TV Leaderboard: 'The Vampire Diaries' takes the lead again in reader ratings


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With Breaking Bad — and its stranglehold of the reader rankings — now out of the picture, it should surprise no one that The Vampire Diaries has vaulted back to the top of the pack, thanks to a jam-packed episode that featured Elena getting her Buffy on. Meanwhile, a new addition to the EW recap ranks, ABC’s Happy Endings, makes a happy debut at no. 4. Here are the full standings: 

1. The Vampire Diaries (The CW) — last week: 2
2. Fringe (Fox) — last week: 3
3. Revenge (ABC) — last week: 5
4. Happy Endings (ABC) — last week: not ranked
5. Ringer (The CW) — last week: honorable mention

Honorable mention (4.5 stars or higher): The Amazing Race

Unhappy with the winners? Then check out EW’s recaps each week, and make sure to rate that week’s episode!

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  • Enclos des Lauriers Roses

    Thankfully some bloggers can still write. My thanks for this read!

    • BS

      ok so any show that EW does not seem worthy enough to recap would not be eligible for this, does not seem fair, Happy Endings, cmon get real!

      • Vivian Volkoff

        Agreed! That is the big problem. EW recaps a lot of crap shows and leave a lot of good ones hanging

      • canuw

        this has to fixed, they are all EW’s favorites, really Rnger?, Happy Endings? these shows have no buzz outside of EW’s little bubble, the only thing that was missing is Glee!BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.C óM is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • lisa g.

        Fair n valid points.

      • janexmb

        my buddy makes $71 hourly on the internet. She has been without work for 6 months but last month her pay was $6411 just working on the internet for a few hours. Here’s the site CashHard.cðm

      • Erin

        Very true considering they recap a lot of reality tv junk like Jersey Shore and many great shows are untouched! As such these reader rankings are pretty worthless – grain of salt. Include more shows for rankings, then it’ll actually mean something, somewhat.

      • Melissa in CA

        I completely agree. This is NOT accurate unless EW is going to recap, or at the very least allow us to vote on ALL shows.

    • @ENCLOS

      you are a nobody and no one cares about your opinion of who can or can’t write. Either comment on the story or take your loser a s s back to the cabin from whence you came.

  • lisa g.

    Hmmm Revenge should be no. 1!

    • sarCC

      Revenge is damn good. But it will be a while until it reaches the level The Vampire Diaries is operating on. It’s the Breaking Bad of the vampire genre!

      • A

        Equating Vampire Diaries to Breaking Bad = overstatement of the month.

      • BS

        I am 25 and don’t know anyone that watches ‘The Vampire Diaries”

      • @BS

        Me neetha

      • hmm

        Except for Fringe I don’t know anyone that watches any of these shows!

      • Amanda

        I’m 29 and watch VD, HOWEVER, it is in no way even in the same realm as Breaking Bad. Seriously. Biggest overstatement EVER.

      • Ava

        I’m 25 and freaking love The Vampire Diaries. My sister also watches it (she’s 27). We don’t have delusions that it is award worthy. It’s just really great fluff tv.

      • Me

        I’m 26 and I love The Vampire Diaries! It’s an awesome show! I think they totally deserve awards for writing, they do an awesome job!

      • Erin

        I love TVD but as others have said – comparing TVD to Breaking Bad, I fear you are serious to which I reply no no no. It’s enjoyable but it’s not comparable to cable.

  • tvaddict

    I watch all the top 5 shows. Love them all. Maybe The Secret Circle can get some love next

  • Ray

    this has to fixed, they are all EW’s favorites, really Rnger?, Happy Endings? these shows have no buzz outside of EW’s little bubble, the only thing that was missing is Glee!

  • Shannon

    The Vampire Diaries?? “Revenge” is good and “Fringe” is great not sure about the rest.

  • ussa2442

    In my opinion, Happy Endings has surpassed Community this season for funniest comedy on television

    • hmm

      nope…quality wise Community, Raising Hope, The Middle, Modern Family, and Parks and Rec are all vastly better shows, other than Casey Wilson (who is great) the show tries way too hard to be hip and and is just vapid!

    • Vivian Volkoff

      I like Happy Endings but I think calling it the funniest comedy is a stretch. It’s great, top 10% but not the best.

      • @ Vivian

        I honestly don’t think it’s a stretch at all calling it the best comedy on right now. It’s up there with Community for sure.

  • Dessy

    Fringe :D

  • ussa2442

    The most recent episode of HE made me laugh more than Community or Modern Family (which has been surprisingly weak so far) this season. I agree with Rasing Hope and P&R being other great ones, I like those just as much. Never seen The Middle, looks a little too family friendly for me.

    • hmm

      you should try “The Middle” it has more edge than you might think!..and last week’s Community in my opinion was the Best episode of ANY show so far this year..I watched last weeks Happy Endings annd already forgot it..oh yeah the guy with the food on his ok!

      • The Truth

        my biggest problem with Happy Endings is the gay slacker slob character, I like the twist that he is gay, and goes against the gay stereotype but other than that fact, he is still the same old slacker slob that has been seen in countless other sitcoms, I really wanted to like the character but as played he is easily one of the most annoying characters on tv right now..honestly I do not like Chang on Community this year either they made him too weird.

      • Scorpio

        Fringe at #2? Oh no no no #1..numero uno!!!

      • The Truth

        oh and The Middle is no more family friendly than Raising Hope!

    • miss k

      The most recent episode of Community was a re-run so you shouldn’t even count it. Last week’s episode killed it. It’s still the best comedy on tv in my opinion.

  • Terri

    The Vampire Diaries is one crappy juvenile show,”Ringer” sucks why are they on that list?

    • LOL

      They are there because America loves crap.

      • D

        Like you haven’t said that a million times on these boards…

      • LOL

        It’s a thankless job, but somebody has to do it.

      • @ LOL

        What, being a douchenozzle?

  • Rayne

    YAY! Vampire Diaries ROCKS! Love this show!!!

    • hlynn

      Rayne – I completely agree and I am 40 years old. This show gets better and better. Granted I believe it isn’t in the same league as Breaking Bad but it the best YA show since Buffy. Now if we can get a weekly recap of the Secret Circle so we can rate the show each week. It is another show that gets better with each episode.

      • Empress Josephine

        eff the secret circle. they killed nick nick who was an effing main character. who might i add never dies in the effing books. and then they think they can smooth it all over by bringing back some long lost brother jake. give me a break. plus they barely cover melissa and the pain she is supposed to going through. i mean she was apparently in love with nick and he was starting to love her to. they killed him for shock value. he was way hotter then that idiot adam who wears eyeliner/ mascara

  • kyle

    Well Vampire dairies is only #1 because Community wasnt new this week.

  • Yup

    Love The Vampire Diaries! Revenge is a great new show. However, Ringer….really? I’m going to stop taping it soon. I’ve given it a big chance and I usually fast forward almost the entire episode.

  • Beauty

    Vampire Diaries is one of THE BEST shows on TV! People like to pan it because they think it’s kiddie fluff too bad for you your missing a really great well written show. One episode has ten season finale worthy endings and they somehow manage to top themselves every single week. It’s GOOOOD!

    • Merry Bear

      Exactly. People discounted Buffy and ridiculed the silly name (Vampire Diaries suffers the same curse), but TVD is now in a league with Buffy, and is terrific television.

      • The Truth

        I hate to break it to you but even “Buffy” was more of a media darling than an actual hit!

    • Empress Josephine

      exactly!! all the actors on TVD are amazing. nina is amazing in her portrayal of two different characters.

  • rae

    Happy Endings and Community are the two best shows on TV that you aren’t watching people. Check them out.

    • rae

      Also Vampire Diaries, I hate Vampire crap and have no desire to watch teeny bopper shows but I gave it a shot (based on friends’ recommendations) and I really enjoy it.

  • pastafarian

    Hmm, I musta missed the recaps for Sons of Anarchy, Boardwalk Empire, Homeland, Bored to Death, and Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Maybe they were misplaced behind Pan Am and The Clone Wars. Just let me know where I can find em.

    • The Truth

      I know it is laughable EW even did recaps of reruns of a show they loved called “Firefly”..they will recap reruns but not Sons of Anarchy or Boardwalk ridiculous!

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