Orlando Jones tweeted that liberals 'should kill Sarah Palin'


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After Libya strongman Moammar Gadhafi was killed by rebels on Thursday, many celebrities marked the occasion with humor on Twitter. “Lunch with Gadhafi, cancelled,” tweeted Steve Martin. On Saturday, actor Orlando Jones went in a different direction, posting, “Libyan Rebels kill Gaddafi, if American liberals want respect they better stop listening to Aretha & kill Sarah Palin(:”

After the post came from the MADtv star’s unverified account, followers got into a war of words with him over what he wrote about the former Alaskan governor. While Palin did not respond on Twitter to Jones’ remarks, her supporters did. An account called Tennessee4Palin (@TN4P) wrote, “Why does @TheOrlandoJones think it’s funny to call for Sarah Palin to be murdered? #palin #liberaltolerance”, to which Jones responded, “No I don’t. I think it’s funny that you are so upset about my inane tweet.”

When another user tweeted at Jones, “You are obviously a big fat moron. How about someone talked about killing your mother or sister. Is that Funny-ha, ha?”, the actor/comedian wrote back, “Yay! Name calling. I’m a moron that’s working on the big and fat part. Maybe you could buy me food & complete the trifecta(:” (Jones’ reps did not respond immediately to EW’s request for comment.)

Did Orlando Jones go too far with his tweet about Sarah Palin? Admitting that his original tweet was “inane” is one thing, but comparing any American politician to a dictator who sponsored terrorists who killed Americans seems thoughtless. I’m not even sure Jones can plead comedy as his defense — you know, because his tweets haven’t been funny.

Does Jones owe Palin an apology or is Twitter a place — as it seems to be more and more the case these days — where celebrities can say exactly what’s on their mind? Does this “battle” pale in comparison to the fight between Palin and Kathy Griffin from earlier this year or even when Palin tweeted “Don’t Retreat, RELOAD” back in 2010? Share in the comments section below, PopWatchers.

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  • john

    Orlando who??? Never heard of him.

    • kate middleton

      You know….he was the first “Make 7 Up Yours” guy. A really big star.

    • maggie

      He used to be on Mad TV.

  • Chelsea

    Wow, at first glance I thought this said “Orlando Bloom” and though “wait…what???” Oops

    • Steve

      I did too… that’s funny!

  • bg

    As a person who would prefer Sarah goes back to hide in Alaska– This was not even remotely funny. What would posess someone to say such a thing?

    • kate middleton

      I agree. I’m a conservative, but no fan of Palin’s drama. However, his tweet was out of line, and he should be prepared for people to be upset about it. Calling for someone to be killed does not fall under the humor category.

      • maggie

        I’m a liberal, and I agree that calling for someone to be killed isn’t funny. No matter how much I dislike Palin, I support her anger at Jones.

      • Eoin Liam

        OK Orlando, I remember your entitled attitude at the College of Charleston & you haven’t matured one bit – typical for a chip on your shoulder thug. How would you feel if someone tweeted “kill (‘fill in the blank’) liberal Democrat who you agree with? Go sell your hatred elsewhere, like maybe Zimbabwe – you’d be comfy there.

  • Pete

    This is ridiculous. Whatever happened to free speech? (And yes, I’m aware that some deranged individual could take Jones seriously and actually follow through, but come on.) People are so fragile on Twitter that they hide behind fake identities and try to blow something up far more than it needs to be. Can’t take a joke, get off social media.

    • Barry

      If a white person tweeted that a black person should be killed, there would be moral outrage. This POS so called comedian needs to crawl back under the rock that he came from under.

      • Diane


      • Tami

        I’m a black woman, and agree with you 100%, Barry.

      • Katie

        I agree with Berry also

    • Janie

      Free speech means you can’t be imprisoned for what you say; you can still be criticized for what you say. I mean, it’s a stupid comment on Twitter, it’s not that big of a deal, but it was still an obnoxious thing to post.

      • Lil Jo

        Thank You Janie… When with these free speech morons get that!!!

        Free speech doesn’t mean that you can’t get fired, you can’t loose sponsorships, you can’t get criticized for what you say.

        It means that you can say what you want without the fear of IMPRISONMENT. Unless of course what you say is slanderous.

    • trista

      no one is saying he couldn’t say it – we are asking about whether it was right to say it.
      As for social media – apparently Twitter etc… gives you license to show what a complete idiot you are. If that is the case – I say go for it. What it does for me is prove that the Hollywood elite is a bunch of crass, hypicritical idiots. As if I needed any proof.

    • markinnyc

      First off, this has nothing to do with Free Speech, the government is not trying to shut his twitter down.
      second, above it should read, “former half term Alaskan Governor”.
      Third, anyone who advocates killing anyone (even an idiot like Palin) deserves our scorn and condemnation. Your right to disagree with my opinion ends when your fist hits my nose (or whatever that quote is)

    • daisyj

      The irony is that Ms. Palin doesn’t even currently hold a political office– at best she could be considered a pundit. Which means that he is saying she should be killed for expressing opinions he doesn’t agree with.

    • maggie

      He has free speech and used it to say what he wanted. But Free Speech doesn’t protect you from the response to what you said.
      Orlando’s comment falls under “Just because you CAN say something doesn’t mean you SHOULD.”

    • lisainNC

      Hey, yeah, i get the joke. Actually, i think it was such a novel idea that i’m going to put one up n youtube, something like, “who wants to be the first in this country to make a name for themselves and kill B actor orlando jones? You know, those that talk the talk should be prepared to walk the walk”

      Let’s see how funny useless trash Jones thinks this joke is…

  • tg

    Palin is seriously one of the biggest morons of all time and that she has so many followers is frightening. Anyone with half a brain can tell the rubbish that comes out of her mouth is ridiculous. However, joking about killing anyone, no matter how much they’re hated, is just not funny or cool. Most Repubs are self centered, egotistical haters, but that doesn’t mean we can say they should be killed. Their party talks like that about us, and we should continue to rise above their hatred.

    • trista

      TG – How many actual conservativs do you know? Thank you for at least saying that what OJ – I mean Orlando Jones – said was wrong, but I can say that I have never talked that way about another human being and neither have any of the conservatives I know. Let’s just say that conservatives do not corner the market on being self-centered, egotistical haters. Try not to make blanket statements about people you don’t know and clearly do not want to know!

    • Diane

      FYI most conservatives I know are concerned about the financial health of this country not name calling. I’m talking about my friends and family, not media blow hards who get paid to make obnoxious comments. I think you’d be shocked how much liberals and conservatives actually agree on

      • Diane

        Common topics include ending crony capitalism, pork projects, campaign finance reform, securing social security money so it doesn’t go defunct, getting the unemployed back to work… It’s just that many of us think that the government is an inefficient tool to accomplish our goals while liberals seem to believe that regulation and government intervention is the ideal way to solve our problems.

      • maggie

        @Diane, if the government is inefficient the thing to do is replace the people running it, not get rid of government. Many of the problems we face are due to lack of regulation, and the big money given to politicians by corporations to favor them. We need more honest politicians.

  • dennis

    I just hope the F.B.I. pays Mr. Jones a visit and places some nice pair of shinny bracletes on him.

    • harry

      for doing what?

  • endo

    Seriously, kill Sarah Palin? Welcome to 2 years ago, Orlando Jones. It’s not that he was being offensive, it’s that he was being completely irrelevant.

    • trista

      I’m offended

  • Tina

    I’m a Republican and I hate Sarah Palin. But it’s inappropriate to joke about killing anyone (which is one of the reasons I hate Palin to begin with).

  • Brigid

    This is why we can’t have nice things, liberals!

    • maggie

      Don’t blame liberals for some washed up actor trying to get publicity. I doubt that you’ll find many liberals who think what he tweeted was OK.

  • JK

    I guess tweeting, “hey i’m still alive” would have generated the same amount of interest that his career has generated over the last decade, little to none.

  • Minutiae

    More proof that some liberals are just as ignorant and ridiculous as they accuse conservatives of being.

  • Kelly P

    Celebs need to stop giving her credibility by even mentioning her name.

  • taylor

    I love how the libs are so threatened by Palin that they have to continually degrade her. She’s not even running for President.

  • RyRyNYC

    It’s funny (the situation, not the joke) bc I get it – American conservatives are always bashing American liberals as dangerous to this country, yet in other countries liberals are really the dangerous ones. Dangerous in the sense that they really are fighting for their freedom…to the extent of having to execute their leader (dictator.) Its not a funny joke, but but there is some thought to it – it clearly meant to show the difference between the liberal movement in a country like the US versus the Middle East. (And to an extent verifies that the evils we face in this country – i.e. Palin, tea-bagers, and Republicans – pale in comparison to evils in other places of the world!)

    • uknowwho

      The liberals are fighting for freedom in Libya?? Are you kidding?? Better check your definition of a liberal. I suppose you would call George Washington a liberal then?? Unbelieveable!!

  • Barack Palin

    So much for liberal tolerance and civility. It just shows that liberals are the truly intolerant people in this country.

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