is ever hard up for work after Chuck ends its run this season, he should really consider hiring himself out as a professional Party Starter — that man takes hold of a dance floor like it is his job. At one point, Levi was in a dance circle with Taye Diggs and Glee‘s Harry Shum Jr., which is the strangest and completely awesome thing. Levi had seemingly transformed a good half of the party space into his own private disco, and everybody was invited. –Adam B. Vary

Sony party winds down the night

As the night wore on, some parties became either quieter, loungier affairs, or louder ones, with agents, publicists, and execs taking over from the celebrity hobnobbing of earlier in the night and turning their attention to the dance floor.

At the Sony event, Tilda Swinton quietly chatted with an industry exec in a corner of the Stardust room, while other well-dressed friends of the company ate dim sum, sliders, and Mediterranean snacks (quite a mix…) while sipping champagne. We caught 50/50 costar Seth Rogan (looking svelte) on his way out, and since his erection joke may have been the funniest moment of the broadcast, we had to let him know. He only had time to say a quick “thanks” before heading out with wife Lauren Miller and 50/50 costar Joseph Gordon-Levitt. –Laura Hertzfeld

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