Poll: Who's the funniest late-night comedian?

From Colbert to Conan, Letterman to Leno, and Fallon to Ferguson, the universe of late-night comedians is a diverse one. Which is exactly why we’ve been a little stumped while putting together our upcoming Comedy Issue. Who’s the funniest of them all? Well, it depends on who you ask.

So what’s why we’re turning to you. Instead of us choosing who we think is the funniest, we thought we’d throw the question over to you, our always-wise PopWatch readers: Who’s the funniest late-night comedian? Vote in our poll below, and we’ll publish your favorite late-night host in our Comedy Issue, which hits stands on Oct. 28.

Here’s the poll, where you can vote:

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  • Braxton

    What about Chelsea Handler??

    • Jeremy DC

      Maybe when Chelsea Handler starts being funny, then she’ll be considered.

      • Fingerlakes Dave

        I’ll second that!

      • jackjackmcmack


      • Mary

        You OBVIOUSLY have little to no sense of humor…Chelsea is soooo f’g funny & NOT politically correct…hence…even funnier!!

      • Andy

        Chelsea is funny. Perhaps you need a sense of humor.

      • Really?

        I watch Chelsea Lately every night and she is the LEAST funny person on that show, besides Chuy and the fat lesbian. I’ve read her books, only one of which made me laugh out loud. and her standup is HORRIBLE. The only reason I watch her show is for the other comedians who ARE funny. So, sorry. Chelsea is not funny.

        The girl who has an amazing sense of humor and whose boyfriend is a professional comedian.

      • jonge

        Totally agree. Love most of the choices but Cobert is the most consistantly funny. Plus, with his improv experience, he’s very quick on his feet to say something humorous when he goes off-script.BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.℃ óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • juliaxx

        best comment ever

      • Lola

        I agree, Chelsea Handler is an embarrassment to all female comedians. Her so called “jokes” are cynical and I still wonder why she’s still on television.

      • mike

        The extra short man is funny.

    • Summer

      THIS. Chelsea Handler!

      • Scobes

        She’s so funny! She wouldn’t be my vote, but she definitely deserves to be an option to vote for.

      • Squishmar

        Was she not on their list at first? Because she’s on there now.

      • Victor Rodriguez

        Chelsey Handler lately show to me is the best late night show. Very funny guests and Chui her assistant as well. Last but not least are her nice legs, I like to see her sitting on the couch, very relaxed, care free. Smart and good taste in clothing.

      • Sam

        Celsea Handler no contest. Kimmel should have stuck to the celebrity roasts, Fallon should have stayed on SNL, Leno and Letterman are way passed their prime, Colbert and Stewart are funny but too political for my taste, Conan is funny but the show hasn’t been the same since it moved to TBS. Ferguson would be my second choice but for me Chelsea is in her prime right now. Girl’s making a killing and building her own empire.

    • lisa g.

      Fallon is the WORST! Kimmel is the funniest.

      • Mike

        Ironically both of them are my favorite late night hosts these days.

      • lisa g.

        We should get coffee sometime.

      • meemee

        agree. i think fallon is very funny when he hosts shows or in his movies, but for some reason when i watch his late shows he’s just not funny at all. i love jimmy kimmel. he’s probably the only late night show i watch and probably conan’s too. i love jimmy’s sarcasm.

      • Matt

        Fallon is easily one of the funniest night night hosts ever. And that’s why I voted for him!

      • Ron Paul

        I agree, Fallon is the worst. But Kimmel is no better.

    • LOL

      Colbert is the funniest. Fallon has the best variety show.

      • Tee Hee

        Enjoyed your post – and agree! ;O)

    • Liz

      They didn’t ask who was the ugliest!

      • tyson

        hey, hi, post your picture.

    • food!!!!

      suck on that AMERICA!!!

    • Garfield

      Chelsea is not funny, just has an “attitude”

    • Chelsea

      Chelsea H is amazingly funny because she is so unique. As a woman taking on this long-time, male-dominated time slot, she has rocked it out! Any other woman that has tried it has failed, but she keeps going strong. Empowering women like that are very much needed in media, especially at this time in history. As far as humor goes, she speaks things that most people don’t have the nerve to say themselves. She has my vote any day!

      • Julie

        Oh, whatever. I’m not going to like Chelsea Handler just because we’re both women. She makes the same “jokes” over and over again. She’s just not funny.

      • sammi

        I agree! Chelsea is funny, honest and tells it like it is. She doesn’t sugar coat anything!!! I love her show and watch it everynight!! I hope she wins hands down!!

    • tanz

      get the hell outta here chelsea handler is friggin hilarious, david letterman is so dry and the other suck minus maybe jimmyk and craig f

    • Jethro

      Where is Lisa Lampanini

  • jb

    Colbert by far is the most consistently funny late night personality. Even if he is playing a character.

    Been to two live tapings and ready to go back for a third.

    • Stacie

      I agee. I love Jon Stewart and Conan O’Brien, but Colbert makes me laugh every episode.

      • Susan

        YES, I agree. Colbert takes the cake!

    • e4ia

      Totally agree. Love most of the choices but Cobert is the most consistantly funny. Plus, with his improv experience, he’s very quick on his feet to say something humorous when he goes off-script.

    • miss k

      I love both Stewart and Colbert but out of everyone, Colbert wins hands down. He’s too funny, on script and off.

  • Me

    LOL I need to know WHO watches Craig Ferguson!! WHO!!?????

    • Miles

      Why isn’t Geoff Peterson listed? Is EW anti-gay-skeleton-robot!?!?

      • orville

        Technically the side-kick, but the voice actor behind the robot is a genius! Love GP and the Fergs.

      • Bevie

        That robot is hilarious. Who does the voice?

      • orville

        Josh Thompson, I think.

      • Stephanie

        Who’s Geoff Peterson?

    • Sarah

      Apparently enough people to be currently winning this poll…

      • Raz

        …in your pants?

      • Jmo

        LOL!!!! Ass-mode! (I love that man)

    • wakeforce

      I watch Craig. I love the robot, the puppets and he seems to have only people on he likes. He is WAY funnier than Dave, Jay or CONAN!

      • mari

        Yes :D

      • Darren Stevens

        ITA the best part of Craig’s show is when he dances with the puppets!

      • Angela

        Craig Ferguson FTW!

      • Reggie

        Secretariat…Who’s that at the Door!!!

    • Sue1

      I watch him, and he deserves to win this.

    • Nykki

      I listen to Craig Ferguson. Are you kidding me? He’s the less fake night talk show host. He’s funny, smart and has a robot-skeleton as a sidekick. Come on! What more do you need?

      • Lisa London

        I’m with you on that one!

    • jj


    • MelindaB

      I watch Craig, and love his quick wit. I wish that he and Jimmy Fallon weren’t on at the same time, because I like Jimmy, too. Maybe he and Leno could change places…(yeah, I know.) I also like Conan and Jimmy Kimmel.

      • Sacha

        Jimmy and Leno have traded places in my country. (Wales) Leno ceases to be broadcast in favour of Jimmy-tonight actually. And it sucks.
        It also sucks that I have to pay £10 each for my fave shows, Colbert Report and Daily Show. Jon Stewart is so cute!
        Hey, I’m 18! What do you expect?! Lol

    • Meghan

      I do.

    • meemee

      apparently the family in kickass does lol

    • Larry

      I Do!! I watch Craig Ferguson almost every night.

    • me too

      I love Craig! The “awkward pauses” are the best. If I’m too sleepy to stay awake to watch, I always DVR him.

      • Jmo

        I go to CBS’s sucky website (really, it’s horrible, the IT guy should be fired it’s so bad) or youtube and listen to him at work. Every time he has someone on from overseas the whole office can hear me laugh.

    • Susie

      Not only do I ONLY watch Chelsea and Craig… but I record them, so I can experience it all over again and again and again etc.

    • Jill Moberg

      I didn’t pick him …. BUT Ferguson IS funny!

    • Ivan

      A lot of people! He’s the funniest on this list by far! Who else has a robot skelton as a sidekick!

    • ally

      Craig is, hands down, THE funniest person on late night. Just watch the show and judge for yourself.

    • Terry C

      I do every day – he’s hilarious!!!!!

    • Neko

      Craig Ferguson is the only late night show I watch on a regular basis. I might check HuffPost to see if the Daly Show or the Colbert Reprot had anything funny happen, but that’s about it.

    • dank

      All the cool kids! :)

    • Pibbles8

      The intelligent people, guess you missed out

  • Emma

    Jimmy Fallon and his Thank You notes

    • bob

      YES! i love jimmy fallon and his thank you notes, hashtags, and water wars. i think he’s so funny, and (in terms of traditional late night television a la letterman and leno) he brings something new and fresh to an old model. i was so surprised when they announced him as conan’s successor to late night, and quite disappointed, but i’m glad he’s pulled his weight and proven how adept he is in this format!

      • Love

        Couldn’t agree more! Would love it if his show was on a little earlier, but I love that he is innovative and that he gets along with relatively everyone… It is funny that people blast Fallon, but he seems to be a fan as often as he is an interviewer. Makes for a refreshing change of pace! :O)

      • Ron Paul

        You love his thank you notes? what are you? Braindead?

      • FalPal

        So much hate on this poll…I think they’re all good at what they do…besides Leno, sorry. I don’t understand how people don’t like Jimmy Fallon though…?! He’s the most genuine man on the face of the earth. & he’s funny. & he’s such a sweet heart. FALLON FOR THE WIN. Fal Pal for life<3

  • waaaaahbaggers

    What, we’re not including the comic genius that is the host of Fox News’ “Red Eye”, whoever the heck he might be?

    (Note: sarcasm; trying to get inb4 the Foxbots do.)

  • Lyle

    Hmmm, I just looked at the results. Was Leno allowed to vote for himself?

    • Captain

      Was Craig Ferguson? I liked him on the Drew Carey Show but he’s just not funny in-person. If he didn’t regularly have Sophia Bush on his show, I wouldn’t watch.

      • Lyle

        It looks like Leno’s gotten only one vote so far, while Craig has gotten 10 times that number, so I was just wondering who Leno’s only fan is…

    • Jay’s mom

      Jay isn’t the only one in the family who knows how to use a computer….

    • Zzzzzzzzz

      How do you see the results?

      • Exactly

        I’m not seeing the results either.

      • jslost

        glad I’m not the only one wondering where the results are….

      • Mark

        EW changed the poll. They added Chelsea Handler and removed the link to the results.

      • Christine

        How long was the poll up for voting without Chelsea as an option? That doesn’t seem very fair, does it?

      • Mark

        I’m pretty sure it was less than an hour. (I’m assuming the first comment at 1:38 pm was posted shortly after the poll started.)

  • Lindsay

    Where is Chelsea Handlers on this poll!?

    • Joel

      Mo, if you need a weekend bogelgr let me know. You can read my stuff at Black Dude’s old blog (no shameless self-promotion) I’m the one who writes funny posts (shouldn’t be hard to figure out).

  • Harmen

    NO doubt, Craig Ferguson!! His honest style doesn’t bore people quickly

  • donner

    Craigy Ferg!!! Love him…

    • Dave

      I love CraigyFerg! Hard for me to choose between him and Conan. I love Craig’s unconventional style when it comes to interviewing his guests. It’s very refreshing and funny.

  • Aaron

    Craig Furguson is hands down the most naturally gifted comedian and funniest talk show host. Comedy just comes naturally to him.

    • Bevie

      Craig is naturally funny. He does not have the staff and writers these other shows have. Not only is he funny, his show dedicated to rascism in America was AMAZING!

      • EAP

        THIS. Craig doesn’t rely on the writing staff Colbert, Stewart, Conan are fortunate to have. Without it, they wouldn’t be as funny.

  • orville

    Weird that they’ve included Chelsea Handler’s photo on the article (and her PopWatch category), yet they still haven’t added her to the poll.

    • Brian

      I was thinking the same thing. And she pretty much stands out in the photo, she is the only female in it.

  • Cat

    Jimmy Fallon, hands down. His comedy comes from the joy he has doing his show, he’s just having so much fun it rubs off!

  • Samantha

    I voted Conan BUT Craig is probably the most naturally funny. I didn’t vote Craig because I’ve stopped watching his show. What used to be funny is now predictable and boring and annoying. Put me on the list of people who don’t care for the puppets or Geoff.

    People who hate on Jimmy probably haven’t watched his show in a while, he’s gotten a lot better and he always gets me giggling!

    • Dave

      Are you talking about Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel? I assume Fallon, and I agree with you. While I don’t think he is the funniest, his show is one of the most entertaining, thanks in large part to his natural charm and the creativity he brings to late night. The games he plays with his guest are always fun to watch. Who else has gotten Betty White to play beer pong?

      • Samantha

        I meant Fallon, sorry I didn’t realize Kimmel was in this poll. I didn’t know people thought he was funny…

      • MelindaB

        Fallon’s TV parodies are awesome, too. “Real Housewives of Late Night” is the only RH show that I have watched or ever will watch.

      • Daun

        Fallon put Betty White on ONLY after she was popular again. She’s been doing skits with Craig Ferguson for years; most recently announcing her run for the Presidency. ….’cause “she needs the cash”.

    • JB

      Agreed. I hate Geoff! He’s so annoying that I’ve stopped watching Ferguson

    • Geetika

      I want to clarify snetmhiog about my previous comment: I don’t concede that there’s a conflict between paying faculty decently and what’s good for EMU. But there is of course a difference between what I may want (say, 200K a year!) and what an employer can grant. A well run university would not be nickel-and-dimming the faculty contract, and that’s truly in the interests of both faculty and EMU.

  • Tyler

    Conan’s tweets are hilarious. Unfortunately, his show is not funny at all.

    • Dulanji

      Your filmmaking coniributtons to the show are some of the highlights of the past two years. The whole LNwJF cast and crew are willing subjects and will go where ever you take them. It is also great to see you get to join in and sing every once in a while

  • Johnny Extreme—TO THE MAX!!

    Thats a lot of white guys. Just sayin.

    • Stephanie

      Then I guess that just shows there aren’t any funny black guys on TV…

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