Adam Levine and Fox News hosts exchange angry tweets over use of his music

Image Credit: Brent Harrison/FilmMagic

Typically it’s Maroon 5 front man Adam Levine that’s the one taking requests, but on Wednesday, The Voice mentor had one for Fox News: Don’t play my music. Or, more specifically, as he put it on Twitter, “Dear Fox News, don’t play our music on your evil f–king channel ever again. Thank you.”

While the network didn’t have an official statement regarding the tweet or which of his songs in particular that Levine was referring to, Fox News hosts Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld of the late night program Red Eye responded personally to Levine on Twitter. Levy wrote back to the pop star, “Dear @AdamLevine, don’t make crappy f–king music ever again. Thank you,” while Gutfeld fired off tweets from his page like, “Dear adam, That’s not music” and “fun joke: why did Maroon 5 cross the road? because crappy music is legal there! @adamlevine.”

Of course, this isn’t the first time Levine has let his opinion about a cable network be known on Twitter. Back in August the singer (who also brought up his gripe with Fox’s American Idol over the summer) tweeted his feelings about MTV and their 2011 Video Music Awards ceremony, when he posted, “The VMA’s. One day a year when MTV pretends to still care about music,” he wrote. “I’m drawing a line in the sand. F— you VMA’s.”

So, is Adam Levine pretty much filling the void that John Mayer left behind on Twitter? Or does he simply speak the truth? Who was way harsher, Tai: Adam Levine or Andy Levy and Greg Gutfeld? Share in the comments section below.

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  • BigC

    So Fox News personalities defended themselves by calling something they used as crap, just like most of their facts.

    • kz

      HA! great comment!

      • lu23

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      • Josh

        Most of Levine’s song are really bad. I don’t know what he is so unhappy about. He is lucky they get airplay. I thought he was paying Fox to air his stuff. Honest.

    • Ally

      haha exactly. I’d respond with, “if my music is so crappy why are you playing it?” Leave it to Fox personalities to not know what they are talking about.

      • lucid

        Andy and Greg are not responsible for what other anchors use (I don’t have any idea where Maroon 5 music is used on Fox, but it is certainly not on RedEye), so their comments are perfectly valid.

      • Trey

        Adam didn’t direct his comments at Andy and Greg so their response was not valid by any stretch. If they didn’t play the music then Adam Levine wasn’t talking to them.

        I bet you money that if anyone was playing Fox News theme music without permission something would be said.

      • tim

        @Trey…actually Adam’s comments were at the entire “channel”. So, yes…it was indirectly made towards Andy and Greg. Also, Fox probably has a blanket license to play the music. Overall, I think both Adam and Andy and Greg’s responses were pretty juvenile.

      • Josh

        I think these “performers” and so-called “musicans” really should stay out of politics. They should be happy that their work gets any attention at all. And they should stick to what they are apparently good at, and in Levine’s case that obviously must be something other than music. He looks like an insurance salesman to tell you the truth more than an entertainer.

      • Jas


      • eileen

        adam, I’m sooo dissapointed in you, I thought you were intelligent, but alas you only listen to one side of the political issues, and seem to have your head in the sand. Don’t you see what is happening to America?

    • Dawn

      HaHa exactly- Fox News is so horrid. Andy and Greg are idiots.

      • Acaseofgeo

        Its so trendy to hate Faux News and its even MORE trendy for liberals to preach love, tolerance, and free speech UNLESS your opinion is different than yours (then you are EVIL and wrong).

      • @Acaseofgeo

        I believe you treat people the way you want to be treated. If Fox News continues to advocate for intolerance and marginalization of certain groups, then I don’t have a problem with them getting a taste of their medicine.

      • Brian

        @Acaseofgeo – having an opinion and telling outright lies are two very different things. FOX News lies. Plain and simple.

      • lucid

        @Brian – what lies do they tell? I’m no huge Fox News fan, but it does amuse me how much liberals slam it seemingly because it’s the one news channel that at least doesn’t completely bow to liberalism, but they have no problem with the bias of the other networks. So what lies are we talking about?

      • Oh Yeah

        @ me a news agency that doesn’t spin things their own way…you just have to be smart enough to see though it.

      • Josh

        I’m not saying that poltics isn’t important. But I am saying that until you are good at something really well, better work on that first before worrying too much about which channel your music is on. I think he looks like a creep too.

      • eddy

        anytime you ask fox haters to provide specifics, you get crickets…

      • Sam

        Josh, you’re a major league douche. Levine and Maroon 5 seem do be doing well commercially and critically while you’re oozing your right wing sludge from the storeroom of an Arby’s in Akron, Ohio while masturbating to pictures of Glenn Beck in a Nazi uniform. Time to grow up and move out of your parents’ basement.

    • Eric

      Maroon 5’s music is kind of crappy, so it’s a bit out of character for Fox to be truthful. But Fox News is evil, not just wrong but downright harmful. So at least everyone’s being honest.

      • U2JO

        Eric you are so right about how fox is harming the way people thing. “someone is given fox money to say the crappy their say on tv, cuz dumb people who watch fox believes it.

      • Brie

        Well I’m sure Lazy Eye Levine up there could care less about anything else besides his drugs, and lady friends. These bums should stick to doing what they are good at, and stop worrying about who plays their music for people to hear.

      • eddy

        again, no examples just bandwagon haters…

      • Beth

        -Mr. Rogers is evil, Is one example, the abortion talks another. There’s so many more it’s hard to pick just one.

    • Jill

      This is exactly what I was thinking, and I totally agree with Ally’s comment. They couldn’t think of anything else better to say than to criticize Levine’s music, even though it was their channel that played it? They really are idiots.

      • Matt

        That guy up there doesn’t seem very entertaining to me. I’ve seen hundreds of rockstars and been to many concerts over the years, but that Levine guy looks like a schmuck. Not sexy at all. And I don’t get what people like about his music. What is so great about Levine? I don’t get it.

      • Sam

        I’m not surprised. Levine has talent, something you clearly don’t get.

    • kate middleton

      If you guys had ever seen Red Eye (it’s kind of in the style of The Daily Show), this is typical of Andy and Greg. You should hear what they say about the Black Eyed Peas.

      • yep

        well if they say the black eyed peas music is crap, maybe once in a while they do get it right.

      • @Kate Middleton

        Red Eye is like the Daily Show? You are nuts. It’s more like a political Chelsea Lately with a conservative twist. Do not insult Jon Stewart.

      • Santana

        These guys are supposed to be comedians?? That Maroon 5 crossing the road joke was so lame! It’s like the thing someone might say if they were on the spot but couldn’t think of a good comeback in time so they just spit something pathetic and kind of akward out.

      • Holly

        So you are saying they rip off The Daily Show, to try and show that right-wingers “can be hip too”? Ok, just like Stryper back in the 80s tried to be a conservative “metal” band? It is so sad….

      • Brie

        The Black Eyed Peas and their ridiculous Super Bowl performance. That neon green spectacular almost made me vomit. And they sounded bad too.

    • Caitie F

      I went to try to upvote this comment, but realized I wasn’t on reddit. But you would have gotten one

    • harry

      good one “BigC”

    • Bernadette


    • Ty Hernden

      Wow. Just lost respect for Adam Levine………..I’ll never look at his music the same anymore.

      Maybe he should just stick to singing………………..Fox news helps to promote views that allow little brats like him to actually benefit from free market capitalism- instead of having to give away all his fortune to lazy liberals who think the world owes them a living. Funny how many celebrities don’t make the connection between their success and the conservative principles this country was founded on. Maybe they’re just pretending to be liberal due to the fact that most of their fan base is young and ignorant- haven’t had to work hard yet and don’t have anything to protect. Maybe Mr. Levine should “redistribute” his fame and give someone else less fortunate a chance. After all; keeping his money and fame would seem too evil……….LOL… get a clue Adam

      • Jan

        Shut up.

      • Merry Bear

        At first I thought Ty was being sarcastic, then thought maybe trolling, but by the end I began to realize he’s serious. Since when is the liberal base confined to “lazy, young and ignorant”? I think you should get out of your basement more often and meet some folks; you sound like you could use some friends.

      • Dale

        Couldn’t agree with you more Ty!

      • Al

        So true! I like Maroon 5 but not his attitude. Think of how he (Adam) could have handled this in a mature, civil way. Guess when you are rich and famous you do not need to be polite!

      • shay

        …..well-said ty! ! ! As a registered ‘independent’ i switch from MSN ANDDD FOX to listen/learn both sides of the story. Perhaps more of that is needed….

      • sean

        you do realize that revolting against the british crown was a RADICAL / LIBERAL thing to do? british loyalists were the CONSERVATIVES of their day.

      • sean

        the principles that this country was founded on were actually insanely liberal for their time.

      • steve

        Maybe once you a get a real name and act like some damn ass as Perry, maybe we will listen to you . NOT

      • @Ty

        You know nothing about working Americans. Conservatives like you live in a cloudy wonderland where liberals are all lazy and hate working and conservatives are industrious warriors for the dollar. Guess what–I work really, really hard in the non profit sector helping other people, as do dozens of my friends and acquaintances, and the disposable income we do have often goes to other causes or people in our community. The problem with arguing with a conservative like you is that you genuinely don’t understand that other people aren’t all as selfish as you are. It is apparently impossible for you to get a grip on the fact that some people WANT their taxes raised, want more government spending that DOESN’T directly benefit them, etc. Some of us like living in communities where everyone around is leading a better, healthier life, even if it doesn’t have a directly positive impact on us.

      • pops

        @Jan…perhaps a class in public speaking will help you out?

      • seriously bad conservatives that want to create tax breaks for businesses so they can see their way to hire more people…(hiss hiss) you bad, bad people for wanting accountability for spending….(throw tomato) you horrible individuals who believe that hard work gets you more in life than a hand out.

      • teresa

        Fox News lies all the time. They are completely biased against Democratics for no reason at all except to see them fail. And I don’t get it, The new Republican agenda only works if you’re one of the wealthiest people in America. So why would anyone NOT wealthy be a Republican?? They aren’t doing anything for you. So you go Adam, you speak the truth and call those mofo’s out.

      • Matt

        Maroon 5 was probably some of the worst music to come out in the last 10 years. I don’t know anyone that likes Maroon 5 at my school

      • eddy

        @teresa are you saying the Democrats who get plenty of air time on Fox hate themselves? Give examples…I got one for you, the Clinton campaign said they received the most fair coverage on Fox leading up to the primaries last election. What gives with that?

      • eddy

        @Sean great, so why don’t Liberals appreciate the values this country was fonded on anymore? Judeo-Christian principles of justice and freedom. Instead they want entitlements and the support of the government. Kinda like Loyalists did back in the day.

      • Proud Kafir

        AMEN TY! I like ONE SONG by Maroon 5 and posted it on my FB page and caught hell for his childish behavior..if he thinks it is bad for FOX to play his tunes he should think again..Fox listeners are the majority who pay taxes and WORK in AMERICA :) They can AFFORD to purchase his tunes so he should be THANKFUL for the FREE AIR PLAY! These musicians should shut the hell up and play music they make fools of themselves every time…

      • tom

        fox does not promote the same values as the founders. You’ve got to be kidding me. Wanting to make gay marriage illegal, marijuana illegal (notice to banish alcohol a constitutional amendment had to be contrived, where is that for marijuana for it to be legitimately illegal??), Patriot Act is unconstitutional, NDAA is unconstitutional, CISPA SOPA PIPA ALL UNCONSTITUTIONAL. The only difference between fox and the others is they have somehow convinced their ignorant viewers that they really are the pro constitution party. You sir, really need to turn off the corporate media and check out news sites on the web.

    • RJM

      pretty much!

      I am all for him cursing out Fox News. The more people that do, the better. And at least he had a personal reason.

      • Matt

        I think he must be on drugs or something.

    • Jay

      Comment of the Decade! Pretty much sums up the fact!

    • Lissayn

      Any you, sir, win the internet for today :)

    • Alexis

      Right! They used the music, then they want to call it crap. Come on Fox News, how dumb are you?

    • datruth82

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Javi

      well said!!

    • John

      I so f-cking hate the bay city rollers.. God they suck.

    • ThatsWhatIThought


  • jag

    He speaks the truth. Fox is vile, and Mtv makes the kind of shows that will lead to Luke Wilson being the smartest man in the world!

    • stu80

      Premiering on FoxNews next year: “OW! My Balls!”

      • DeAnn

        lol! “I can’t believe you like money too. We should hang out.” -Frito

      • Kt

        FoxNews has what plants crave.

      • Krystal

        <3 idiocracy

      • Ally

        haha hilarious movie

    • Brian

      Oh REALLY???

      FOX is vile but MTV is okay? MTV is single-handled responsible for social decline of this country. Kids everywhere think they should treat their parents like Bam Margera does. They should party like the cast of Jersey Shore. They should have promiscuous, unimportant sex like the cast of the Real World. They should behave like mini-entitled brats like in My Super Sweet 16. The list ENDLESSLY GOES ON.

      You may not like Fox News because it doesn’t fit in your world view… (which is probably idealistic and totally unrealistically liberal as usual)… BUT that doesn’t make them vile or evil. But liberals all always the ones preaching peace and tolerance… UNLESS you disagree with them. THEN they justify violence, hatred, and venom. They conveniently rewrite history to suit their needs… they ignore facts… they absolutely make them UP because the ends ALWAYS justify the means. Ain’t that right?

      Fox News is not even RIGHT-WING. There are half a dozen lefties in there, too. They slant right… but they’re damned closer to balanced than anything else out there. SO… save your hatred for Fox. Maybe you should seek some therapy though… your LOVE for the disgusting and terribly poisonous MTV shows you have no brain in your head… and no perspective or wisdom. Hence, you must be 21 or under.

      • Jim

        MTV is all of those things, but it doesn’t matter. They are not purporting to be a fair, balanced and reliable new source. Fox is. That’s the difference.

      • John S.

        Jag didn’t say that MTV was okay. He said that MTV is leading us the the future world proposed in the movie “Idiocracy” staring Luke Wilson. In that movie, Luke was the most average person in the world in the present when he was frozen in an Army experiement. When he awakens 500 years later, he finds that society has slid into stupidity and he is now the smartest person alive.

        Everyone really needs to calm down and quit pointing fingers at one another. We aren’t getting anywhere with this left vs. right behavior.

      • Chime

        So riddle me this, Fox Newsie. In Canada it is against the law for “newscasters” to intentionally report false or misleading information. Therefore there are NO Fox News outlets in Canada. Rupert Murdoch tried to get the law changed this year and failed. So who is it that makes up facts again?

      • Roger

        @Brian – who pisssed in your tea?

      • IrishSharon

        I guess liberals with their own agenda don’t want to hear fair, balanced reporting. Therefore, they hate FOX. This is why America is starting to circle the drain!

      • DAR

        Well said.

      • @chime

        yeah, cuz FOX is the only new channel on the planet who has EVER said anything wrong? i forget that CBS never made up a story about george bush, or that NBC made up that story about exploding trucks, or that MSNBC basically makes up EVERY WORD THAT COMES OUT OF THEIR ANCHOR’S MOUTHS?? FOX isn’t perfect, but at least they attempt to balance out their news unlike the other obviously left leaning channels out there. the least those so called ‘news organizations’ could do his hide their obama shrines and try to make their left love a little less blatent.

      • Bwblue

        “Kids everywhere think they should treat their parents like Bam Margera does.” As an adolescent I’m kind of offended by your ageist generalization. In fact, I neither watch MTV nor know who Bam Margera is. Youth doesn’t equate to stupidity.

      • yep

        i agree on some things. MTV has MOST DEFINITELY led to decline of society. the shows they air are incredibly tacky and lead teenagers to act like complete idiots. however, it’s not just liberals who twist facts, ALL politicians do and so do all news agencies. NO ONE is without their liars and evil hate-mongerers. conservatives, republicans, and tea party people are the same as the farest leaning liberal. no one tells us the truth, and they’re only it in for themselves.

      • Holly

        Sharon I am Irish but you are just a Fenian moron.

      • John

        Levine is just another glamour-hippy. They talk really big about how much they are Rock the Vote, but their music is entirely vapid and lacking in any real substantial message for his fans. He is about getting laid, drugs, and being an idiot.

      • eddy

        @Chime, I know facts are really hard things for people like you to comprehend but you have just blatantly lied about a situation with Sun TV in Canada, which is broadcasting and has nothing to do with Fox. Murdoch is not involved in any legal battle there and the two channels are not related. Why do you feel it necessary to lie to make a point? Especially when you are attacking another group for what you claim are lies? LMAO at your ignorance.

      • Adam

        If you really think this is what all teens focus on, you clearly have been watching Fox News too much. As a high school student, I can tell you that I’ve never done drugs, never drank, never smoked, never done anything to harm myself and have multiple friends who do the same. I may not make the best grades but that could possibly be because I choose not to take the easy way out of everything and take harder classes. And to every single person who is criticizing Adam Levine about his political statements, every person has an entitlement into politics. Whether or not you agree with them, that’s your choice. Deal with it.

    • Al

      FOX is vile because they show different points of views than the other station? WOW! You must be confused, sorry. Imagine hearing all the sides of the story. If only ABC, CBS & NBC did that. Now that is funny!!

      • o


      • arm

        Yeah, Fox offers balance all right: hard right wingers and social (usually anti-choice) conservatives “balanced” out with fiscal corporatist conservatives… and the occasional strawman lefty punching bag for good measure. Conservatives have set world view for which all facts must fit…all else get excluded.

      • John

        As an entertainer, Levine should try to keep his opinions to himself until he is actually very successful. I’ve never even heard of Maroon 5. Sounds more like Gilligan’s Island on Acid.

      • Squishmar

        John, just because you’ve never heard of Maroon 5 doesn’t mean they aren’t successful. They’ve sold millions of albums and have been nominated for several Grammys (and won a few too). Most recently, they’ve had a Number 1 hit with the song “Moves Like Jagger.”

  • Annie

    Adam spoke the truth. The Faux-Newsers? Riddle me this, Batpoops, if the music sucks so much why did your glorified employer freakin’ PLAY IT?

    • JAM

      so, wait, what? Those 2 can’t be blamed for hating ‘music’ that they have no control over wheter their employer plays on a different show. Don’t hate just becasue you love Maroon 5 and know deep down in your soul they SUCK.

  • TayMads

    I don’t think Maroon 5’s music is crap. I don’t think it is as good as it was when it first came out but to say it is crap to me is nonsense. And if it’s crap then why are they using it? I love Maroon 5 but I will be honest. I don’t think there music will ever really be as good as their first album “Songs About Jane” if they keep going the route they are going. I will still buy it of course but I think they need to go back to that.

  • Nic

    Fox knows the difference between popular and good. But this whole fight sounds bitter and mean. Why does Twitter make people sound so immature?

    • Bernadette

      Because you only get 140 characters, and if given anymore, FOX would just make a bunch of $#!+ up and call it facts.

      • Jan


      • Al

        So foolish, poor Bernadette.

      • kahuna

        @Bernadette…LMBO… Good one. :)

      • Holly

        Duh, I am Al, and I am stooped. Huh huh, now I am going to troll more boards, duh…..

      • holly’s brain

        Wanted: A real place to live.

  • Mikey

    Wait..If his music is crap, then why use it?
    Not that I particularly disagree about that statement by the hosts, but their hypocritical statements are typical of the Fox News dummies. Let’s not forget that they supported Tea Party protests but then called the Occupy Wall Street protests un-American.

    • TR

      No they didn’t.

      • anon

        Yes they did. Infinity.

      • SH

        Yeah they did.

  • Barack Palin

    I see why Adam Levine likes being naked so much because he is definitely naked in the brain-nothing up there, nada, empty, out of gas, cobwebs.

    • steve

      Is that you, Bristol?

    • Gabe

      “Naked in the Brain” by Rebecca Black

    • AlsDisciple

      Barack Palin? I’d pay good money for that sex tape.

      • Daril

        - Oh Kacy! How sweet!We are trying to rsceue a kitty right now that is living under the front steps at our office.. tiny little grey thing.. we’ll save it.I love to go to the Humane Society and spend time with the dogs they love the attention and moments of love.:) you’re a good lady.

    • John

      Rebecca Black is more famous than Maroon 5. You can believe that morons.

  • Renaldo

    Adam Levine is a self important douche. When Fox News plays his music, he gets money via royalties. Maroon5, the Bay City Rollers for the 21st Century.

    • Tracey

      UM…No he doesn’t unless FOX News has permission to play their music. Jeez, learn your copyright laws.

      • WhoCares

        You really think they play his music w/out permission? Idiot

      • Danielle

        News programs are a bit of a loophole in copyright laws… in that they don’t necessarily fall under the same category as movies and scripted TV shows. So they can play music without permission, even though the legality kind of falls under a gray area.

      • Max

        If they had asked his permisson, he would have said no since he seems to dislike their ‘evil f-king channel’.

      • Guest

        You may need to learn your copyright laws. He will be paid by the publisher.

      • America47000

        Most organizations that might use a variety of music will buy licensing rights through ASCAP. This covers a broad range of songs that artists have already agreed to release through ASCAP. So when a news station or a political campaign plays a song, it’s usually covered by these rights. Logistically speaking it would be prohibitively difficult to seek permission for every single piece of music one at a time for incidental use. They just choose from a list of pre-cleared songs. The exception to this is fair use, if a news organization is doing a piece specifically about the song or musician and thus has to play it as an example.

        So if the Maroon 5 song is covered by an ASCAP license, then technically Fox News already had permission to use it. If Levine doesn’t like it, he can withdraw from ASCAP and forfeit the royalties to which he’d be entitled from those licensing agreements.

    • what

      Omg! You totally just dissed the Rollers?! I’m out.

  • Rania

    He speaks the truth!!!

    As an Arab-American trying to watch even a half hour of anything on that channel makes my head spin. They are anti-anyone who isn’t white or conservative, unless it’s a token black guy like this joke Herman Cain. They have there facts wrong and they live in a bubble. I’m just sayin….

    Team Adam!

    • Matt

      Right, because calling Herman Cain a token black guy and indicating you don’t take him seriously isn’t at all prejudice.

      • steve

        No, it isn’t Matt – it’s called the truth.

      • Opine

        so you read the minds of all Herman Cain supporters and know that we only want Cain to be president as a token? Wow. He isn’t even that clean or articulate! You are right! I want a REAL black man, like Kanye West!

      • Rania

        No I call it like I see it. Token black guy, uncle Tom it is what it is!! And he won’t last. Anyways this isn’t about some ignorant anti-immigrant uncle Tom, this is about faux news and Maroon 5.

      • john bush

        how do you identify a brain dead liberal? Pulls the race card at every opportunity.

    • Michele

      Ditto!! And I’m a multi-racial American….I agree with you 100%

      • petitepash

        Wow. Herman Cain as the “token black guy” huh? That must mean I’m the “token Asian woman” too.

        It’s funny how an intelligent person of color stands up for what THEY believe in (not what someone else tells them they should) and he gets be-littled. So much for “let’s keep an open mind” mentality.

    • Dale

      Your head is spinning from all the propaganda your own people tell you. I’ll stick with the Fox Team.

    • thatswhathesaid

      thumbs up for John.

  • joy

    Twitter doesn’t make people sound immature,the people themselves do that. With that being said,I love Maroon 5,and Adam Levine. It’s funny they would use music they think is “crap”. Mtv is crap. Stupid reality shows,not much music. What do the letters stand for now? Lol

  • Tim

    Faux “News” uses a Maroon 5 song and then, when told to stop, attack the very artist who was part of creating the song they chose to play?

    Are all right-wing people foolish children?

    • Matt

      What should they do.. send a heart felt apology?

      • steve

        They can’t do that, Matt – that would indicate they have a heart!

    • Jack

      You’re making the assumption that the two hosts of the very late-night show used the music. Fox airs 24 hours of programming. Another program probably used it. How difficult is this to understand?

    • petitepash

      there’s much more the Fox than Red Eye! Surprise, surprise!

  • mikeman

    don’t like fox news. don’t like maroon 5, but i do catch red eye every now and then since i know a dude they put on there occasionally. its pretty subversive, especially for fox. i guess that’s why it’s on at 2 in the morning.

    • kate middleton

      What do you mean? Subversive to Fox, or to government?

      I’m a big Red Eye fan, and it’s definitely right-leaning when compared to Daily Show. But, they usually have a range of guests with different views. Plus since it’s not all political-related stories, it’s not all political.

      • daisy

        uh, you DO know that the daily show is comedy right?

      • kate middleton

        um, yes. that is exactly my point. daily show is comedic news, just like red eye.
        but there are a lot of people out there that don’t view daily show as comedy and get all their news from jon stewart.

  • Michele

    Clearly if Fox considered Maroon 5’s music to be crap, why would your network want to use crap music you IDIOTS?!? I agree 100% with Adam, and if you don’t then please do come back with a smarter response or none at all…Duhhhh,Someone at Fox New obviously is a fan of Maroon 5 otherwise they wouldn’t have used his music…..Not rocket science here people.

    • Pittner

      Red Eye didn’t use the music, it was another show IDIOT. Not rocket science here Michele.

  • Templar

    Adam should read the article on this site about Bon Jovi and reflect on what matters and what is just the machinations of an inflated ego [Adam’s ]. Maroon 5’s 15 minutes is nearly up and they will be going the way of Sugar Ray soon.

    • Kayleigh

      LOL. 15 minutes? They’ve been around since 2002. Have you forgotten that? I swear, people hate it when others speak the truth.

  • nunnya

    I wonder if Adam Levine assumes that NONE of his fans watch Fox News or the network in general?

    • Bobby’s Robot

      Even so, he has the right to not have his music played on a network whose views he finds reprehensible.

      • WhoCares

        Oh yea, and the Communist News Network is so much better! Come on people!

      • Josh

        Yes. CNN is much better than FoxNews. The good part about your comment is whenever a moron says, “Come on people!” I hear Gob Bluth.

      • daisy

        sorry WhoCares, you lose by calling CNN names. How childish and stupid is that… not to mention completely wrong. You need to find out what a communist is, and I don’t mean from Glenn Beck or Rush Limbaugh.

    • Jan

      He doesn’t WANT fans who watch Fox news. Give him credit for not pandering.

      • erik

        Are you kidding, pandering stop it. He is attempting to control content, like a typical liberal. God forbid if people present all sides of a story or the news. Oh gosh I used the word god hopefully that did not offend you sensitive type.

      • Justsayin

        No worries erik, using the word god is ok. It’s no different than using the term grover or bert and ernie… fictional character’s are ok to reference.

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