'Saturday Night Live' recap: Jimmy Fallon's Christmas episode was joyful and triumphant

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The Beethoven band shout-out sketch reminded me of something that would be on Fallon’s own Late Night show (maybe, in part, because it had a similar vibe to ‘Slow Jam the News.’) The bit had more highs (Bobby Moynihan’s facial expression, calling the tuba “music’s answer to the fart,” Sanz and Kattan reappearing ) than lows (ahh, nothing says Christmas quite like a Hitler joke) but it still wasn’t the evening’s strongest outing. Neither was the War Horse parody that followed, but it still provided some legitimately hearty laughs. Is it so wrong that I now really hope the movie includes hand puppets, Jason Sudeikis narrating the plot through song, and the line “You’re not just a war horse… you’re a friend horse!”? Check it out:

I’d like to think it was no strange coincidence that they saved a winning Tim Tebow moment for last. In case you hadn’t heard, that’s sort of his thing. It’s even more fitting that they had Killam play the Jesus-loving Denver Broncos QB because just like him, all the SNL rising star does is win.

Of course, the show wasn’t truly over yet, and thank goodness for that, because one of the coolest television moments of the year happened during the credits of last night’s Saturday Night Live. Riding high off of his spectacular hosting job, Fallon, dressed inexplicably in a bumblebee costume [Update: Can’t believe I missed that reference, PopWatchers. Shameful, I admit,] hit the world famous Rockefeller Center ice skating rink with friends old and new. (Anyone else catch Amy Poehler’s hubby Will Arnett skating around in the background?!) SNL truly couldn’t have ended 2011 on a more perfect note.

Did you love Jimmy Fallon’s episode of Saturday Night Live as much as I did or was I simply swept up in all the nostalgia? Should Michael Bublé get a shot at hosting sometime? Can you believe they took off Nicolas Cage’s face off in Face/Off, either? What was your favorite sketch of the night? Least favorite? Did Fallon pull off a Tebow-like last-minute win to become the best host of 2011? Share your thoughts on the episode in the comments section below.

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