Best of 2011: The Year in Memes

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Cartoons and such

Facial hair frenzy
You may have heard of this thing called, Moustair, so described by its creators as “Where men meets moustaches meets hair meets moustaches meets hair….” No matter if you’re an Oscar-winning actor, an ass-kicking Spartan, a legendary Jedi Master, the leader of a highly contentious country on the international stage (see left), a genocidal maniac, or even a Muppet. If you have currently, or have ever had, facial hair, you were not safe from the most hipsteriffic meme this side of… well most of 2011’s other memes.



The year’s most Amazing meme
Take vintage stills of one of Marvel Comics’ most beloved superheroes, add contemporary pop culture references, and you’ve got ready-made Internet hilarity. Such was the formula for ’60s Spider Man, which pointed out the absurdity of various single-cell moments from Spider-Man’s archives.

I wanted to be part of your world… before it was cool
Another cartoon-tastic meme found its way online when hipster despising Photoshoppers got their hands on a particularly flustered photo of Ariel from a Disney modern classic, 1989’s The Little Mermaid. So how would Ariel tell her story if she lived in Williamsburg? For starters, “My dad owns Pitchfork.” Then, “I left the ocean. It’s too current.” Also? “I got legs just so I could wear skinny jeans.” Brilliant.



Heck yes, Chuck Testa!
Until this year, Testa was a simple man from Ojai, Calif., with a simple passion for taxidermy. Then he made the most awesome commercial for taxidermy ever! Granted, the competition’s not exactly stiff (no pun intended), but that doesn’t diminish Testa’s flair for the dramatic. Even amid a cast of formidable supporting players, he shines like the star he was always meant to be. And so, from that one Testa-cular minute, we would never look at Jesus, Dumbledore, or Mufasa the same again.

A kitty. Shaped like a Pop Tart. Shooting rainbows out its butt. What’s not to like?
Seriously? You need more than that? Okay…

What do you think, PopWatchers? What was your favorite meme of 2011?

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