'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 5!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Coco Arquette busts a groove in the lower left corner just before Tom’s intro for Ricki & Derek. Shimmy Shimmy Coco Pop!” –tkemoses
“I hereby nominate Coco as Obvious Gem of the Season! She is adorable!” –Christy, endorsed by socialandrea, Brenda, Jem Ho, DonnaW, Lorie

“The ’80s Week backdrop reminds me of the Lite Brite I used to play with when I was kid. Ahhh childhood ’80s memories.” –Liz, endorsed by LAG Award Winner, Fringe Fairy
“At top of the show Tom with the blue-lit staircase behind him, looked like he was wearing a huge Egyptian headdress. Hail Bergeron the Pharaoh of Blue-ness. Walk like a…you know.” –Chaz

“Hope’s jacket reminded me of Carmen Sandiego.” –Liz, endorsed by H, Christy, KristieD, Cindy, Anthony Covino

“Did anyone notice, when they went back to Tom after Hope and Maks got their scores there was a woman sitting behind Len that looked like she was doing a hair transplant on him?” –B

“I LOVE how Tom threw out that comment about Maks looking like a Keebler Elf in the ’80s – it’s almost as if he was throwing a freebie Gem out to us Gem Hunters!” –Rebecca, endorsed by LAG Award Winner, DonnaW

“Carson using the Troupe to make a human pyramid.” –Jaime, endorsed by orville, LAG Award Winner, Anthony Covino

“Richard Simmons rocking the Ronald McDonald look this week.” –Xorp, endorsed by orville, Kelly W.
“A jacket with long sleeves and long pants (I hope!) have been hidden in Richard Simmons’ closet! who knew??” –Stee, endorsed by Hiddle

“Carson is PACKIN’!” –Kelly W., endorsed by Kelly, Neko, Gator, Cindy, socialandrea (“Little Derek hasn’t made a cameo, someone had to stand up! (hee),” dr zoid
“Did anyone notice Carson’s microphone wire was showing through his shirt on his stomach so it looked like a tiny lighning bolt??” –Rachael, endorsed by SunBlitz42, Jem Ho, Tay
“Anna looks like Deb from Napoleon Dynamite! I’m sure she’s imagining herself, weightless, in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by tiny little sea horses.” –kellen

“Eighties Len is a cross between Gene Simmons and Orville Redenbacher! — Again, Tom with the thoroughly impressive Hidden Gem descriptions tonight!” –DonnaW and kt, endorsed by Lucy, Brenda

“Brooke’s a Ziggy Stardust doppleganger!! Ok, Ziggy was Bowie’s 70′s alter-ego (and probable inspiration for Gaga), but it’s really freaky how much Brooke-bot looks like him tonight.” –Jennie

“This random madness ft. Our Pro of the Week TRISTAN while I was trying to capture something else” –EW.com’s Fringe Fairy

“The bald bearded man with glasses between Carrie Ann and Len looked like one of the faces in the “Guess Who” game.” –Liz, endorsed by socialandrea, Tina

This is genius anyway because I LOVED Guess Who, but which one? Do you mean Sam, Richard, or Tom (L-R)?

“Was there a spotted owl nesting in Cheryl’s wig?” –Jo, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh

“It’s too bad that even the cast of Man Up isn’t interested in the cast of Man Up…” –Speech Teacher, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, orville, iggy

“John O’Hurley (yes, THE original champ) engaged in conversation with Bruce Jenner-Kardashian, discussing the proper technique to throw a javelin or the intricacies of the rhumba’s hip action. Discuss.” –LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Kelly, socialandrea, Brenda, Tay

“The woman sitting literally under the stairs when Tom is going to commercial after David gets his scores. I thought that seat was reserved for trolls only!” –Kevin M. Kawa, endorsed by Jem Ho, Brenda

“Did anyone else think that John Waters looked like one of the Gentlemen from the “Hush” episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer?” –ShelleyM

“Maks was fluffing Tom’s hair and he nuzzled into it like a dog.” –socialandrea, endorsed by duranmom, orville, kt, Tina

“YOU GUYS! The AT&T globe logo in DWTS tie-in totally starts out as a spinning multi-faceted GEM!” –EW.com’s Fringe Fairy


“At the beginning of Derek & Ricki’s dance…proof of life on Planet Mirrorballus (with Derek and Ricki inside the planet).” –iggy, endorsed by Tina (“Is this a glimpse into the future?”)

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

Fringe Fairy

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  • Liz

    OMG…I have three this week! I can’t wait to add this to my resume!!!!

    • Brenda

      Yay! I have three “endorsements.” Victory!

    • orville

      Any prospective employer had better recognize the value of that entry on your resume! Under “Life skills” perhaps?

    • Amy in Pittsburgh

      Interviewer: Describe yourself in three words.

      Liz: LOYAL (I watch every week). DEDICATED (I don’t stop until I watch every last minute of each show). DETAILED (I find a boatload of hidden gems every week).

    • LOL

      America loves crap.

  • Al

    John O’Hurley was not the original champ. He lost to Kelly Monaco.

    • Lola

      Controversial. Kelly M was the champ when it was solely a judges’ vote. They had a rematch where the judges got 50 percent and popular vote 50 percent. I believe the judges tied then so it came to a popular vote and John won it and thus the rematch.

    • deedee

      NO! they had a duel off after he was ROBBED, and he won; as he should have originally

    • LAG Award Winner

      During the original season, Kelly’s last dance was overscored by the judges even when she had a blatant faux pas. She was given a higher score than John; of course the fact that she was employed by ABC had NOTHING to do with it.

      • Michelle

        Or her “wardrobe malfunction”

      • orville

        She was absolutely overscored for being a member of the ABC family–she actually fell during her routine didn’t she?

      • Candice

        Kelly won!! And she deserved it!!

    • scyren

      Them allowing him a rematch has to be the worst thing that ever has happened on DWTS. He has to be one of the most arrogant people on this earth. While I never thought Kelly was the best dancer, she certainly was the most improved. And, she won. It should have ended at that. No one else has gotten a rematch when they were robbed. He was such a sore loser; the biggest loser imo.

      • Michelle

        No…Mario Lopez is the biggest sore loser out of all of the seasons. I really can’t stand him. The look on his face when he lost said it all.

  • gigi

    Love the gems this week. So sad I wasn’t able to participate :( . I do want to add that I didn’t know Richard Simmons sold real estate for Century 21 on the side. Great job as usual. Can’t wait until next week.

  • Player87

    These are so lame. What a waste of time.

    • R3

      Slim pickin’s this week, for sure!

  • iggy

    Cool…I got the current LAG! Thanks Annie!

  • Alix

    CRUSHED that Carson is gone! Classy, funny, good-humored… really the perfect DWTS contestant (except for the lack of dance technique ;-). He must become a regular part of the show!

    Now Maks has to put up with sulky Hope at least one more week…

  • TxJessie

    I wanna know who the heack is voting for Nancy un-GRACE-ful???????????

    • Ricola!

      me- I called 402 times

  • scyren

    I want to know who is keeping Hope alive?

    • Ricola!

      me, I called 352 times

      • scyren

        I might have to duct tape you to a chair next week so you can’t vote. lol

    • Jesse Jackson

      Me… and the rest of the Rainbow Coalition

  • beaug8tr


  • Jem Ho

    E.L. Fudgekovskiy! Ha! I can’t lie, I’m a little disappointed that 3-legged Karina wasn’t included– I thought that was such a good one! Oh well, gems are gems and they make me happy, even if they aren’t mine. (It doesn’t hurt to have a few endorsements though.) :)

  • Squishmar

    I appreciate your work Liz! (And Annie’s, of course!)

    • Squishmar

      This was supposed to be under Liz’s first post….

  • Jaime

    My gem got in! This holds promise for the future. XD

  • orville

    So sad that Carson is gone. The show just lost more than a little sparkle. He needs to be a permanent part of the show from now on. Mirrorballus is his home planet and he needs to visit often. Here’s hoping he manages to at least be a part of Dance Center this season!

    • tkemoses

      They could do a fashion version of “C’mon Man!”. (i.e. Why does Mark Ballas seem to wear spats for every dance…C’mon Man!)

  • tkemoses

    MVG of the Week! Another check off the bucket list.

  • bDawn

    So glad I’m not the only person who often thinks of the Gentlemen from Hush on Buffy. There’s a guy at my gym that constantly reminds me of that episode and nobody ever knows what I’m talking about!

    • ShelleyM

      One of my top Buffy episodes!

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