'Hart of Dixie': Wade vs. George! Who belongs with Zoe?


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Lately, Hart of Dixie has called into doubt something I thought to be a no-brainer when the pilot aired. Back just a few weeks ago, I thought the show was set up to make me want George (Scott Porter) and Zoe (Rachel Bilson) together — and it succeeded. George obviously loves Lemon (Jaime King) for his own reasons, but Zoe is a much better fit — or so I thought. Over the past few weeks, things have gotten much more complicated, and I now find myself wondering if I’m rooting for Wade (Wilson Bethel).

Don’t get me wrong. In a perfect world, I’d put my full support behind a George and Zoe end game — and there’s a large part of me that would totally be happy with that. But Wade is showing with each episode that he’s more than just a one-note bad boy. Last night, for instance, he opened up to Zoe about his father — the town drunk. And I think as he opens up to her more, she’s going to see him as more than the annoying guy who didn’t fix her window screen, and we’ve seen hints that her view of him is evolving. (You could consider last week’s heat wave episode a big step, but it was clear that she only wanted him for sex. That doesn’t count as evolution.)

George, meanwhile, is trying harder and harder every week to convince Lemon that he has no feelings for Zoe. And while it’s clear they’re friends and get along, I’m starting to believe him. I mean, no guy with doubts is going to start shopping for a home with his fiancee. I won’t get into Lemon’s feelings for the mayor Lavon because that’s a whole other can of worms.

So, readers, what’s your take? Do you think Wade has quickly become the frontrunner for Zoe’s Hart? Or do you think George is in denial/needs to ditch his sour Lemon?

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  • Sebastion

    I totally agree with you. In the pilot i thought Zoe should be with George but as the episodes play i think she is better with Wade.

    • nk8950

      I agree too!!!

    • kate middleton

      WADE all the way. Last night’s episode with Moon River was ADORABLE. Wade is where it’s at.

    • Tpo

      Without a doubt Wade!!!

    • Erin


    • Courtney

      I’m voting for Zade all the way! Zeorge ain’t happening anytime soon anyway, although I kind of predict a love triangle in the future.

    • jcm

      TEAM WADE!! zoe & Wade have a fun, natural chemistry that is just totally missing between zoe & george. their fauxmance is such a *yawn!* will be totally disappointed if Z & G become an item…would be show’s downfall. lemon growing on me. end game = Wade!

      • A.R.

        I agree! This week’s episode reasserting the idea of Zoe and George felt like a giant step backwards. Zoe can’t possibly be dumb enough to think that one dinner with George and things “flow,” meanwhile all the time she spends with Wade, laughing and talking and turning to him for just about everything, doesn’t catch her attention. Puh-leeze.

      • Regan

        Based on this week’s episode, it looks like she’ll continue to fall for George. Then, when the news of the Lavon/Lemon affair come out, they’ll be drawn further together. I don’t think she’ll realize Wade is the one for her until the very end. At least she better!!! He is just a muffin…. sigh.

      • jcm

        A.R. Couldn’t agree more! Zoe turns to George with her brain, but she turns to Wade with her heart…And his hotness has been well established! And Wade is definitely a sweetie, with just enough crust to make him interesting. Love watching his interactions with both Zoe and Lavon. Scenes with those 3 are great, but the ones with Wade and Zoe are absolutely THE BEST!!

    • Reece

      Wade has that sexiness about him that keeps you wondering, but every time Zoe leaves his presence you can see it on his face that he wants to kick himself for not getting her to stay with him or the disappointment when she would rather do something else than stay with him. I would choose Wade ANY day of the week…I’m just saying(:

    • joyce

      Team George, definitely.
      Irrational team wade,
      Just see whole story not a man, wade
      he’s sexy but it dosen’t mean relationship between zoe & wade

      • Hershee

        First f all hun, you need to go learn some more about sentence stucture.. you’re not making any snese here. But I think i got a sniff of team GEORGE???!!! How COULD YOU??? So much more chem between Zoe and Wade and he truly cares about her.. not running back and forth between a Fiance and sweet gal. George broke Zoe’s heart and you want her to get back with him?? But wade has loved/liked her all along and would never her leave her like that. ZADEEE~~

  • Ava

    Wade. How is this even a question? She has like zero chemistry with George. Besides George is stupidly in love with that royal beyotch Lemon.

  • Anne

    I agree w/ Sebastion. Thought I would want George for her since that seemed to be the road they were taking, but Wade is so much more interesting and great angst for Zoe. Wade & Zoe!

  • britt

    I vote Wade. The character is actually turning into something more than bad boy eye candy.

    • nk8950

      Me too!

    • Amy

      I agree. I really like how they have developed Wade…made him very like able and more than just a typical bad boy.

  • A.R.

    I, too, see no chemistry between Zoe and George. If the writers are thinking it’s a love triangle, then they’re mistaken, and it’s getting to the point where I think any end game that results in George and Zoe would be totally wrong. Zoe and Wade have all the chemistry! And Wade is an increasingly lovable character – far from a simple piece of man-meat. Also, while I see that Lemon isn’t sweet, she’s starting to grow on me. She’s complicated, and George clearly loves her.

    • Kathryn

      Totally agree, if the writers think that there is any sort of love triangle they are beyond off base. But at the same time Lemon is not growing on me AT ALL. In fact, she’s getting worse. I’m all about complicated, but for Heavens sake one redeeming quality would be nice.

  • nk8950

    In the beginning, I couldn’t wait for Zoe to end up with George, but now I think she’s crazy if she doesn’t choose Wade. George is cute and handsome and sweet, but Wade is hot and sweet. Wade really is off -the- charts hot and he’s funny. He’s proven that he’s a good guy by helping his father and making the chili for Zoe…I can’t wait until she finds out about that.

  • Anne

    I think the real triangle on this show is Lavon/Lemon/George….that could go either way

    For Zoe, it needs to be Wade or a new guy

    I just see Zoe & George as friends.

    • Tpo

      Agreed – the real triangle is Lavon/Lemon/George that is way more interesting. Zoe just has tons and tons of chemistry with Wade and almost zero with George they work as friends and that’s it as far as I’m concerned.

    • Mandy

      Absolutley. Her chemistry with Wade is red hot. Where as with George it is similar to Levon, just a friends thing.
      I like Levon and Lemon because he would put her in her place more than George ever does. I would like to see a flashback where they were together, I assume this would have happened when George was away at school in New York. Maybe show a near-miss between George and Zoe too. A “what could have been” sort of episode.

      • Hershee

        Yeah that is the major love triangle, but now things have changed. But I still don’t think Lemon deserves Lavon.. especially after what she did to him.. made hom fall for her, kicked him away as soon as Mr. Georgie showed up and then kicked him again when he tried to reconnect and move on (more like hang on..).. So no. NOT Lavon too good for her.

  • Emtifah

    So true. It’s like – it’s the new generation of Dawson, Joey, Pacey triangle. I have to say that I like Wade more and more each week.

  • @SeanMarkle

    I just want to see an episode with zoe playing huck finn and levon playing jim

  • Leo

    Team Wade! No doubt.
    But George should break up with Lemon, and maybe get together with the weird girl from the bar.

  • econruth

    I don’t think Zoe deserves Wade. She looked down on him in the pilot because she thought he was “white trash” and now really only wants him for sex. Wade is HOT and should have someone who appreciates him.

    • po

      She’s already changed her opinion on Wade it seems and they’ve developed a friendship. She started to change when they worked on the float and she goes to him to talk and advice like she does with Lavon. She’s learning more and more about him and already counts on him for stuff (rides and help when she got bit by snake) and he’s proven she can count on him but they also have great banter about little things that don’t matter they laugh and fight and I hope the show continues to have that grow.

    • Tiffany

      She looked down her nose at everyone in town, so it was just not Wade. Wade will also lay into her when need be and also be there for her, there is just the right balance personality wise.

      • jetbox20

        You are so right about Zoe. In fact, I think the only reason that she even liked George in the first place was because of the New York connection.

  • kate

    George seems like a nice guy and Zoe makes him a more interesting character whereas Wade will be interesting no matter who he is with. Zoe seems like a more cautious person which is why I think George is better for her and will make her happy in the long term while Wade might hurt her. It reminds me a lot of Dan/Chuck/Blair on Gossip Girl. Without Blair, Dan is as dull as watching paint dry but together she makes him interesting and he would never hurt her but Chuck can have chemistry with anyone and has proven that he will hurt Blair. I want a George/Zoe and Dan/Blair ending.

  • Kate

    I have been thinking I was alone, I am so on the Wade band wagon (and even though those last week episode and this weeks episode were totally out of order), I like that the nurse and Wade’s waitress are already putting the bug in Zoe’s ear that Wade actually really likes her. Heck, one of the most enjoyable things is the morning breakfast meet ups between Zoe, Wade and Lavon. Honestly, the better triangle is George, Lavon and Lemon. I am all for Zoe and Wade dancing around this until the end of the first season when Wade realizes that Zoe might be leaving after a year (like, I suspect only Lavon would be totally privy to the thinking she might not be and he is totally like her big brother and wouldn’t say anything). And heck, maybe Wade does something stupid at the same time Lemon and Lavon do something stupid and so when Zoe goes to leave, George goes with her. I like George, but don’t really see him with Zoe, he is too much what her parents would approve of whereas I think Wade is someone she needs to loosen up and enjoy life more with would make her be the better doctor she came down to Blubell to be anyway.

  • Katie G

    Team Wade for sure!

  • starr

    I can’t wait to find out why George is sooooooo in love with Lemon. B/c we all know she still has a thing for Lavone. But we haven’t gotten the back story for either relationship yet
    The chemistry between Zoe and Wade is sizzling. Whereas, her chemistry with George is starting to approach friend territory. I’m really excited to see where this is going.
    I totally thought after the pilot the George and Lemon romance would end b/c of Zoe…now I’m not so convinced. I also can’t wait to see Wade and George’s “bromance” to unfold since they are childhood besties and how that’s going to play out…

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