The end of the 'glass closet'? Why Zachary Quinto coming out matters to Hollywood


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Reading Zachary Quinto’s interview with New York magazine in which he says the words “as a gay man,” twice, I was reminded about the cover story Out […] Read the full post.

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  • julez

    Zac always been known as gay for long times in down low, even though some of his fangirls are still in delusional stage before thinking he might be able to fall for his co stars.

    If Beiber coming out of closet now, we could expect many tween meltdown or worse – delusional stans suicide

  • johnc

    Remember, the day of don’t ask don’t tell is over.

    For the sake of future generation who are struggling with their sexuality, this is a good thing for them.

    • Sally

      Good call johnc!!!

  • Sally

    HOORAY ADAM B. VARY!!! Thank you for this incredible article. It is so important that celebrities come out so that the rest of the world will realize that we are all just humans and deserve equal rights.

  • Coop COME OUT!

    Anderson Cooper is being such a hypocrite by not coming out. I don’t care who he sleeps with but when he’s doing all these specials on gay bullying and telling 13 year old kids that they are being so brave to come on TV acknowledge that they are gay or lesbian and fighting for their rights, he just seems so weak. Think of the power he would have as a role model to all these kids- that really their lives are worth living and that he’s testament that they can be whatever they want. And he can stand with them and tell them to call him if someone tries to bully them. instead he remains quiet and I for one am really disappointed in him. Is he self loathing? Does he think it will hurt his CNN career? Don Lemon? Thomas Roberts? Rachel Maddow? Does he think it will hurt his talk show? Ellen Degeneres? Rosie O Donnell? Sara Gilbert? Nate Berkus? COMEON ANDY – what are you waiting for – if you want the ratings, November is sweeps = do it on your daytime show…but don’t say that you think people won’t take you seriously asa a journalist – thats insulting. There is a National Gay Journalists Association. Every major network has out on-air reporters. In Miami, on Ch 7 – both the lead male and emale anchors on the 6 and 11-pm news are gay. Think about the difference you can make. Have a show with Neil Patrick Harris, Zachary Quinto, Ricky martin – talk about it -come out come out come out and stand proud. It was just national coming out day – what are you waiting for andy? PLEASE I BEG YOU – PEOPLE LIKE ME ARE SUFFERING A LOT AND YOU DONT KNOW WHAT A DIFFERENE YOUD MAKE TO SO MANY LIVES IF YOU CAME OUT TODAY

    • BJG

      Well done Coop COME OUT! This is the longest post ever that doesn’t mention a friend who’s engaged to a millionare she met on line.

    • Ames

      The thing is, coming out as gay isn’t the same as coming out that you were born with a sixth toe. To some people it’s just one aspect of a personality, but to others, and there are a lot of them, it is a sign of moral weakness. And worse, they picture sex acts in their mind. Yes, it’s ironic that the most adamantly anit-gay are the ones to conger the weirdest sex acts in their mind, but still, they do. So I can see why Mr. Cooper would not want people thinking of such things while he’s trying to explain Chechnya to them.

  • dc

    This story makes me think of Ellen grieving for Matthew Shepard over a decade ago. Saddens me to think we haven’t come too far since then.


    So proud that Mr Quinto is standing tall and proud. He’s a very handsome and talented man and I wish him the best in his personal and professional life. He’s an inspiration to me at a time when Ive been thinking of suicide. I wish Mr Cooper (and Mr Shepard) would come out too. No one should be in a closet anymore. Lets show the Republicans that we are everywhere. Stop the hate and bigotry that make people like me think of jumping of a bridge

    • Squishmar

      And let’s not assume all Republicans are anti-gay or that there aren’t gay Republicans.

      • Rissa

        Exactly. Narrow-mindedness isn’t the way to fight narrow-mindedness.

    • Psac

      @IM PROUD, I hope you’re okay…

    • Wytebred

      use a gun sissy

  • ……..

    who gives a fu ck? People love you because you have talent not because who are you tappin. fu ck off EW

  • salma

    well i think that some actors don’t openly come out because they are protecting their private lives, you know the same way an heterosexual actor would protect his. i think that we should respect the fact that some people don’t want to make a big deal about their sexuality

  • MSW

    Why can’t everybody just be bi … save everyone a crap ton of debate.

    • Lisa London

      That made me laugh; it would indeed solve a lot of problems. Still, not my fancy, but I can totally see your point!

      • MSW

        I guess everyone could just say they’re bi and then do as they please … then it’s no one else’s business. Same debate as always … we’re all just people – stop labeling.

  • Rolling Eyes

    Vin Diesel. Huge queen.

  • Chris

    “His performance as Spock is widely regarded as the best thing about J.J. Abrams’ fabulous 2009 Star Trek reboot”

    Quinto was really good as Spock (it is spooky how much he looks like Nimoy), but Chris Pine was the best thing about the Star Trek movie. That film lives or dies on whether or not people accept Pine as Kirk, and he pulled it off in spades.

    • mis

      BS I didn’t care about Kick and Pine is not a good actor he is a good American leading man. Spock needs an actor and ST falls on if you buy Spock which Quinito did and the only reason ppl like you trash him is because he ia gay and Pine is blone and straight anyone could have pulled off what Pine did

  • jc

    Someone mentioned Errol FLynn earlier as being gay. Thats not exactly true.

    There are some rumors saying he was bisexual. Bisexual and gay are not the same thing.

  • ralph

    who cares if hes gay or not he makes a cool spock thats all i care

  • really

    All the comments saying ‘who cares’ ,’this isnt news” etc are really baffling. Yes, you are right, it isnt a big deal, but are you living under a rock? Gay rights is still a VERY VERY big issue in this country. Gay marriage, DOMA, DADT, teenage suicides, Chaz on DWTS backlash(yes its just as news worthy b/c of the viciousness of the backlash) etc – these are all things CURRENTLY in the news. The entire GOP Presidential field is either anti-gay or mum on the subject – and they are meant to represent a good percentage of our citizens.

    So good for you for being tolerant. On behalf of all open-minded, socially aware people, we thank you. However, please please please recognize that your beliefs arent shared among the massess.

  • Rissa

    Okay, I have two points.

    1) Anyone who decides whether or not to watch a movie or television program (the news, a sitcom, etc.) based on a performer’s sexual preference leads a sad life. At the end of the day, all that really matters is whether or not that person does his or her job well.

    2) I just can’t get past how hypocritical the “gay stigma” in Hollywood is. Nowadays, the tv networks are trying to become more “gay-friendly” by adding homosexual characters to their rosters, mostly due to the grades that GLAAD hands out annually, I’m sure. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing, because it certainly isn’t, but I don’t understand why Hollywood is consumed with creating a product that at least appears to be accepting when it isn’t really accepting itself. (If that makes sense.)

    • Wytebred

      David Copperfield is gay.And that’s what he gets for foolin’ around with Magic

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