Top 5 signs your Ryan Gosling crush is getting out of control


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Ryan Gosling is perfect.

There’s no room for debate on that. Disagree? I’m sorry, you’re just wrong. Did you even see the Dirty Dancing scene with Emma Stone in Crazy, Stupid, Love.? Were you born without a pulse? He won our collective hearts in The Notebook, challenged our way of thinking (I loved Lars and the Real Girl, Ryan! I get you!), and officially hit A-list status this year with Love, Drive, and Ides of March.

And that’s just onscreen; his off-screen antics — hey girl! — are certainly not helping my borderline-stalking behavior. (Story of my life… ) So I get it. I’m right there with you, PopWatchers. But to not be ostracized by your friends — and not to mention to avoid police interest — here is my handy guide outlining warning signs that your Ryan Gosling love may be out of control.* 

Have you ever:

1. Stolen a golf cart? Justin Timberlake revealed today that he and Gosling used to do that all the time on the set of The Mickey Mouse Club. But don’t try to ingratiate yourself into Gosling’s childhood memories. You weren’t there, no matter how many times you re-watch JT and Gosling act together.

2. Had a baby? This one should really go without saying, but when I saw the photo of Gosling giving a bottle to a little baby, I’m pretty sure my ovaries exploded. But don’t have a baby just so Ryan Gosling might one day hold it. Kids are around for a really long time.

3. Spent way too much time on the Internet? The problem with loving a celeb everyone is hot for is that your obsession is only encouraged by going online. Between F**KYeahRyanGosling and those feminist flashcards, the hours you spend at the computer can trick you into believing the only thing separating you two is one thin computer monitor. Back away slowly. Go outside. Get some air.

4. Bribed your friend to punch you in the face? We’ve all seen the awesome(ly hot) video of Gosling breaking up a street fight like an accidental badass, but no matter how game your friend is, fighting is bad. It’s better if your loyal friend just pushes you into a pool or something.

5. Considered moving to L.A. for ballet classes? When you read last night that Ryan Gosling is still taking ballet with little girls at some studio in L.A. — oh my God, I’m dying — you may have wanted to hop a plane and sign up for Intro to Pliés 101. But the moment you’ve forked over cash for a plane ticket, you’ve gone too far. No judgment, however, if you’re already in the Los Angeles area. That’s just smart timing.

*Not that I’ve ever considered any of these.

How’s your crush on Gosling going after these recent revelations? Are you embarrassed about anything you’ve considered? Share away!

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  • Dr. Metzner

    EW really is obsessed with him.

    • alienfrommars

      Yes, just like they loved Ryan Reynolds. When Gosling has his “Green Lantern,” EW will move on to the next magazine-seller.

      • EW

        Ryan Gosling should guest star on “Glee!”

      • A

        Their obsession with Gosling may be a bit overkill, but he’s still a very talented actor who has an Oscar nomination under his belt (and possibly a 2nd one come this winter). He’s been turning in great performances in his movies over the years. Gosling isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

      • Stacie

        Um, duh!

      • The Truth

        WTF EW..this is embarrassing, it has to be a joke, right? The only one with a crush is you! this is beyond obssesion you need a restraining order, wow Ryan Gosling and Darren Criss should star in a movie directed by Joss Whedon about gay lovers who have to fight off Vampires by singing songs from the soundtrack of Footloose while they are dressed like Lady Ga Ga….if that happened you not be able to sit right for a year….I liked him until you guys shoved him down my throat, now he is like a song you heard too many times and are sick of, he is my “Hey Ya”

    • B

      With the extreme negative reaction to this article, have you figured out that we do not share your love, EW!

      • T

        I share your love!! Fun article =)

  • JEn

    #6: Constantly post things on an entertainment website about what a huge blockbuster movie star he is while refusing to acknowledge that most of his movies bomb…

    • Carole

      Yeah… “officially hit A-list status this year with [Crazy, Stupid,] Love, Drive, and Ides of March?”

      Didn’t those movies make like 30 bucks each at the box office? A-list my butt!!!

      • amy

        Crazy Stupid Love made $140 million, Drive made $43 million on a $13 million budget. Not exactly box office bombs, but whatever.

      • B

        Amy I do not know where you are getting your figures from but Crazy, Stupid, Love only made 87 million on a production cost of 55 million not including marketing, Dirve made 32 million on a production cost of 15 million, they are hardly blockbusters!

  • JLC

    6. You work for Entertainment Weekly.

    • Frank in LB

      Best response!

    • ATM

      JLC lives with his mom.

  • Tricia

    This article was cute! and I loved Lars and the Real Girl!

    • The Truth


  • Lindsay

    I’ve loved him since I saw him on Breaker High on YTV, in Grade 4. Some of us do love him, a whole lot. It’s not just EW.
    He’s just having his moment, guys.

    • JerryL

      I thought his moment was his Oscar nomination and the success of “The Notebook.” And that was a couple years ago.

    • Liz

      It’s official I now HATE Ryan Gosling, thank you EW!

  • Jennifer

    This post needed the “Not Jon Hamm” tag~!

  • Samantha

    Realyy? This list is stupid. I’ve loved him since Young Hercules though.

  • Emsy

    i looovvvee Ryan <3 and im insanely jealous of eva mendes right now =(


    I will not be IGNORED, Ryan!

  • err.. Anonymous

    Actually planned out #4 with a girlfriend at the scene of the video itself. Living in NYC makes the stalking that much more tempting.

  • hoganbcmj

    his eyes are too close together. so, ya, he’s cute, but not perfect.

  • john t.

    #6. when i have to see his picture under the “42 unforgettable nude scenes” gallery on the right side of every article. seriously EW, it’s been three months…

    • The Truth

      Thank you I am so sick of that pic..he looks constipated in it!

  • Merry Bear

    I just don’t get it. Gosling must have the best publicist in the world, and she must have an in at the EW offices. I don’t know anyone who thinks he is that special, good-looking, or talented. Granted, that is only from my sphere, but I there should be *someone* who thinks he’s all that.

    • The Truth


    • Anna

      Really? I know a lot of people who love him. I think he is extremely talented, one of the best actors under 40.

  • econruth

    I thought he was adorable in Remember the Titans.

  • AndyB

    I’m going to write a blog; Top 5 reasons my Erin Strecker crush is getting out of control, and cite this article at the top of my list.

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