Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls not being sold in some stores: Have you had a taste yet?


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If you haven’t been able to get your hands on Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls yet, you’re not alone. It seems the limited edition, delicious (dish) ice cream inspired by the oft-quoted Saturday Night Live skit hasn’t been available at certain grocer locations since it was unveiled last month.

According to the Associated Press, some chains have opted not to sell the flavor, which came under fire from the American Family Association group One Million Moms, who called for a boycott of the ice cream because of its “vulgar” name.

While stores won’t say whether it’s pressure from One Million Moms (that is a lot of moms to have to deal with, after all) or their own discretion as the reason why they’re not carrying the product, the ice cream — with ingredients that include Fair Trade vanilla ice cream mixed with a hint of rum, fudge covered rum balls, and milk chocolate malt balls — is still going strong despite being shut out of some freezers.

In fact, Ben & Jerry’s spokesman Sean Greenwood told the AP that Schweddy Balls “has quickly become the most popular limited-edition flavor the company has produced.” (Seriously, who could resist them?!) Greenwood, who noted that roughly one-third of the retailers that already carry Ben & Jerry’s other flavors are offering Schweddy Balls, also acknowledged, “Yes, some supermarket chains decided not to carry Schweddy Balls. That is true, possibly because they found the name too irreverent. We respect their decision.”

But, if you’re still salivating over Schweddy Balls and can’t seem to find them in your area, you may need to speak up. As a spokesperson for the chain Stop & Shop relayed to the AP, “If we do get feedback from customers that they want it, we’ll certainly revisit the decision.” Better make sure you make the request before the holiday season though, as Pete Schweddy would put it, “There’s lots of great treats this time of year: Zucchini bread, fruitcake. But, the thing I most like to bring out at this time of year is my Balls.” Seasons eatings, everyone!

Have you tried Ben & Jerry’s Schweddy Balls yet, PopWatchers? Or have you not been able to find them? Share in the comments section below!

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  • np

    I’ve tried it– it’s not bad. The rum balls are the best part. The malt balls are a bit too dry when you bite into them.

    • Mal

      Oh, that’s funny, b/c I thought the rum balls were the worst part! It was really good, but the flavor or those rum balls was just too overpowering.

      • me2

        Wow! My mouth’s watering just thinking about those Balls…

      • AR

        So a million moms don’t like to eat Schweddy Balls? What do they like to eat, muffins?

      • buBALLicious

        Moms all around the world once had a craving for Schweddy Balls..then they got married and had kids and now they cannot stand the taste or thought of Schweddy Balls and want to ruin it for everyone else.

      • Ben

        Some moms just can’t handle the Schweddy Balls…

      • bobba

        Too salty and musky for my taste

    • I have the biggest

      Schweddy Balls of them all!

    • My Schweddy

      balls are held for charity
      And some for fancy dress
      But when they’re held for pleasure
      They’re the Schweddy Balls that I like best
      My balls are always bouncing
      To the left and to the right
      It’s my belief that my big Schweddy Balls
      Should be held every night

    • Tarc

      One Million Mom? Pfft. More like Seven Frigid Biddys And a Fax Machine…

    • JP

      I want schweddy balls in my mouth…now!

  • Kelsey

    I’ve had it before, they were selling it in some convenience stores on my school campus …. It tastes great!

  • donna

    Actually my local Kroger stocked them as of last week, and I bought a pint. Quite tasty! They were sold out last weekend, tho.

    • K

      My Kroger isn’t selling them!!!

      • Cygnus

        Neither is mine in Houston.

    • Shemale

      I have yet to see Schweddy Balls at my Kroger in Atlanta.

  • Andrew

    I live the DC area and I have loooked in the ice cream isle of EVERY store I’ve been in for the past month or so with no luck.

    As much as I want to try it and as funny as it would be, I can’t say I see myself going up to a manager asking, “Excuse me, I really want some Schweddy Balls. Can you please order some?”

    • Michael

      I’ve been looking for it everywhere too and I’ve had no luck. I’m dying to try it. I love Ben and Jerry’s!

    • endo

      Haven’t been able to find it either. My grocery store just got B&J Red Velvet Cake, which I know has been out for months because a friend of mine has been taunting me on Facebook with delicious looking pictures.

    • jaded

      I’m in the DC area too. Stop and Shop is Giant so I’m screwed.

  • Peter

    Your mom likes Schweddy balls

    • Cygnus


    • Cygnus

      Your mom likes Peter

  • Rhiannon

    I was super excited when I saw it at Wal-Mart so of course I had to buy it. Like the poster above said, its ok. I personally thought it was too much rum flavor.

    • Kasey

      I got mine at walmart too. I loved the Rum Flavor

  • Matt

    We haven’t been able to find this flavor in Springfield, IL yet…

    • Kim

      We haven’t seen this flavor in Decatur,IL because my husband heard about this flavor today and had me running around looking for it, haven’t found it yet

      • Tye-Grr

        Not a good look when your husband has you running around looking for Schweddy Balls for him.

  • Kay

    It’s just ice cream. To those of you boycotting, go find something more meaningful to complain about and leave ice cream alone. Some people want Schweddy Balls!!! HA! HA! HA!

  • Minutiae

    I got my hands on some Schweddy Balls, and it’s really good. The vanilla ice cream they used has a really strong flavor, and the rum balls are yummy.

  • AN

    I didn’t care for it, but I was happy I had the chance to try those Schweddy Balls.

    • HTC

      It’s not my kind of flavor, but I bought a pint just to tick off those pesky million moms. I gave the woman across the hall my stash of Schweddy Balls. She loved it.

  • kyle

    I hate people like these 1,000 moms how about you protect your kids, they probably wont even know what it means. Let the adults eat their ice cream. I sware parents in this country are so stupid

    • DRG

      So much for the right wanting the market to decide everything.

      • Peter

        Um….this is the market deciding. If enough people boycott, it becomes bad business to sell it. If enough people want it, it becomes good business to sell it.

      • DRG

        Not really, letting the market decide would be stores putting it on the shelves. If it doesn’t make it to store shelves because of pressure from an interest group the market isn’t being allowed to decide.

      • Brian

        Very insightful and intelligent comment DRG. Seriously.

      • buBALLicious

        Seems to me the 1,000,000 moms have all but forgotten how much they once loved those Schweddy Balls. It’s your job guys to remind them. Let the tea-bagging begin!

    • Peter

      “I sware parents in this country are so stupid”

      Hey, I’m a parent, and both my daughter and I know how many 0s are in one million.

      • Lynn

        We also know that it’s “swear”, not “sware”. Looks like you learned a lot from your parents.

      • marlowe32

        Yet you can’t spell “swear” correctly….
        Irony….(which is not the opposite of wrinkly….)

      • Portia

        Peter, there are nowhere NEAR one million members of one million moms if their facebook profile is any indication. So, I think it is they who need to adjust their use of zeroes! Seriously. :)

      • kyle

        I know its says million peter and second, so sorry for misspelling swear. I learn a lot from my parents, my parents raised me by teaching me something that most parents (including an few of your parents) dont teach these days…good manners and family values.

      • H. Humbert

        Who cares? I just wanna know if your daughters have ever tried some Schweddy Balls?

      • Tarc

        Funny Kyle, I have great manners and amazing family values, and my gay husband and I teach our kids to have a great sense of humor as well. Too bad… you’re missing out.


    Is there a lack of Schweddy Balls co-related to the Rapture that we should be experiencing right now?!!

    • Banks

      You’d better get your Schweddy balls before the world ends.

  • Anthony

    This topic is way open for so many jokes and it is hilarious! LOL! But, have to give B&J credit for the best name for a ice cream EVER! As for those that are offended, there are and will be more offensive things to be concerned with and a word of advice, if it bothers you don’t acknowledge it by talking about it or purchase it. That is your right but it is also our right to appreciate this as well.

  • LOL

    GOP fears Schweddy Balls.

    • Shut your piehole!

      LOL must be a Jew.

      • A.

        Piehole must be a bigot.

  • Herman

    I don’t know why these stupid parents are making such a f-ing deal about this ice cream, they need to, as I heard Alec Baldwin say “go fudge” themselves. Having said that, there’s nothing funny about ‘schweddy balls”, never has been, never will be. It wasnt funny on SNL. Why do fools find that so comical. Are you brainless?

    • Tarc

      Nope, we just have a sense of humor.

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