Carrie Ann Inaba sticks up for her fellow 'Dancing With the Stars' judges, talks Chaz Bono elimination -- VIDEO

Who could have guessed going into this season of Dancing With the Stars that all the major talk would turn to the judges? At least, that’s the case this week as the judges, Len Goodman and Bruno Tonioli in particular, have come under fire from Maksim Chmerkovskiy and eliminated contestant Chaz Bono.

While fellow judge Carrie Ann Inaba isn’t catching as much flak, she defended the others during a visit to Access Hollywood on Wednesday. On the subject of Bono — who told Good Morning America during a post-elimination interview that he took offense to Tonioli’s referred to him as “a basketball, a penguin, an Ewok,” and thinks the show treats overweight men differently — Inaba said, “The scoring has to do with what they’re doing dance-wise. We are able to separate the two.” Watch the full clip below:

Inaba, who noted there have been a lot of “sensitive issues” this season, said she found Bono was treated the same as his other DWTS contestants (adding Tonioli’s comments were not meant to be “negative or derogatory”) and believes the judges have been “pretty kind in general” this year.

As far as the ongoing battle between Goodman and Chmerkovskiy, Inaba saw it as a “very awkward moment … it just taken the wrong way” and reacted to Chmerkovskiy’s declaration that it’s his show. She said with a laugh, “That is what I came here to say.”

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  • Barb

    Wow, I guess she is as big an A hole as the others. Now I hate this show,

    • Rena

      Agree. I used to think she was just a no-talent airhead (a Flygirl? seriously?), but now I think she’s part of the whole problem with the program. She has always shown favoritism and YES Bruno’s name calling was immature and unprofessional and he should own up to it. We’ll stop watching now

      • Esco

        Yeah well I bet if they came out from behind that desk and went fist to cuff they wouldn’t be calling anyone name.

      • susan

        you people act like this is the first time you’ve seen the show. The judges have always behaved this way. Get over it, or just don’t watch the show. If the contestants don’t like to be judged, they shouldn’t be on the show in the first place. I’m pretty sure they all knew what they were getting into.

      • Lori

        I agree that Len (especially) and Bruno have been extremely harsh this season. When judging they are also “teachers”; name calling (ewok, penguin, etc.) is not acceptable nor is it very professional. I applaud all that sign up for DWTS and work their butts off to try to master the almost impossible. I know I couldn’t do it. There are some contestants that whine and complain and show way too much drama (there have been several I could name), and I am extremely glad when they are voted off. As for Chaz (and Hope – the other one that has been put down repeatedly), I commend them for sticking it out and working their hardest. Maksim said it like it is, of which I am glad. The judges must be taking tips from Simon. I don’t watch his shows and I will be fast-forwarding through the judges comments on DWTS from now on.

      • Kt

        Not to defend everything Bruno has said, but I thought the “penguin” referenced his tux, and the “cute little” part was said to contrast with what his character should have been as the Phantom – a dark, menacing, mysterious and unbalanced character. “Ewok” is a bit far, but I thought Chaz was fishing for offense in that penguin line.

      • To Susan

        I agree! And the judges were too easy on Kirstie Alley last year and never heard Maks complaining then. He’s a whiny hypocrite.

    • Jethro

      Bruno has been rude since day one and continues to act like a dummy when commenting. There is no more critiquing, but more of the way the dancers look. Max was right, too much personal information is being provided OUTSIDE fromt he actual dance itself.

      It’s time to change all of the Judges on these shows, they get too comfortable and get paid way too much to just sit there and begin insulting one’s lack of talent. When they can’t find nothing nice to say, they comment on appearance, personality and other non-related talents.

      • Donna Fields

        I agree, that Dancing with Stars needs to have a code of conduct for all involved. Name calling and demeaning comments should be forbidden-especially since these people are role models-some of the stars have their children in the audience and the costumes & comments need be mindful of these young people and what they are seeing & hearing.

    • renee

      For any ‘competition’ shows, I now record so I can fast forward through the judges’ comments and just focus on the talent (or nontalent) of the contestants. Since I had no interest in any of the contestants on DWTS this season I don’t even have to record it. But having watched in the past it was obvious certain dancers were favored, given the best celebrities, and comments skewed to elicit public votes.
      Derek is most loved. Mark Ballas is close behind. Cheryl Burke used to be in Derek’s shoes but Kym has replaced her. Lacy has always been in the dog house. Karini is working her way out of the dog house, and if Julianne comes back she will be top dog again. Tony, Maks, and Louie can only showcase their talent.
      And anyone who watches these shows for the judges, and the judge isn’t Simon Cowell or Paula or L.A. Reid or Adam Shankman or Mia or a few others, r crazy.

      • frank

        I doubt that Julianne will ever go back to this show, except like she did a week ago, to promote a new movie,. she has moved on to bigger and better things,. derek wont be far behind.

    • jake

      this is what makes this show so much fun and better than all the other competition shows — Len, bruno and carrie ann are the most fun judges — the make you laugh. It’s part of the reason that makes this show so perfect — great judges, great hosts, great pros, and just a great and fun show.

  • Jane

    Lod of crap. They ALWAYAS hve their favorites. This season is no diffreent and they did name call which is just not needed. Bruno is a jerk and adds nothing to the show, he can go for all I care. He acted unprofessionally and trys to be cute,and he is just annoying usually but with Chaz was hurtful and disgraced the show.

    • Melowe

      Agree, Jane. And it is always apparent who the favorites are. Carrie Anne is lying to herself and fans of the show by saying otherwise. Hello….Derek? Obvious fave of the judges. And to say that they score with what they are doing dance wise? Seriously? That’s a load of cr*p. She commented to Rob K. how he has gone from boy to man. What does that have to do with ‘DANCING?’ So she’s judging him on THAT? Come on , Carrie. The judges are suppose to score on the dance being performed. PERIOD. So I am watching cuz I hope to see JR win it all. But I must say that it is nowhere near as enjoyable as it once was. It is biased and has turned into a popularity contest. Not a dancing competition.

    • Lin

      As far as Bruno is concerned, he was no more insulting to Chaz than he has been to countless other people who appear on that show. I am not sure if it was Bruno who said it, but when Michael Bolton was on, he was told to crawl back into his dog house, and I think that was far more insulting. I do not think Bruno meant the penguin remark as an insult to Chaz…it sounded to me like he meant it to be how Chaz’s outfit looked, and unfortunately, that is what it looked like. The stars who appear on that show must know that they are opening themselves up. The one this season who I think is somewhat of a poor sport is Hope. She can’t stand it that she is not doing that great…if she would stop comparing dancing to soccer, she might do better.

  • Tammy

    “Chaz” should have never been allowed on this show to begin with. It’s bad enough they let the women dress the way the do but then to show that abomination?

    • @Tammy

      Are you always this mean and stupid, or just today?

      • Tammy

        It’s not mean it’s just facts. “He” is an afront to God and will go to Hell.

      • @Tammy

        WOW, You ARE that stupid, and like most “Christians” incredibly biggoted and cruel. I am sure God is very proud of your mean spirited attack..

      • Tammy

        LOL is this Bruno or Chaz’s girlfriend? You worry about your own soul, I know where mine is headed.

      • jason

        Tammy judge not lest ye be judged ring a bell hypocrite.

      • Hollie

        Tammy, Jesus is the only being that is in any position to judge. Let us know the day you figure out how to walk on water and then we will take your opinion seriously.

      • Mark

        I think stupid is too generous of a remark for this person, since that implies a sense of at least trying. Purposeful ignorance and apparent insecurity are probably better descriptors.

      • Tammy

        Okay Bruno, I mean Mark. LOL. The difference between people like you and people like me is that your words don’t have any effect on me because I know I am right and just. People who know they have let Satin into there hearts and are too lazy and unpure to fight it are the ones who get bothered.

      • jack

        Hey Tammy – burn in hell

      • lls

        tough to take the comments of a person who misspells Satan seriously (and uses the wrong form of there/their)

      • Tammy

        Obviously there type-os. Don’t let my sloppy typing muddy the message. Point taken though I’ll try to be more careful.

      • Heaven sent

        Hey, leave Tammy alone. She’s only expressing what her religion teaches her. What about those people who believe that giving rich people more money will improve the economy.

      • I bet Chaz knows the difference

        “They’re typos”, they are typos. Geez.

    • lingo

      Tammy that’s just ridiculous . You call yourself a Christian but you’re quick to doom someone to hell. Do you just pick and chose parts of the scripture out of context to create these shallow jabs? Rude! Perhaps it’s you who should go to hell, perhaps you’re there already.

      • barbie

        Thinking that someone “walked on water” in a book of fiction wrote years ago as a reason to disregard an entire class of people? Maybe you shouldn’t watch TV either there is just too much on their that Jesus wouldn’t approve of. Go away

      • mike

        @Lingo: She never called herself a Chistian, you’re just assuming she’s one. A real Christian is a follower of Jesus Christ. He preached love and forgiveness, not hate.

    • Michelle

      I know where you’re going too Tammy…and it isn’t Heaven. You are a judgmental, ignorant bigot and God has no tolerance for people like you.

      • susan

        @michelle: isn’t that cmment judgmental? How tolerant would God be with you? 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

      • MIchelle

        You are right. The difference between Tammy and myself is I know that I was being judgmental. She thinks that she’s right over everyone else who doesn’t follow her views.

      • Esox

        It doesn’t say in that bible quote what those shameful acts with other males are. You seem to be implying that the verse refers to ANY acts with other males. Your interpretation. I’m inclined to have a different one.

    • HUman Being

      Tammy, you are hate monger. What kind of CHRISTIAN calls somone an abomination. There is CHRISTIAN love and kindness for others in action.

      • Tammy

        The kind of Christian who has actually read the Bible (unlike all of the fake Christmas and Easter Christians out there) and has accepted Jesus into their heart. If you read it once in a while you’d know what I was talking about. They’re lifestyle isn’t something that is approved of in the Bible and if they don’t change their evil ways they will pay for it for all eternity. I love everyone and want everyone to make it to His kingdom. I would be overjoyed if Bruno confessed his sins and accepted Jesus Christ into his heart. Until then he and Chaz aren sinners and enemies of God.

      • K8

        @Tammy, please cite one verse where Jesus addressed anyone as an abomination in this way and if you read the Bible you’d see Jesus avoided your type and hung out with the those that people like you looked down upon. Have fun being a hate mongering internet troll.

      • jw621557

        @K8~the Bible says in John chapter 1 that Jesus IS the Word. With that said, His Word says in Romans 1:26-32, “That’s why God abandoned them to degrading lust. Their females traded natural sexual relations for unnatural sexual relations. Also, in the same way, the males traded natural sexual relations with females, and burned with lust for each other. Males performed shameful actions with males, and they were paid back with the penalty they deserved for their mistake in their own bodies. Since they didn’t think it was worthwhile to acknowledge God, God abandoned them to a defective mind to do inappropriate things. So they were filled with all injustice, wicked behavior, greed, and evil behavior. They are full of jealousy, murder, fighting, deception, and malice. They are gossips, they slander people, and they hate God. They are rude and proud, and they brag. They invent ways to be evil, and they are disobedient to their parents. They are without understanding, disloyal, without affection, and without mercy. Though they know God’s decision that those who persist in such practices deserve death, they not only keep doing these things but also approve others who practice them.”

      • K8

        @jw621557 but I still don’t see where Jesus said anything of that nature just other books in the Bible

      • Tammy

        K8 – the Bible is the word of God. If it’s in the Bible God said it!

      • K8

        @Tammy but if you notice the old and new testaments are vastly different in their styles and Jesus as the Son of God supercedes any other book in the Bible and he never ever preached hate as you do.

      • Michelle

        If it’s in the Bible then a man said that God said it.

      • Tammy

        That doesn’t even make sense, Michelle?

      • @ Tammy

        Actually it does. The Bible was written by men, not God. Therefore, the actual happenings were left up to the interpretation of the author(s).

    • Just Me

      Tammy, you really need to get an education. Satin is a type of material. Sure, some people enjoy letting that type of stuff into their lives, but if you’re trying to make a proper point, which clearly is wrong anyway, it’s SATAN. With an A. Now that you’ve been schooled, take a moment to reflect on what a hateful, horrible person you are.

      • Tammy

        You clearly knew what I meant, and it was a type-o, obviously. If you think someone who’s trying to save souls is a hateful, horrible person, I would hate to see what you say about an actual sinner. LOL.

      • Just Me

        You’re not trying to save souls. Just spreading hate. There’s nothing wrong with anyone who is LGBTQ. If you have a problem with them, then there has to be something wrong with you. You’re not god and can’t save anyone, anyway, so get over yourself. And a LOT of religious people are sinners. *cough*priests*cough*

      • Tammy

        First of all read the Bible then you can tell me if you think there’s nothing wrong with LGBTQ, secondly I do agree with you on the priests. Catholics in general are not actually Christians. It’s a cult that only cares about praying to multiple gods, making money, and diddling little boys.

      • Jeanne

        And here we go with the “Catholics aren’t Christians” thing. News flash: we are. Deal with it. Also? Clergy in ALL religions have molested children. Yes, even in yours. WE DO NOT pray to multiple gods, just the one. We venerate a lot of saints, and veneration is not the same as worshipping. And if I cared about making money I wouldn’t be a librarian.

      • Tammy

        So Jeanne, for starters, you don’t pray to Mary and worship false idols (statues of your saints)? Could of fooled me! And not one minister in my church has layed a hand on a child.

      • Tammy

        Not to mention the catholics general obsession with money and power. Have you been to Vaticin City? I have, it was disgusting the way the flaunt and hoard their wealth.

      • justafan

        perhaps tammy would like to actually look into the history of the Church to determine who is a Christian… the Church that started in the upper room at pentecost with Peter as its leader is none other than the Catholic Church …. a famous convert once said to be deep in history is to cease to be protestant… perhaps tammy is afraid of what she might actually discover…and then find out she’s on the outside looking in

      • Tammy

        Oh yeah, Peter, yet another on of catholicisms gods, oops I mean saints. It would be blasphemous if we called him a god. Maybe we can fool everyone and just call him a saint.

      • justafan

        you just exhibit your lack of intelligence every time you post tammy…i’m guessing you are what 18…maybe 19? (and with that i’m giving you the benefit of the doubt)

        read the bible (as you try to convince us you do)… what do we find out about Peter…what is his significance ? why does our Lord choose him? what does it mean that He did? when you understand these things…get back to me and we’ll talk… ok?

      • LG

        @Just Me–Why don’t you go back and read tammy’s posting.She stated she loves SATIN,but SATAN is the one she has the problem with.

      • Warangel

        Tammy: Where in the Bible does it say ” Tammy will judge all mankind”? As a matter of fact it says
        1 Judge not, that ye be not judged.
        2 For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. Mk. 4.24
        Tammy take care of yourself and let God take care of the rest.

    • @ Tammy

      I like Satin…its Satan that i have a problem with!

      • Michelle


      • Merri

        Tammy, you really need to learn how to spell and you need to learn the true meaning of the word Christian.

    • T.B.

      Guys, guys, don’t be cruel on a poor soul. I know Tammy personally. She is a Muslim woman awaiting deportation after being caught vomiting on a policeman.

    • Just Me

      Also, I am Agnostic and I probably know more about religion and things of that nature than you do, Tammy. It’s quite sad that people who claim to be Christian or Catholic or some other religion are uneducated, rude, ignorant a-holes who do bad things. Clearly, religion is not a good thing if it turns regular people into crazies.

      • jw621557

        You may know about religion but you know nothing about relationship with the Creator of the universe. Learn what the difference is first and then your comment may merit something.

      • Tammy

        If you’re agnostic (which is almost worse than being an outright atheist, pick a side already) you clearly don’t know more about religion than I do.

      • Just Me

        Oh, please, I don’t need to have a relationship to ‘get saved’ or something along those lines. I don’t believe there is a heaven or a hell. Maybe reincarnation. And if you’re going to judge, it just shows how pathetic people really are. And I think I do know more. I just don’t feel the need to act like a nutjob and get people to see that I’m right. Because I’m not; just opinionated.

      • jw621557

        JustMe you finally said something that is correct; you don’t need a relationship to “get saved,” the getting saved thing comes first and then the relationship develops. As for the “religious people being sinners” comment the Bible says that all have sinned and come short of God’s glory, but as I said, learn what the difference is between religious people and Christians (the ones with a relationship) and then your “religious” comments will be taken seriously. Other than that, if I were you, I would stick to commenting on DWTS

      • Just Me

        Wow…you just totally put me in my place. *rolls eyes* I don’t care if you don’t like my comments about religion. Don’t read them, then. Simple as that. I don’t need to learn the difference because there isn’t one. Sorry.

      • Tammy


      • Tammy

        My, “LIKE”, was for jw obviously, and not Just Me.

    • jw621557

      I like how everybody is judging Tammy in one breath by telling her she is judgemental in another, lol. Leave Tammy alone. The truth is that most of you all will not enter the Kingdom of God either unless you ask Christ into your hearts.Am I judging you?… Yes, and my judgement is fair.

      • Tammy

        Absolutely. Thank you jw! and bless you.

    • Becky

      Judge not, lest ye be judged

  • Coni C

    ABC should get some new judges, this bunch is geting tiresome. Cranky old guy, flaming gay guy and dumb pretty girl have run their course. It is about dancing, not politics, or sexual orientation or anything else but posture and footwork. Chaz showed alot of class, ABC not so much by allowing Bruno to speak the way he did, more than once. Get new judges ABC and get some class.

    • Tammy

      I absolutely agree on Bruno, I like Carria Ann and Len though.

  • @Tammy

    I have to agree. You don’t sound very Christian, but very judgemental .Keep the hate to yourself please.

    • Esco

      I love how so called “Christians” pass judgement on others. I keep forgetting they are perfect.

      • Michelle

        I am Christian (Roman Catholic actually) and I see nothing wrong with how Chaz chooses to live his life.

      • Tammy

        @Tammy clearly isn’t a Christian.

      • Tammy

        @ Michelle, you also pray to Mary and let your priests have their way with little boys so we’ll just go ahead and ignore what you have to say.

      • Michelle

        What is wrong with praying to Mary? You are a class A jack@$$. She is the woman who gave birth to the Son of God. You are NOT a Christian. Actually….I think you are a troll who comes out here preaching her bible thumping crap JUST to get a rise out of people. Make sure you go to church and pray for us sinners who don’t believe in YOUR religion, but do believe in the same God. A Jehovah’s Witnesses has a more open mind than you do.

      • Tammy

        You shouldn’t be praying to anyone but Jesus! Mary has her place in the story but she’s just a woman.

      • wendy

        whoa! Mary, the mother of Jesus, is JUST A WOMAN? wow…. what a great example of a woman you are.

      • MIchelle

        And THAT folks is why Tammy should just be ignored.

      • Tammy

        What do you want to say she is, a god? That’s how catholics treat her, that’s for sure.

  • @Tammy

    I hope you “see God ” soon. You suck.

    • Hollie

      What a Christian you are.

  • amy

    My God learn to spell! It’s ” Load, always, have different, tries, and unprofessionally is not a word! The word is unprofessional!

    • @Amy

      Bite me. Those are both words.

      • Hollie

        Tammy is proof that ignorance is not bliss!

      • Tammy

        I don’t think that Amy was talking to me. Thanks for playing!

    • amy

      my post was for Jane!

  • Ellen

    I can’t stand DWTS, but I did happen to catch a clip of that overly-excitable judge making very rude comments toward Chaz Bono. The comments seemed much too personal and mocking. I can understand criticizing the dancing elements, but to call someone a “basketball, a penguin, an Ewok” is harsh, cruel and very personal. I won’t make the mistake of landing on THAT channel again.

    I’ve noticed a lot of criticism for the contestants the show has been attracting lately. Why would any so-called “star” subject themselves to these judges who clearly have big ego issues? If this keeps up, they’ll have to continue the show with junior high school contestants.

    • Tammy

      They’re not even stars anymore, their just relatives of stars. They should change the name of the show to Dancing With the Relatives of the Stars!! LOL. : D

      • @Tammy

        You should change your name to A hole.

      • Mellissa

        Out of curiousity, Tammy, who is Nancy Graces’ famous realitive? How ’bout Rikki Lake, or JR Martinez? Granted that David Arquette and Chynna Phillips have famous realitves, but they are also famous in their own right.

      • Tammy

        LOL, obviously I wasn’t talking about Nancy.

      • @Tammy

        Crawl back under your rock and let the rest of us enjoy this blog.

      • To @Tammy

        …we need to stop feeding the troll. And that is what she is…A TROLL

  • Linda

    Go home Maks! What a poor loser bad boy! While I agree Chaz should have been gone long ago, your dancer is not as good as you think and Chynna was much better. You need fans and your big mouth doesn’t get you any!

    • Twyla Thorpe

      I completely agree. I’m not saying the judges have the right to criticize but Maks just needs to wake up and realize his celebrity is a horrible dancer and is never gonna get the same marks as Ricki or J.R. Chynna Phillips was better than her and the only reason Hope is still here is because Chynna completely messed up her dance that week.

  • Billye Moore

    They should only critique the dancing and not make hateful comments on the stars appearances. Chaz’s face showed all the pain and rejection he was feeling by Bruno’s comments. Their job should be to help the dancers do better by telling them about their mistakes and how to improve, not make them feel terrible. And yes, I do feel Maks is discrimated against. He’s one of the best dancers on the show, but he never seems to be able to rise above Len’s opinion. And I do think his comment about it being “his” show came out wrong.

  • Jack Jones

    The judges totally suck. They are so biased it’s a joke amongs the viewers who like to watch this show. Nancy Grace is so fat and uncoordinated; she should have been eliminated the very first show. She received a 9; that’s a laugh. She didn’t deserve more than a 7 and who gave her that 9? I didn’t like Ricki Lake at first, but she’s improving, but no way did she deserve a 29 total score. She’s doing good for a fat woman – that’s all. This show is about the dancers, not the judges, but they think they’re the show – they’re not. They suck.

    • Jan

      Yes, you could see a pattern forming some seasons ago where the judges worked together to garner more screen time. They began exaggerating their comments and sure enough remained on camera even more and relished it..
      And the comments went from dancing critiquing to snarky personal ones esp with Bruno. He has made rude and lewd female breast comments, male butt comments and fat man comments. I wish one of the contestants would respond back to him ‘coming from a flaming old queen such as yourself, I’ll take your remarks with a grain of salt’

    • Crystal

      You are not any better than them by judging someone because they are “FAT”. Fat people haviing feelings, too. Come on, this is part of the problem of the world…..BULLYING!

  • Roberta

    Chaz seems to realize that Bruno is a small minded, attention seeking idiot, Bruno has no credibility and no excuse for what he said. Chaz left the show with grace and good humor and he comes out the clear winner this season for me. He showed class and diginity through out the show, more than I can say for this crap panel of “judges and ABC who did not say anything.

    • CiCI

      ABC is LOVING this attention. They played it up on GMA as well. I think this whole thing is part of the script. it has always been mostly a fake scripted reality show. this is probably what they wrote to try to energy a franchise that has been on a downward spiral. Whatever it is, the judges have come out looking like vile spit.

      • Jan

        well said!

      • billie

        I agree in a way. I think once this happened DWTS decided to take advantage of the situation and milk the publicity because of a poorly watched season. But I believe they misunderstand who their audience is. I don’t watch DWTS to see judges being mean and insulting to people. I don’t care if the dancers are scored high or low, but nothing makes sense. You had a beautiful dance…we loved it – all 7’s. You on the other hand danced terribly – all 7’s. You can critique their dance moves, posture, technique, performance and any other parts of the dance, but the personal insults are over the line. Bruno seems to think he can say anything as long as he prefaces it with “my darling.” They really need to replace all the judges. And they need to replace them with people who have the credentials to judge dancing. And the scoring should be consistent with the comments. I used to be a regular viewer. The last few seasons I’ve watched maybe once or twice a season. And it’s really not due to the caliber of celebrities, it’s more due to the judges’ inconsistencies making me annoyed.

      • Forwarddad

        You are so right. You don’t see ABC coming-out with any statements for Chas or Makd? DWTS ratings were down and now they are up. Expect more crap from the judges.

    • Hunter

      What do you mean “Chaz left the show with grace and good humor”? He acted like a mad little brat for the whole show. He should have been gone in the 1st or 2nd round but his “cause” kept everyone feeling sorry for him, I personally think its disgracful to try and glorify transgenders period.
      Plus, the show should be renamed…there are very few “stars” on the show it all relatives of stars or so called activists…laughable

      • @Hunter

        Friend of Tammmy’s are you? You sound as stupid and hateful as she does.

      • Tammy

        Hunter – Thank you! finally, someone who can see through the marketing.

  • Linda

    These judges are becoming very controversial with their comments. Maks was absolutely correct. There is an abundance of favoritism in the scoring and comments. It is about time Len got with the program, it 2011, not 50 years ago, times have changed. Start over again and replace the judges.

  • Becky

    @ Tammy, as a Christian you shoud know that hell means the common grave and you will go there just as easily as Chaz or anyone else, also for someone who claims to be Christian(Christlike) you sure have a lot of hatwe and anger in your heart.

    • Tammy

      It’s petty people like you, who try to cut down the righteous, who need to worry. God doesn’t love Bruno and he certainly doesn’t love Chaz. I don’t understand what the argument is here. Go read the Book again and maybe you’ll understand. Find a group if you need help with that.

      • Mellissa

        Oh Tammy, you are the reason I’m glad I’m Jewish.

      • Tammy

        : ( There’s always hope and time to change.

      • jw621557

        Tammy, just to clarify (and I am on your side on this blog) but God loves everybody, He just hates their sin. He is willing that none should perish to hell but rather that everybody will come to the saving knowledge of Christ, although that will never happen. But thank you for speaking truth here. You can tell how much truth you spoke just by seeing the reaction of the diversity of people. It is sad to see how many people think they will make it to heaven by their own deeds but even more sad to see how many do not care whether they make it or not.

      • Tammy

        I totally agree. I made that same point, in one of these posts. Nothing would make me happier, than for all of these people, to get right with God and make it to the Kingdom. Not that you accomplish much on a message board, but everything I do in life, is geared toward helping others find the right path. That carries over to these comments and I’m not sorry if it offends some people! Psa 89:30-34

      • jw621557

        Well said Tammy. It has come to the time that truth must be spoken clearly. The Word of God offends people. Everybody wants to justify sin nowadays but the justification already took place on the cross. If people want justification they need to find it at the feet of Jesus bu asking Him to forgive them, and then turning from the sin and walk away from it. Also very true that not much will be accomplished on a message board but it sure does give one a taste of what this world has come to. God help us all!!!

      • ieyl1991

        Tammy, you are an idiot.

      • Shawn

        @ Tammy did you ever hear the phrase “God loves spiritual fruit, NOT religious nuts?”

      • Esox

        It doesn’t say in that bible quote what those shameful acts with other males are. You seem to be implying that the verse refers to ANY acts with other males. Your interpretation. I’m inclined to have a different one. Show me specifically what those shameful acts are, not your interpretation of what they should be. If you can’t do that, you are arguing with false evidence.

  • Sue

    It’s apparent that Maks is fed up and will most likely be fired after this season. I think he has major attitude and he will most likely never win with it. Bruno is Bruno, an idiot! But he is no different this year than in the past. He too will probably be gone.

    • Lee

      We can only hope that Bruno exits and goes back to being a 3rd rate whatever it is he does

    • Dee

      I seriously doubt Maks would be fired. ABC is loving this “controversy”. Maks isn’t going anywhere unless he chooses to leave.

    • Bama

      I hope you r right.

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