'Dancing With the Stars': Backtrack Maks says, 'I have nothing to apologize for' -- VIDEO

On Monday’s Dancing With the Stars, hot-headed pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy lashed out at the judges’ harsh criticism, telling judge Len Goodman to “get out” of the ballroom biz and claiming, “This is my show, you know. I helped make it what it is.” He apologized on Tuesday night’s results show, even after Goodman called him “Mad Maks the Thunderdome” that morning on Access Hollywood.

This morning, Chmerkovskiy reverted to his original attitude as he told Good Morning America‘s Robin Roberts he has no regrets. “The last time I apologized was to my grandma when she was dying,” he said stoically. He took particular issue with the judges’ tendency to make snarky comments for laughs. He concluded, “I have nothing to apologize for to Len, certainly not to Carrie Ann [Inaba]. She can make all the faces that she wants.” Watch Maks tell his side of the story and spill about his fellow pros’ reactions to his comments (we’re lookin’ at you, Derek Hough!) after the jump.

Chmerkovskiy told Roberts, “One thing I’m not going to embrace is pointed fingers and disrespectful remarks.” Do you think he was justified in his comments? Or do you think his ego’s gotten too big for the dance floor? What of Chmerkovskiy’s reference to his childhood in Russia? Is excusing his behavior as “freedom of speech” a bit of a stretch? Has Maks shot his partner Hope Solo in the foot with this outburst? What do you think, PopWatchers?

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  • Sandy

    I’m not a fan of Hope Solo and I did not like her dancing nor her costume. But I am a huge fan of Maks and I agree with what he said. Maks has more talent in his little finger than those three judges have put together in their whole bodies. He is an amazing, strong and dedicated dancer.

    • ChaCha

      I agree, and he’s also got the stones to speak his truth and point out the nakedness of the Emperor Judges. It’s gotten so that Len is the human equivalent of the Muppets’ Statler & Waldorf without the humor, and Bruno is just skeevy. If anyone cared to notice, Maks was laughing when he told Len that maybe it was time to quit. Didn’t look to me like he was trying to pick a fight. Yay Maks!

    • BP

      What a bunch of BS. Those three wouldnt be on the show if they didnt have talent. Maks’ ego is out of control, and although he doesnt have to slam is partner, he does have to admit, at least to himself, that she is not a dancer.

      • sils71

        @BP Yeah… how well did Dance War: Bruno vs. Carrie Ann do? They must be on… what… season 6 or 7 by now, right?

      • BP

        That doesnt mean they dont have talent. That concept sucked.

      • TLucas

        Really Maks ego out of control? That’s so not the truth. It’s Derek Hough and Mark Ballas ego out of control. And as for whomever Dereks, and Marks partners have been Maks, Tony Dovoloni,Jonathan, they have NEVER been given the quaility of dancers that Derek, and Mark have, so I guess he hit the nail on the head when Maks said it’s all about Derek’s career. Also Maks owes nobody an apology, and Carrie Ann is so prissy and thinks she’s so funny when she’s nothing more than a wannabe, and Bruno, is abrasive and inappropriate at times, and Len is just down right RUDE!! I vote that they all three have to dance with on of the celebrities, and let the professionals judge them.

    • Ann

      I agree with Max. The judges sometimes forget that the celbrities are not dancers and they really worked hard every week to perform their best. The judges should be respectful of this.

      • K88

        Yes, I feel the same way. Even when they are terrible, the judges don’t have to say nasty hurtful things to the contestant. I cannot STAND Carrie Ann, and the way she pointed her witchy finger at Maks saying, ‘Hey, do not be disrespectful!’ like he was a child just pissed me off. She is an evil witch and it’s obvious she and maks do not like each other one bit. I know Maks can be arrogant, but he’s definitely the hottest one out there and the only reason I ever watched the show to begin with.

      • Sarah

        I agree and name calling is not good. I would like to know who chooses the clothing for the dancers?

      • galina

        I want to support Maks, something is really strange with this show, some professional dancers get almost talants to dance constantly, some are not at all, actually we see this very clear, I loved this show before and now not really, I dont;t like Carrie Ann at all after her comments to Maks, she trys to bite Maks for nothing. Is this show going down? I hope that nothing will effect Maks,he is very talanty dancer and teacher and more… Maks, I wish you the BEST!!!!!!

    • Really people

      The ‘stars’ choose to be on the show. The pros choose to be on the show. No one is forced to sign up for it–they know the concept of the show, they know what the judges are like, so why is it a big surprise? If you don’t want to be judged, don’t be in a competition. If you are going to have your feelings hurt with comments from the judges, don’t put yourself out there on a show where you know those kinds of comments are going to be made. Geez. It’s not rocket science.

      • sunoverla

        i agree with you that judging is judging, but name calling “ewok” and “penguin” are inappropriate!!

      • Olivia

        You speak too much sense. Maks is a whiny crybaby trying to deflect from his failure as a teacher/choreographer.

      • lls

        I have no issue with the judges or their comments when they are judging fairly, but I think they have been overly harsh on Hope compared to others this season. While I did think her rumba this week was a little flat (and not sure what Maks was thinking putting her in those flat boots) it seems to me that every week they hold her to a different standard than they have Carson, Chaz, Nancy… I think that because she is beautiful and athletic they had higher expectations for her than they should. She is obviously not a naturally good dancer and the judges have not woken up to this fact. Usually the less naturally talented get judged based on effort, back story, improvement, and entertainment but the judges continue to nit pick every little thing Hope does. She’s not the only one being unfairly evaluated but if the judges were really going to judge solely on dancing skill some competitors should have had much lower scores other weeks.

      • Jake

        Hope is not a good dancer and a snore feat on the ballroom. They still give her high scores even when they nitpick so that’s not exactly fair. She wants off the show. I don’t see how you guys continually vote for her and leave chynna and Kristin in the dust

    • DDD

      Len is rude and obnoxious! Carrie Ann has a diva complex. They look for already made dancers and do not respect the time, hard work and energy non dancers. Get off of Maks case. Look what he did with Kirsty Alley! Give him someone with dance experience then what will Len say????

      • Jake

        All the weeks that he has spent with hope has resulted in nothing and that is what is disappointing.

  • Rebecca Richard

    I like Maks, he is a good dancer, he and his partner are good, the judges are to hard on the dancers, the dancer try their best, and that is all they can do, but give them credit for the dancing they do, they are good and they try their best.

    • betty

      Maxs is my favored dancer

      • Bets

        I strongly agree with Rebecca and Betty above. Max is an excellent dancer, handsome,a dance teacher and a charmer to all ages–I am 84. He contributes very much to DWTS, and I love to watch him. He speaks the truth.

      • galina

        yes I agree, he speaks the truth and GIVE HIM someone like Jennifer Gray!!!!!!

  • Barb

    Bruno should be ashamed for al the name calling w/ Chaz. He sucks as a judge. What a a hole.

    • Rob

      Agree. I mute anytime he’s going to speak.

      • ChaCha

        I totally mute all the judges and just watch for their numerical scores. In real ballroom competitions, the judges don’t get all verbally hyper-critical of each team. They just score. DWTS needs more of that.

      • lls

        ChaCha – totally agree! I stopped watching Idol when the show became more about the judges/Simon’s opinion than the singing (the minute they got their own special entry I was done) and I hate to see DWTS going the same route. It’s only saving grace in this is that the show is completely ridiculous in all ways and isn’t really a serious competition with life-altering consequences.

    • Tina

      I totally agree. He needs to look in the mirror because he is far from perfect. He acts like such an idiot most of the time.

    • Linda

      Maybe it’s time to rotate judges. They aren’t the reason people watch DWTS. And I DO agree with Maks about Derek getting all the better female dancers. I noticed that pattern seasons ago. It seems the producers do play favorites with the pro dancers and they know that Derek -the hot stud -is going to pull in the female demographic. Until they pair him up with a mediorce performer -I’m still giong to keep that opinion. No wonder Derek sides with the judges. He has probably the best job security on the show -why jeopardize that and speak negative of the show.

      • Bama

        Maks is the “HOT” stud not Derek….. Derek is cute but Maks is a sexy man…………………….

      • Sharon O

        Notice last season, Derek was not on and Maks made it to the finals (with Kirstie Alley).

      • Michael KM

        Derek does get a lot of the best picks, but he also does well even when the celeb is not a great dancer. He went very far even with Jennie Garth, Joanne Krupa, and Jennie Garth, and at least the former two definitely did not start out as good dancers. Maks has had good dancers w/ Mel B, Laila Ali, Erin Andrews, Brandy, and Kirstie Alley, and he’s never been able to seal the deal. He doesn’t need to take that out on Derek.

      • Mark G

        OMG, Derek isn’t in Maks league- Maks is a total hottie from head to toe, and I think he is just tired of getting a, shall we say, “less broken-in” model each year, and watching Derek dance away with all the glory! Go Maks!!

    • Cameron J

      I liked Bruno… for about 5 seconds. I still feel ashamed for that too.

      • Caroline

        Ha! You’re awesome!

    • betty

      i dont agree Bruno is a good judge .Bono just cant dance,but he cant help what he like .

    • betty

      Bruno cant help it because Chaze cant dance ,and what he looked liked on the dance food

      • Speech Teacher

        I assume this second post was an attempt to clarify the mistakes in your first post. Fail. Please stop.

  • roxann

    I think its time for Maks to be fired or leave .. his ego is too large hes not the best dancer there.. let him go back to Russian and see if he will make the same salary hes making there.. yes they do get paid..he was very rude….

    • Beverly

      Roxann, have you watched DWTS from Season 1? If not, don’t say Max was rude. The judges think they are the show and they try to be funny by making crude and rude remarks of the non-pro dancers. Len and Bruno comments on whether they’re sexy or not and always something about what their body lacks. They should judge on the dancing alone. Max has contributed to the success of the show. The judges think they’re the stars of the show.

      • Dan J

        Apparently Max thinks he is the show. The judges contribute just as much, if not more, to the success of the show.

      • Bobbi

        Really, Dan? How many people would tune in to see the judges for an hour? People tune in to see the pros and the celebs. In fact, over the years of the show, the pros have become bigger stars than many of the celebrities they bring on the show!

      • BP

        Beverly you do know that using your body correctly is part of dancing, right? It’s not an insult to say a person was not sexy in a sexy dance. If their body lacks posture or pointed toes or hip action, that affects the dance. I mean, I grew up in the warm-fuzzy era of the 80’s, but give me a break. Not everyone can have a glowing review every time. This isnt Trying Hard with the Stars.

      • Bama

        I agree with Beverly. Roxann, Maks is not rude, he is a really good teacher and dancer and being compared to animals and such has no place here. I respect the judges, but sometime, their words are really cruel. They do need to stick with the dancing techniques and not personalities. I think it got out of hand. I do think that Maks was disrepectful of the ‘get out’ comment. I love Maks and what he brings to the show.

      • lls

        I don’t hate the judges, but I wouldn’t tune out if they left. However DWTS without the pros would be nothing. I can hardly ever remember who the “stars” are because they aren’t the main focus for me. I watch/vote for my favorite pros regardless of who they are paired with. I think Maks was partially right. DWTS may not belong to him alone, but the show belongs more to the pros than the judges.

      • Mark G

        The judges think they are a reason anyone watches this show? Seriously? That is too funny, and rather tragic as well…..

    • sils71

      I’d venture to say that he’s probably more of a fan of this country and everything it represents than many natural born citizens. He has made it clear in many interviews that he recognizes and appreciates all the wonderful things America has to offer. If anything, he is embracing his right to express his opinion. You are telling him that he should just shut up and take it. It seems to me he values freedom much more than you do.

      • ChaCha


      • Lola

        Team Maks!!!!

    • k

      i think Maks needs to leave the show because he has a problem with his mouth, He started he is the show – heaven help us. I think you are going to lose viewers, He needs to apologies to the viewers for his ego and his mouth.


      • Kelly

        I think he also “started” that he did not mean it the way it came out. Have you ever called America YOUR country? How egotistical of you to assume that you own the whole country. It was more of a language barrier problem as English is not his first language. He also did “apologies” to the other pros for the misunderstanding, he just doesn’t feel the need to “apologies” to the judges. Most people agree with him about the judging this season. The show does belong more to the pros and stars than it does to the judges.

      • Beyonce’s baby


        Did you need to ridicule @k’s comments in order to get your point across?

      • Sprite

        I agree with Maks.

        The judges have gotten to be too much…Carrie Anne with her over the top emotional reactions (crying over Chaz and the Rocky number…really?) and her unnatural obsession with lifts; Bruno who should be glued to his chair because apparently he cannot give his critiques…filled with tasteless sexual innuendo…while seated; and Len for just being so grumpy all the time. They seem to be trying to out do each other with their various schtick for more air time. They are being really harsh on most of the pros… except golden boy Derek…I think it has to do with the fact that the pros are getting a ton of attention from both fans and media…and the judges resent that.

        Having said that…You know that no one is going anywhere! The amount of media attention this has brought the show…which means ratings…just ensures that this will not be the last time this happens!

    • Avaldez

      I agree with you he’s just mad cuz he has never won and he dosen’t have a chance with Hope she just can’t dance…

      • @Beyonces Baby

        All the ridicule in all these comments on the DWTS boards and you zero in on my comment? Is @k your mother or something? So so sorry that i didn’t realize that your overly-sensitive self would read that and be offended. If i had known i definitely would have written something different so as not to offend your eyeballs….

      • dee

        Could U do any better!!!

      • Bama

        That is not true….. No, Hope is not a dancer and Maks is doing the best he can. Len is just as confrontaional as Maks so just because he is a judge makes it ok. I say no to both of them.

    • betty

      we dont want max to leave

      • marlene

        I agree that Hope is not a dancer.Max tried his best.No one seems to have the guts except him to tell the judges off.They deserve it

  • Lindsay

    I like Maks, but I also have to say that this is a dancing competition and yes, even though the celebrities are working their hardest, the whole point of the show is to find the best dancer of the bunch. Judges judge, that is their job. They can probably be a little more nice about it but then we wouldn’t have this discussion going on in the first place. It’s how reality TV thrives

    • sils71

      Judges should judge fairly, consistently. You can’t give someone a B just because they got to class on time, and give someone else a B because they answered everything on the test correctly but their handwriting was a bit sloppy. Judges should not get a free pass to do whatever they want. It’s about time someone pointed out their double standard.

  • Bob

    Hey these all really great people. So what that one artist gets a little ticked at another…. It’s all part of life and part of the show…. In my opinion takes all these people to make the show what it is. Hope they can work out some things and move on.

  • Carolyn

    There is NO reason for the judges to be mean, even for laughs. These people are NOT dancers and are trying and training very hard. Constructive help is ok but not nasty comments, they are doing this more and more. These stars DO NOT deserve to be laughed at in a mean way. MAX is right to defend his star, all the professionals should.

    • BP

      This isnt Trying Hard with the Stars. Its a dancing show. Hope is nice and sweet and pretty and strong but she can’t. dance.

      • zoot

        then they should just judge the dancing…don’t say you hate the outfit, or the boots, or the music was bad, or you are not sexy…judge the dancing, the hold, the frame, the steps, the lifts..etc. If they did that then they could help the celebs to grow into dancers too.

  • LOL

    America loves crap.

    • Kelly

      LOL loves to spend his entire day posting the same comment over and over under stories about crap.

    • Esox

      I’m convinced there’s more than one LOL. At least I hope there is.

  • Margaret

    I LOVE Maks and they way he sticks up for himself and his partner. I think Bruno should watch what he says and Len is just a little to critical. Carrie Ann trys to always be gentle with her comments, but I guess she stuck up for Len because of his age.

    • BP

      or what?

  • Yvonne

    “Dancing With The Stars” is a wonderful show. Maks is by far one of the very best dancers on the show. Siffice to say, he is one of my favorite dancers. I enjoy watching him. While I do not know him personally, I think he has every right to voice
    his opinion.

    There are times when the judges remarks are derogatory like, “This is your worse dance ever.” They are there to judge but not to tear the dancers apart. Tell them what they can work on and put it into descent terms. I get upset when I see the judges going overboard with their comments. So, to the judges – be professional and think about what you are going to say before you express yourself. You are, after all, human beings first, judges second.

    Bruno, you add pizazz to that show. You are histerically funny – nice personality.

    • BP

      Actually, a derogatory comment would be you look fat and gross in that costume. Saying “this is your worse dance ever” is an opinion which the judges are there to provide. They can’t all get great comments every time! They arent going to do the best dance every week!

  • v.hunt

    I think Maks was very disrepectful. He did not even consider the tv viewing audience and vent his rage at the appopiate time and place. Hope did not dance well that night. Maks was embarassed by her display and could not stand to hear the truth.

    • Sprite

      While it is true that Maks was not so poliitically correct to put his opinion in more diplomatic terms, it is clear by the public reaction that most people are on his side. Keep in mind that English is not his first language (nor mine for that matter, so I feel that I can comment)…often when becoming emotional, upset, etc…the words do not come out as we may want them and things get misconstrued. From the people I have talked to, pretty much everyone agrees with Maks. They feel that he may be somewhat rough around the edges, but he seems to be truly passionate about what he does and, unlike many, stands up for what he believes. He may yell and get frustrated with his stars, but you always know where you stand with him…He wears his heart on his sleeve and you can always tell when he is happy or not happy with his stars. Brandy for example was clearly not one of his faves, but he stood up for her with the judges as well. Happy Maks is always the best…he seems to really like strong, confident women who give as good as they get…Mel B, Erin and Kirsty.

      It is clear that many of the pros are really frustrated this year … more so than in years past … Tony, Lacey, Mark. Who knows if they approached the producers or the judges at the appropriate time and place? But what is clear is that the judging is become more selective, harsh, personal and down right inappropriate. I am all for constructive criticism but is calling someone a penquin, referring to a nip slip really a critique? Judge everyone by the same standards, don’t play favourites (see Derek), and be the expert professional you claim to be. I know they are trying to out do each other by their outrageous behaviour so as to get more air time, but the grump, the crier, and sex freak are getting old. If you demand respect, you need to act respectfully yourself…After all shouldn’t we all do onto others, as you would have them do onto you?

      • dwtsbigfan

        Most fans are not on Maks’ side. He has some rabid uber fans who go to every message board to try and shut down critics. He’s a blow hard who has gotten good partners. His brother is on the show, his students have been on the show, he got the partner he wanted. They couldn’t spoil him more if he were their baby and he just gets more spoiled. It would do him more good to be a better teacher and until he is Derek is going to outscore him. Derek can make anybody look at least passable. He can drag 7-8s out of the worst, because he knows how to design a routine for them.

      • Peg

        >Thu 10/27/11 2:49 PM

        >Most fans are not on Maks’ side. He has some >rabid uber fans who go to every message board >to try and shut down critics.

        We are obviously seeing different statistics. The polls and responses I’ve seen are in support of Maks about 3 to 1.

    • Betty Guerrero

      v.hunt. you need to crawl back under that rock. Max had had about all the crap he was going to listen to. He just said out loud what he thought and he really wasn’t hateful or mean, just truthful.

  • jeanie hunt

    Maxim was right that is all there is to it.The judges have a tendency to feel sorry for the underdog and forget to see how the pro do it and train so hard their stars,they are nit picky!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Rose

    I believe without the huge outburst from Maks, Hope would have went home. It was painful to watch her dance and I agree it was her worst performance so far. She had no form whatsoever and the only move she did well was when she was resting on Maks’ shoulder. People voted for her now because they want to see what Maks will do next week! I am sure he knew her performance was lacking and it was going to be the only way to keep her from going home.

    • Clement

      Totally agreed with the latter part of the comment. Otherwise there is no TV show.

    • JMark

      From what I saw of their rehearsal tape, Hope did the exact dance moves Maks asked of her to do. There was nothing wrong with her dancing. The judges have picked their favorite dancers and continually disrespect Hope and Maks. The war hero, J.R. Martinez is put on a pedestal by the judges. They always mention his “war hero” status to promote his fan base.

  • amy

    Maks was rude, he’s an arrogant ahole! He should be fired!!!!

    • Stevex

      If anyone should be fired from DWTS, it’s Bruno. His act is getting real old. My finger is always poised on the mute button whenever the judges get going.

    • Linda

      Really, Amy? Good for you. See, you got to express your opinion. I totally and completely disagree with your opinion, but you were allowed to express it.

  • Clete

    Gee, this stuff is really important. I must stop now. I need to take a crap.

    • Kelly

      You must be friends with LOL. He is also obsessed with crap.

    • Dan J

      Important enough apparently for you to click on the link, read the article, sign up, and comment.

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