'Saturday Night Live' recap: Jimmy Fallon's Christmas episode was joyful and triumphant

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Following the keep-it-on-your-DVR-forever Bublé duet sketch, Fallon pulled a reverse Mick Jagger, as he found himself on the other end of the mirror facing himself. (Or, in this case, Andy Samberg.) Under any other circumstances I would have felt like doing this many celebrity imitations (Jerry Seinfeld, Barry Gibb, Kermit the Frog, and himself) instead of original characters was a bit of a cop-out to get cheap laughs, but it was simply sheer joy to watch Fallon showcase his talents. (Which also included the ability to do a gigantic spit take all over Samberg.) Still, even with that disappointing Justin Timberlake tease (aww maaaan) it was an awfully nice full-circle moment for Fallon. Watch:

The host then tap-danced all over Wiig in the Lilia skit. The always-too-eager-to-please 1920’s party-goer was up to her old tricks (“Don’t make me sing”) but it was Fallon’s “Don’t make me dance” hoofer that stole the spotlight. In fact, Fred Armisen’s one-man show sketch (“Tommy Palmese: Half Jewish, Half Italian, Completely Neurotic”) that followed probably could have used a little bit of his assistance. While it was funny in concept (especially if you’ve ever endured a dreadful off-off-Broadway show of that nature) the same couldn’t be said for the execution. Still, the critical “raves” about the show (“The whole thing just stressed me out from beginning to end”) saved it from being a total flop.

I almost couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw the entire original line-up of “I Wish It Was Christmas Today” performers on the stage together. Fallon — sandwiched between a very svelte Horatio Sanz and apparent rivals Chris Kattan and Tracy Morgan (was it just me or did he look a little aggravated throughout?) —  broke for the first time all night as he and his former cast mates jammed to their brilliantly simple holiday ditty. The quartet made for the perfect opening act for Bublé’s lovely musical performances. If the charming singer crooning “Have A Holly Jolly Christmas” and “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” didn’t warm your heart, then you may just have to ask for one on Dec. 25. That, and his Christmas album… and if you’ve been really good, a gift certificate to Hamm and Bublé.

Then again, if you already asked for the most awesome installment of “Weekend Update” ever (without Stefon, that is) then you got your present a little bit early. Because in addition to Jude Law (or Judy Blume, if you will) stopping by to get in the cage with Samberg and his deliriously funny Nicolas Cage impression and some Daily Show-quality zingers (“[The poverty line] is the invisible line that separates Target from Walmart”) there was a “Weekend Update” Joke-Off between Seth Meyers, Fallon, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey. I’m still geeking out about this one: The former “Weekend Update” hosting duos (Fallon and Fey, and — really — Poehler and Meyers) paired up to see who could deliver the best punchline for the story about a strip club that was offering free lap dances for patrons who donated a toy for needy children. While Fey and Fallon emerged victorious in the comedy battle for their “Toys for Tatas” line (I personally would have given it to them for Tina’s “This strip club is the only place you can pick up a Barbie and a Barbie and crabs” or her “bleep-blorp” sound effect) everyone’s a winner when all four of these talented folks are in the same room together. Happiness is:

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