'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is....

Update: Annie’s recap is live. Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After a results show featuring performances by Martina McBride and Broadway darling Kristin Chenoweth and a special Corbin Bleu-starring Broadway number created by Kenny Ortega, the couple heading home from Dancing With the Stars with no hope of eventually secreting sparkles in their hard-earned sweat (ewwww)…. is…. coming up, after the break!

Chaz Bono and his partner Lacey Schwimmer were eliminated Tuesday night.

Hope Solo and Maksim Chmerkovskiy joined Chaz “in jeopardy,” but were “not necessarily in the bottom two.”

Did the right pair go home?

Total twinsies Bruno Tonioli and Russell from True Blood would like to remind you to go visit the Hidden Gems of Week 6!

Come back later for my full results-show recap!

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  • Kisha

    Thank the mirror ball gods!

    • Oki


      • Prelim

        Now Chaz, on to the Biggest Loser.

      • Sharai


      • Anshan

        Good, the charity case is gone.

      • Werth


      • SNIKT!

        Aw, look at that. The F**K-tard Christians are happy now. Says a lot about Christians, being happy at the expense of others, doesn’t it? Most evil group of people in the world…

      • genywesly

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        …..romance can’t be single—-ccccccccs

      • Dave

        @SNIKT…And you’re any better? Grouping all Christians together and calling them evil? Hypocrisy, thy name is SNIKT.

      • Dante

        Not too mention Dave, the idiot presumes it’s Christians that are happy to see Chaz go, and that isn’t the case

    • Lio

      Too bad “he” didn’t get a chance to lose weight. Holy moley all that lard.

      • twinky

        He is so foine!

      • Kaley D.

        Ha. If foine means gross, then yeah.

      • Nshi


      • twinky


      • Nshi

        Again, ick.

      • twinky

        Oh but I bet you think that douche bag Leonardo Decrappy is handsome. America and It’s standards of beauty never cease to amaze me!

      • Dominic

        Yes, please tell us what we should find attractive. Chaz is hot.

    • twinky


      • Rison 3

        ^CUCKOO!! CUCKOO!!

    • twinky




  • Mitt

    YESSSSSSS!!!!! IT’S ABOUT TIME!!!!!!!!

    • Lola

      Now I can come back and watch DWTS…I refused to watch while Chastity was on; I don’t need someone’s personal agenda and its tales of “bravery” shoved down my throat.

      • Chocobox

        Amen Lola!

      • Deb

        Me too Lola. I refused to watch while Chaz was on. Now I can start watching the season next week.

      • daisy

        well thank goodness you are not forcing your bigotry down our throats by refusing to call someone by their legal name… Oh wait.

        Just out of curiosity, I am a woman and if I changed my name to Stan without getting a sex change would you insist on calling me daisy anyway?

      • @daisy


      • etm

        Shut up, Lola.

      • Just Sayin’

        As surely as the sun rises, any comments section after an article regarding a gay or transgender person will contain the phrase “shove it down my throat” and/or the phrase “in my face”. Check it out for yourself.

      • untapttalent

        if you would’ve watched the f*&$ing show you’d know that this so called “agenda” you speak of was not even discussed and was not shoved down anyone’s throat. they didn’t even talk about him being transgendered except in the very first episode where you were “getting to know” the contestants, so obviously they mentioned it there. i’ll agree he was one of the worst three dancers, but either nancy grace or hope solo would’ve been just as deserving of going home, and i was kind of hoping for nancy grace…stop being so close minded and grown up.

      • jen

        nice try at a name change there Lori.

      • Valdez

        Me too, Lola.

      • Jerry

        Alot of judgemental attitudes and hatered on here. They are all humanbeings and deserve respect, Just because someone is different than you, doesn’t make your opinion right. God tells me to love everyone. I will not judge others that believe differently than me. I am not perfect & hope I am not judged by others for my faults. Opinions are fine, but hurtful comments are unnecessary.

      • twinky

        It’s your loss that you missed Chaz! He is beautiful!

      • twinky


      • JB

        Its about dancing, not about anyones personal bias, If they can dance or are trying give them a chance Chaz was trying his heart out

      • Natalie

        You can call him Chastity all you want…it’s out of fear and ignorance and that is incredibly obvious. It also doesn’t change the fact that he had a sex change, his name is now Chaz and he is HAPPY. Who are you to judge or to wish for someone to live in a situation where they are miserable or unhappy? It really has nothing to do with you. You live your life and you let him live his. And you refusing to call him a man or refusing to call him Chaz won’t change who he is and how he chooses to live. It’s pointless.

      • guille

        Lola! just keep foreign objects out of your mouth and nothing will get shoved down it.don’t blame chaz”blame the voter’s. they do it just so you keep swallowing what ever gets shoved down your throat

  • DonnaW

    I agree! They sent the right one home. Next week, I hope we can say adios to that snarky, Tristan-abusing Nancy Grace.

    • Zach

      Absolutely not.

      • Mally


    • Kris

      She is so mean to him….and he is adorable! I hope Tristan comes back next year!

    • Linda

      thank you – yes she needs to go next!

  • Bosco

    Sorry, but yay!! An inspiration, but a terrible dancer.

    • Dave

      No need to be sorry just because he’s transgender or whatever. He’s not a good dancer and lasted much longer than he should have. End of story.

  • Barack Palin

    Happy as I am to see Chaz gone, after last nights episode I was Hopeful it would be Maks and Hope.

  • swaggy

    I wish Dancing had a double elimination..Chaz and Hope needed to go!

    • marielle


      • Alice

        Double agreed. Hope and Maks need to be next. I am so disgusted with Bruno and Maks. Maks’ “defense” wasn’t noble in the least. He just hopped on the Chaz-bashing bandwagon, conveniently forgetting how fans pulled him through with dances with Kirstie (who fell twice). But there was no “A for effort” then, was there? Hypocrite. Maks and Bruno are dance wimps who are now bullies. Chaz, although bullied, was gracious and hasn’t stooped to that level. Bye Maks. Hi Tristan!

      • untapttalent

        nope, i hope it’s Nancy Grace next.

    • twinky


      • Rison 3

        This coming from someone named after a snack cake. (Twinkie).

  • mery

    derek is a great choreographer. Too bac he can’t help
    ricki change her horse face.

    • Nshi


  • Speech Teacher

    Man, I need somewhere to make comments along with the results show!! Did Ricki say she had an “outer body experience” during her delightful description of how much sweat (hers and Derek’s) she had on her the other day?

    • DonnaW

      I think she did say that! I wonder how that compares to an “out-of-body experience”?

  • CAB

    I know that Chaz tried his best but it was his time. I don’t think it was fair he got to stay when Chyna, Carson and Kristen were eliminated. Carson was hysterical and I loved watching him (I know he was not the best technical dancer) and Chyna and Kirsten deserved more time to dance, they were really good.
    I am very happy it was not Hope and Maks. I am sick of Len and the other judges jumping all over Hope and putting her down and while I’m at it, Maks needs to be more supportive and teach Hope better, I will agree with Len on that one. I think Hope like everyone is doing her best and the judges have no idea what goes on during rehersals just like we as the audience don’t, the 2-3 minute snippet is not all of it. I am glad Maks stood up for his partner and the judges need to be constructive and Bruno at this point is basically calling people names. If I was Hope, I would be frustrated and upset too and wanting to cry if every little thing I did was treated like a complete disaster.

    • Zach

      It was his time at least 3 weeks ago, too.

      • twinky

        Fluck off Zach. Jealous much?

    • Oscar Gold

      I am amazed by these comments. Did you see Hope’s routine last night? it was AWFUL! Len was absolutely right on calling Maks out on it because it was mostly the atrocious choreography that made it bad. There was absolutely no defense for choreographing something so badly at this point and then being offensive to the judges when they bring up the point. What a d**che!

      • Shannon

        I agree 100% Oscar!

  • Jacob

    Finally! I wish that he would have been eliminated weeks ago! I wish we still had Carson and Chynna!

    • Valdez

      Me too, Jacob

    • twinky

      HATERs stay LOSING in LIFE sucks TO be YOU

  • carol miller

    Totally disgusted with outcome tonight…Hope should have gone! Bruno calling Chaz a penquin was so not nice! Never mention weight of the women. Will not be watching rest of the competition.

    • Lola

      Now that Chaz is gone I’ll come back and watch so I’ll cancel out your “not be watching.”

    • squirk

      Except that Chaz is not a woman. At least, not according to Chaz.

      • twinky

        He is a man and respect HIM as such.

    • Dante

      A penguin as in wobbly, and she was. Penguins aren’t fat, Chaz wants a pity party and made that distinction, and that got old quick. Bruno trashes every contestant, they all do. The judges really took it easy on Chaz which was unfair, likely what Mak’s was complaining about.

  • Betty

    He realliy could NOT dance. He should’ve gone home weeks ago. He made Cloris Leachman look graceful.

  • Marlene

    It was bad enough to watch the popularity contest last year with Bristol Palin, then again this year! Holy Cow! This is such a great show that is going down the tubes with the judging process. Maxs is right in his message last night. Chasity/Chaz should have been eliminated a long time ago. She/he can not dance.

    • guille

      Marlene did you say the cows are coming. Home. Welcome back bristol and kirsty

    • daisy

      you seem a bit confuse Marlene… let me help you. His name is Chaz, not Chastity/Chaz, and the proper pronoun is he, not she/he. Maybe you should watch less tv and spend a bit of time with your 2nd grade english homework to help you get that stuff straight.

  • Kata

    Thank goodness. Can we go back and judge dancing now and let whoever sucks most next week leave.

    • Dani

      Amen! It seems that Hope will be next because she’s made no progress since week 1. She makes a noble effort, but she’s terrible. Maks only seems to do well with people who could dance to begin with (like Mel B), but he’s a wretched teacher and choreographer. He wasn’t sticking up for the other dancers when he had a temper tantrum, he was trying to mend his bruised ego.

  • Al

    Chaz was the right choice to go home, but I wish Maks had more class than to insult Chaz by saying Chaz just walked around. True or not, Maks has no business calling out fellow competitors. That’s the judge’s job.

    • Werth

      Oh please, Chaz is a “man”, “he” can take it.

      • Alice

        He did take it. He has never said a nasty word about anyone. Chaz did overstay his welcome, but I have no respect for Maks and Bruno at this point. Bullied who become bullies. Maks just can’t accept that the reason he hasn’t won the MBT is … MAKS!

      • Dante

        Chaz complained all the time. That’s not grinning and baring it

      • twinky

        He is WERTH .

    • sils71

      He didn’t say it was Chaz that just walked around. But you made the connection, so I’m guessing what he said wasn’t that far off the mark…

      And the judges weren’t doing their job. They were too busy telling Chaz how “brave” he was.

      • Mally


      • Dante

        Exactly, great point

      • Al

        If you read my post you will see that I concede that Chaz should have gone home. Still, Maks had no bsiness trash-talking a contestant. Besides, he said it before Hope even received her scores so it was about the comment about the boots, which was a legitimate point. Len is right. They are not proper dancing shoes.

    • Rhonda

      too bad the judges are not doing their job. if they were, they would have given Chaz 4s at best because he HAS been walking most of the time.

      this show is so rigged its become pathetic

      it is time they hire more judge and rotate them like they do the dancers. I would love to ejoy a season without these three limpids

      • Marsden

        The judges were so busy bending over backwards so as not to offended Mr/Miss Chaz, that they made themselves look ridiculous for not acknowledging what a horrific dancer he was.

      • twinky


      • Linda

        I agree, he should have been getting lower scores, at least 6’s if not lower. So should Nancy Grace. Everyone talks about Hope and Maks but I think he was right in saying some couples are judged on technic and others are judged on effort. They should have 2 scores, I technic and 1 effort and likeability then add them together to create the judges final score.

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