Poll: Will you watch Charlie Sheen's new sitcom 'Anger Management'?


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Yesterday EW.com asked why FX would take such a big gamble on Charlie Sheen and potentially order 100 episodes (!) of his new sitcom Anger Management? While there’s no cut-and-dry answer, there is the theory that the network could turn a big risk into an even bigger success. After all, Sheen, for all his troubles, is a ratings machine (Two and a Half Men, his Comedy Central Roast) who still gets attention for his personal life.

There’s still some other looming questions for FX, though. Has Sheen changed for good? Will he return to his old “tiger blood” ways? Or will the fact that he’s once again working with producer Joe Roth on the project give them less reason to worry about how he’ll approach his work? There’s only going to be one way to find out.

But we have another pressing question about the Sheen news. Only this time it’s for you, the EW.com readers. Will you actually watch Anger Management, a show based loosely on the 2003 Adam Sandler comedy of the same name? Are you just as invested in Sheen now and how he handles himself on and off-screen as you were when he was “winning”? Or has Sheen lost his sheen? Does the show — about a man trying to get control of his life and his anger — sound like a good vehicle for the star or is it all a little too self-fulfilling for you in the midst of Sheen’s attempt to change his image? Take our poll below and sound off in the comments section below, PopWatchers.

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  • Massey

    FX has some really fantastic programming (SOA, Justified, AH, but I will never forgive them for the cancellation of Terriers), and I did watch the Charlie Sheen roast out of morbid curiosity. However, I just don’t know if would enjoy watching CS on a regular basis. I guess I will see what the critics say and keep an open mind. I never did see the original Anger Management with that buffoon Adam Sandler, so the premise doesn’t intrigue me yet.

    • Jethro



        NO to YOU

  • Kay

    Charlie Sheen is funny. He can deliver lines better than most. When shows take a turn, imediately everyone blames the actors when they should be putting blame on the writers. Just like with 2 1/2 Men now. The show is terrible but it’s not because of Ashton or John, it’s the writers that need to be replaced. As for Charlie, I have enjoyed everything he was in. I don’t care for his lifestyle but that’s his personal choice. His acting is my choice to watch and I’ll keep watching!

    • louise

      totally agree.

      • Eva Maria

        Charlie is is “Hilarious.” No, it is Ashton, he is NOT funny as is Charlie. And John (Charlie Sheens brother on 2 1/2 men), is IS FUNNY. I do not know why, the writers thought they had to (so call) replace Charlie. Writers ALWAYS think of a way to continue the show without. . . . . . .when the other actors are funny. Your guess is as good as mine!
        I watch re-runs of 2 1/2 “especially” when I am down, really down, cuz it ALWAYS lifts my spirits and makes me LAUGH, REALLY LAUGH. As with Kay, I will CONTINUE and CONTINUE to watch 2 1/2 men, as THEY were ALL F U N N Y…..

  • Espensen

    I’d rather he just does mainstream movies from now on. He had such a promising career and I am so disappointed to see the direction that his life and career has gone. Martin Sheen still gets better roles and does bigger movies.

  • Brian

    You couldn’t pay me enough to watch that idiot in anything.

    • Brian thinks he is ‘important’ lolllll

      Who cares ?

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        Brian isn’t alone.

    • morgan

      Why would I pay an idiot to watch anything? BRIAN?

    • charliefreak

      brian you are an ass.and fingerlakes dave too

  • Barb

    This guy is still alive?

    • A

      And you are not dead yet ? What are you waiting ?

  • JJ

    Sheen is not a comedic actor. Never has been, never will be. He was on a sitcom, true, but the show’s success was the Odd Couple formula and seeing that he’s been COMPLETELY REPLACED by another actor is just further evidence. Ratings don’t equal acting talent…According To Jim was on for EIGHT SEASONS and Jim Belushi is also not funny, Sheen has however successfully branded himself as the grouchy ill moraled brat so the show will try to build around that but at the end of the day the viewers tuned into 2 1/2 Men because of the predictable paint by numbers low brow “comedy” not Sheen. The show is still successful but the notion that Sheen has a 15+ million viewers fan base will quickly be dispelled.

    • Lucy

      JJ Sheen has more talent in his little finger than you will ever have, deal with it
      I will watch

      • adeleeats4bagsof chipsaday

        If you mean talent by saying Winning 99 times and trying his hardest 2 force his bosses to fire. You are right but most people do not call that talent they call it retarded.

    • Diane

      He’s been replaced and the revamped show is terrible

    • Fingerlakes Dave

      @JJ: YOUR opinion “…Jim Belushi is also not funny,…”
      NOT mine, and many others!

      • the truth

        Sheen is funny Belushi is not funny, his brother was.PERIOD.

    • morgan

      JJ, I can almost actually see the straight face your saying all that bs with, and it makes me worry about the people you actually know…..

  • Jimbo

    FX has crap programs so this show should fit right in. I can’t believe that network is still on. This show maybe will bring it to a merciful close. Sheen sucks. Period

    • Rex

      FX maybe has some crap shows. But Terriers was great and American Horror Story is awesome.

    • Damon

      You’ve obviously never watched Justified.

      • louise

        FX is one of the rare network/channel with great shows..maybe you can continue to watch shows which fit your intellect..CBS sitcoms for example…bouahaha
        I will watch Anger Management seems great

  • Shawn

    “No, I’m sick of Charlie Sheen. Why should he get a second chance?” – He’s had way more than two chances.

    • kelsey

      That was also my initial reaction.

      • Anne

        Mine too! Give a chance to someone who hasn’t ruined too many already.

      • Elly

        And who are you to tell who deserves or not deserve a ‘second or whatever..chance’ ? You are seriously pathetic..maybe try to have a life instead of making silly judgement about an actor personal life.
        Sheen is a talented actor, i don’t care about his PERSONAL life, i will watch this show for sure.

      • The three stooges who think they r GOD…

        Totally agree with Elly!

  • gaga

    The show does not sound good. The only thing that made the movie Anger Management funny was Jack Nicholson. I still do not get why all the fuss of Charlie Sheen. He did probably 3 interviews where he said weird things and has talked about it nonstop since . He is not that great of an actor. Before he did spin city his career was just acting in mostly lame movies that noone cared about.

    • gaga …ugh

      Sheen is a great actor who had a good career, yep he wasted some of his great potential with some personal life troubles but he can come back and he will !! Go Anger Management, the show i am so exited to watch.

    • Bob R

      the movie sucked

    • Ray

      Sheen not that great of actor? He did star in the movie of the year at age 20? I’m sure that took some talent… I mean I hear that Platoon movies is pretty good….

  • Rex

    No, I won’t be watching. Not because it sounds terrible. It doesn’t. Not because he doesn’t deserve another shot. He probably doesn’t. I’m wasting too much time watching TV as it is. I’m already considering dumping one or two shows that I enjoy just for time constraints. I bear no ill will. I’m just plain not interested.

  • l

    The over dramatic way he says his lines is like that redheaded guy from csi miami or like captain kirk from star trek.

    • emma bovary

      n’importe quoi
      Go Charlie you are the best, i will watch actually I CAN’T FREAKING WAIT .

  • Joanne Brewers

    I like train wrecks, I’ll hope this one will be bigger than the one in super 8.

  • Simon Jester

    Where’s the “Oh *HELL* no” option?

  • Clete

    I can wish him success in this, but I don’t think it will happen. FX is generally not known for putting on quality programming (there are exceptions), so this on their part is a gamble. It may pay off and it may not. The source material seems thin, the movie did not really do that well and as a rule Television shows made from movies haven’t been that successful (again their are exceptions, MASH being the best example).

    The other problem is that twenty years ago, Charlie Sheen was reguarded as an actor with promise. He was working with quality directors like Oliver Stone and probably made the two best movies of his career, Platoon and Wall Street. But he had a falling out with Stone and after that his movie career began to decline, even thought he made a few fairly decent movies afterwards like Major League.

    Once he became a television actor, he seemed to fall into a rut. He didn’t seem to want to attempt to play again the type he was playing, the bad boy womanizer. He seems to have played that character, both on and off screen, for the last twenty years.

    The problem with that is that there comes a time when that type of character will no longer work for you.

    I think the show will fail to find enought of an audience to keep it on the air.

    • Amy

      Clete you know nothing about nothing, go hide yourself..just an advice of course, FX has really great shows and Sheen is a great actor who did far more different roles than the so called ‘bad boy’

    • morgan

      JJ? Is that you?

      • Morgan’s Fan

        You’re rocking funning, Morgan

  • Jude

    Of course i will watch Sheen is awesome and FX is a great channel with really good shows, i can’t wait !

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