Kim Kardashian is starring in the next Tyler Perry movie. Could she possibly be a good actor?


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There is no real reason why Kim Kardashian should want to be an actress. The reality TV star/global entrepreneur/sex tape survivor/candy jar enthusiast has made untold kamillions of dollars by playing herself constantly. In the process, she’s turned her coterie of “K”-named blood relations into a multimedia brand. (They’re like ’90s Chicago Bulls, and she’s Michael Jordan; they’re like the X-Men, and she’s Wolverine.) But even with all her tremendous success, Lady K isn’t immune to the come-hither lures of pretending to be someone vaguely different from herself. Thus, EW has confirmed that she will play a supporting role in Tyler Perry’s next movie, The Marriage Counselor. The film is about a married marriage counselor who strays outside the confines of holy matrimony; Kardashian will play a co-worker of said counselor.

History hasn’t been kind to reality TV stars who try to become actors, and Kardashian’s previous efforts — in Disaster Movie and Deep in the Valley, which was apparently a porno spoof starring Denise Richards and Shooter McGavin, unless IMDb is lying — certainly aren’t encouraging. Still, it’s worth pointing out that Kardashian has a slightly larger-than-life presence, if only because she’s cannily turned herself into a kind of winking cartoon character. (Remember her flirtation with the Biebs?) It’s hard for me to imagine that she could ever really act, but I’d be intrigued to see what Perry can do with her almost android-like screen presence.

If nothing else, we can all agree that Steven Soderbergh could make a brilliant movie starring Kim Kardashian that secretly deconstructs Kim Kardashian, a la Sasha Grey and The Girlfriend Experience. Or maybe Werner Herzog could get Kim and Lindsay Lohan to star in a film about Amala and Kamala, the “feral girls” of India, thus exposing the chaotic absurdity of nature. Hey, it can’t be worse than Disaster Movie.

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  • amy

    I think it’s the perfect match! His movies suck and she sucks, literally! lol

    • Mac

      It sucks that he’s helping to legitimize some porn actress. What a cheap way for him to drum up publicity. And here he is, a supposed example of black leadership. Hopefully Oprah slaps him upside his head.

      • lu23

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        They met-via { millionaireluv.сσм }
        It is nice club for rich men or pretty girls mate.
        You do not need to be wealthy or famous, but you can meet your true love, it’s worthy a try.

    • lisa g.

      You don’t need to be a good actor to be in his movies!

    • B more Girl

      Would someone please tell that idiot Al Sharpton, who defends Tyler Perry, it’s the “proper n@” who keep Tyler in that mansion. Does Al really think the BROKE illiterate ghetto hoodrats go to a movie or a play??? They’re too busy robbing and murdering Tyler’s MIDDLE CLASS fans……maybe Al doesn’t know Tyler brings his plays through B more so us “proper n@” with college degrees can KEEP HIM RICH…I hate JEALOUS IDIOTS!!!!!! Where is Spike Lee when I need my brain challenged hahahaha

    • Jessy

      Kim can be a gd actress becuase she got the l¤¤k she is the best!!

  • Spike L.

    Tyler Perry + Kim Kardashian = Rubbish

    • Nathan

      That’s an insult to rubbish I’d say.

      • Rubbish

        very astute of you so say. I AM insulted… Ms Kartrashian isn’t fit to take out my garbage… she can’t even act well in her fake marriage…

      • Trash

        I am insulted too!

      • Toxic waste

        I feel sick at this news. I’m out of a job!

    • axmbc

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    • Stevex

      My buddy’s mother-in-law makes $500 every hour on all fours. Bun ney Ranch.c om.

      • mydove


  • Beauty

    Well she does a lot of acting on her “reality” show so you never know.

    • lisa g.

      Hehe right!

    • Stevex

      Her sister Khloe already has her face on a box of breakfast cereal. Buy a box of Frankenberry today!

  • MultiPass

    This news will reignite rumors of the apocalypse.

  • Elbyem

    She can’t sing or dance, so I’m not optomistic about the dancing. And while I don’t presume to generalize about woman of color, Tyler Perry risks alienating them (his core audience), by featuring a woman notorious for her liasons with rich and famous men of color.

    • @Elbyem from Tisha

      I am a woman of color and you’re right about him alienating his audience by hiring her.But you’re wrong when you say it is because she sleeps with men of color. Whom she sleeps with is her business black women respect that. But Tyler perry is one of the few black directors working and hiring black actresses, why not cast Megan Good or Nia Long or many of the other women of color who need work. It just doesn’t make sense to us.

      • Ugly Nikki

        every actress in the movie can’t be black. Where have you ever been where every person is black? It just isn’t a real depiction of life. Even a story based on black folks has white people in it. I think he did it for the buzz its going to get. Why else would we be talking about him now?

      • Elbyem

        You make a good point, Tisha. But if Tyler only gave opportunities to Black women, he’d be accused or reverse racism. I’m not faulting Kim K. for dating Black men, or saying that women who condemn her for it are in the right. I’m just saying, that Tyler should be carefull about not alienating his original, and still core, audience.

    • B more Girl

      @Elbyem-As ANOTHER woman of color you hit the nail on the head. My daughter was a college athlete and she said BLACK men love Kim because she slept with black men. Ever watch how many BLACK athletes fall all over Erin Andrews (College Gameday) since she was butt naked on the web???? WAKE UP Tisha honey……I won’t be seeing this movie!

  • Pslightly Psycho

    Can Kim Kardishian “be a good actor?” She can’t be a good ANYTHING!!! The very fact that this woman is even famous says a lot about American pop culture and how vapid, mindless, and pathetic we’ve become. Kardishian is a talentless, worthless media wh*re. Nothing more. She ranks right up there with Paris Hilton.

    • lisa g.

      I think ur being a little dramatic! I think Its a testimony to America is and always has been a sucker for a beautiful woman!

      • Reality

        America has always been a sucker for beautiful women you can pee on.

      • tanya

        Please… her inside ugly way outshines her outside beauty… I agree with psycho…. right up there with Paris Hilton… fake as fake can be… hmm maybe she will be a good actress…

  • amy

    What did Santa say when he met the Kardashian sisters? HO HO HO!

    • etm


  • lupe

    it’s probably a small part, but she is still annoying as hell

    • lisa g.

      That’s what I’m thinking…a la carmen electra in scary movie!

  • .

    Heaven help us…

  • Linney

    In a word, no.

  • me


  • outside agitator

    acting is foremost what is expected from a Tyler Perry project. House of Payne is rumored to netting a ton of Globe and Emmy noms this time around after years of snubs. it’s due.

    • Tristan

      Ha!! Yeah right

  • Jon

    How is she a “sex tape survivor” in any way, sale, or form? Her sex tape was what gave her fame beyond being a Paris-esque socialite. Without that sex tape, I seriously doubt she would be anywhere near as notorious as she is, much like her former BFF Paris.

    • B more Girl

      Poor Ray J made this chick richer with the sex tape while he still rides off his family’s money hahahahaha Black men will never learn hahahaha. I felt sorry for Kim’s mom on The View trying to pretend her daughter’s really have careers beyond sex!!!

  • Trey

    Vomit. Can’t she crawl under a rock finally?

  • jean p j

    my name is jean,i really apprecie it when someone had a talent,tyler is a legend

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