'Beautiful' singer Christina Aguilera: Why calling her 'fat' is downright ugly


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Back in 2009, the Internet decided former reality show darling Jessica Simpson would be its target. Spotting an unflattering photo of the singer wearing a pair of ill-fitting jeans, Internet surfers and blogs unleashed upon Simpson, deriding her for supposedly daring to gain a smidge of weight. And though the singer still struggles with the taunts — and even used them as inspiration for her short-lived Vh1 series examining appearance, The Price of Beauty — our impatient, tabloid-hungry nation has shifted its focus. Now, the Internet is spending its time slamming pop star and The Voice mentor Christina Aguilera.

The body inspection of Aguilera is nothing new — in the early 2000s, chatter spread about a possible breast enhancement surgery. But now, eyes have moved to her thighs, with bloggers calling her every synonym for “fat,” even slapping her with nicknames comparing her to Jersey Shore‘s Snooki. (Who, by the way, looks perfectly fine too, despite some unwise clothing choices.) But the labels don’t stop on the Web. On Friday’s Fashion Police, Kelly Osbourne unloaded on the singer after some harsh photos from the Michael Jackson Tribute Concert began making the rounds. Said Osbourne, “She called me fat for years. I was never that fat.” (Osbourne also criticized Aguilera’s body last month, calling her a “fat b—h.”)

Clearly, since Osbourne and Aguilera have a complicated past, it’s easy to chalk this smack-talk up to a petty grudge. But this isolated name-calling incident is still troubling when you consider we’re still fighting to end all criticisms of the female form in Hollywood and our everyday lives. It’s a fight that’s obviously become much more difficult with the advent of the Internet — when an outlet makes it so simple to anonymously chide celebrities for looking less-than-perfect, how can we stop the overriding sentiment that fat equals hideous? It was hard enough to combat those perceptions coming from commenters, but now that celebrities themselves are piling on the criticisms, how can we win?

I’m not saying that celebrities should be role models. In fact, I hope the Internet has allowed young adults to learn as much about Ida B. Wells and Eleanor Roosevelt as the latest Twilight movie. But it’s impossible to argue that people of all ages aren’t swayed by Hollywood’s opinions. Hollywood tells us who to accept as the latest A-lister, what film to brag to friends that you’ve seen, and, yes, how to look. And when a reality star like Osbourne — who, whether you like it or not, is considered a celebrity — lambasts a singer’s appearance just years after her own struggle with weight, it’s immediately more difficult to convince others that a) that sort of behavior is unacceptable, and b) that there is positively nothing wrong with being bigger than a size 2.

Even I have found myself affected by it. When I was a child, there was no Internet to point out all my possible faults. Now, it only takes five minutes surfing to web to learn that your nose isn’t straight enough, your forehead is too large, or your hips are just not quite proportional to your waist. And when I see TV commentators like Osbourne criticize a beautiful woman like Aguilera, how could I not look in the mirror and think, Gee, if SHE’s not pretty enough, then I must be hideous. We’ve become all too aware in the past year of the dangers of bullying. If elevating that bullying to a public, glitzy platform can turn this well-adjusted adult into someone who suffers from body dysmorphia, then how can we expect younger generations to be confident in their appearance?

I’m aware that comedians (even Fashion Police‘s own Joan Rivers) have made careers teasing celebrities about their weight. But as much as jokes might bruise, it’s easier to ignore cheap shots delivered by people who would insult an orphaned kitten. When someone like Osbourne delivers a comment meant only to injure one’s ego — all, I have to say is, kids, please don’t try this at home. Oh, and Christina, follow your own advice.

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  • lisa g.

    I don’t think Xtina let’s it bother her hence the outfits she chooses. And no offense but get help if tge words of Kelly osbourne impact u in any shape form or fashion!

    • KS

      The other thing that should also be pointed out is that Aguilera is about 5’1″, 5’2″ – overall, she is TINY. If you have seen her in “real life” and not just in a photo or on camera, it is obvious that she is not overweight or has an unhealthy BMI.

      • J. Davis

        Question anyone who claims BMIs relate to health. It is just a way for the diet industry to get paid as a medical expense and justify giving eating disorders to so many people, IMO.
        Look up Wate-on and see that in the 1960s women were told they were too thin!

      • @ J. Davis

        The BMI is a very sound barometer of a person’s health. It is not just a tool used by dieticians; it is also an important diagnostic tool in medicine, with a *very* high correlation between a high BMI and heart attacks or strokes.

      • @KS

        Girl is a chunkbot, honey. I suppose Adele is svelte as well, hmm?

      • Aaron

        I don’t think she’s “fat” either but even though she is a pop star she needs to quit wearing outfits on stage like she did when she was 21. No 30+ year old should wear fishnet stockings and spanks no matter how in shape they are.

      • Shannon

        BMI is not necessarily accurate. You don’t want your BMI to be off the charts, but high body mass may be due to musculature, something which the index does not take into account. In that sense, some people with a high BMI may have an even lower risk of heart attack than those with a normal reading.

      • jonge

        Kelly Osbourne is such a waste of space. At least Christina has a talent, what does Kelly have?BTW,I wanna share a good news to you.My best friend ,she just has announced her wedding with a millionaire man who is a celebrity !they met via Millionaireloving.℃ óM ..it is the largest and best club for celebrity and their admirers to chat online.You do not have to be rich or famous. ,but you can meet one , It’s worthy a try,Maybe you wanna check it out or tell your friends!

      • maggie

        The camera adds 10 to 15 lbs. Anyone who looks OK on camera is probably too skinny in real life. Christina looks fine, weight-wise. She needs to get a better stylist, because the hair & clothing did not do her justice at the MJ concert.

      • JoMarch

        I am going to call out the person that says BMI is a good barometer of health. Really? I can show you studies that say it is NOT. It doesn’t take into consideration sex or body type (muscular or not). Recently, the BMI categories were changed so that more people are in the “overweight” category. My employer uses BMI in its health screenings, so I have followed mine. That’s why I know the numbers were changed. If it’s such a great system, why was it altered? It’s just an easy way to categorize people, right or wrong. Like those ht. and wt. charts that used to be used by insurance companies, it’s a fallible system.

      • Osbored

        Well, in truth what Kelly went on to say was “why doesn’t her management or her stylist try to get her to wear clothes that are more flattering rather than letting her go onstage wearing this?”. Yes, she did say the I was never that fat comment, but she didn’t pick Christina as her worst of the week and at least she provided some constructive criticism – right?

      • Reba

        I concur! A more flattering costume would render this all moot. I often wonder why people wear what they wear on stage

      • Tess

        I don’t understand why the style now is to wear essentially a swimsuit on stage. Hardly anyone looks attractive in it and it looks ridiculous. What happened to class?

      • mike

        you are an i d i o t.

    • wakeforce

      If you don’t wnat people to call you fat, stop wearing those body-hugging outfits!

      • Shellibelli

        too bad She called Osbourne fat for years. shame on her but hey Karma is a b#tch

      • Christine

        I think that society. the press, and many women are way too hard on women in general. They inspect people like Jennifer Aniston and shout PREGNANT if she gains half a pound. It is absurd!
        In this situation, Kelly seems like a jerk for holding a grudge for so long and calling her names that she herself has been called. Kelly still has a LOT of growing up to do. Women tearing each other down is never the right answer.

      • Art

        Please. Can we just admit that she looks like sh@t. And that has nothing to do with weight. She looks like a total piece of hooker trash. She looks old, rough, and the wig and makeup looks especially whorish. None of that has to do with weight. And when she can make a decent record, I’ll be happy to comment on her voice.

      • Lady Bean

        While I can’t deny that Christina has put on weight recently, I can’t say she’s fat – she’s just more voluptuous than she was before (you know, when she was 20, BEFORE she had a child). But I will say that she needs a make-over, head to toe. Someone call Stacy & Clinton from What Not to Wear because she is definitely not wearing flattering clothing on a regular basis. I can give more leeway to ‘concert/performance’ attire as it’s usually more over the top than day to day or red carpet wear, but this outfit is godawful (and would be on just about anyone, even though a 20 yr old performer could probably get away with it). Dress for the figure you have, not the figure you wish for and you will always look beautiful.

      • manuel

        @Shellibelli can you prove that? don’t believe everything you hear.

      • Kate

        Spot on @ladybean. Of course she looks different now, in her 30s after pregnancy, than she did as a 20 year old. But she should probably dress differently to flatter her current figure. I don’t wear the same clothes that I did ten years ago, because I’d look stupid.

      • besimon

        I have to agree with wakeforce. She has money and can hire a designer to make a flattering outfit. Also, ignore KO. She has made a few stupid comments on Fashion Police including complaining about Kate Middleton wearing the same out several times. KO would wear a new outfit every day. She can be ignorant and have no tact sometimes – but I do like KO most times.

      • Ally

        thank you. While I agree that celebrities and people in general don’t need to be a size 2 and if they are bigger don’t think they are “fat”- but I know what I can and can’t wear- and Christina should realize that she is not a size 2 anymore and needs to cover her thighs up.

    • Shannon

      Agreed. When Kelly made that comment the first time, I laughed it off, thinking that even though Kelly had lost weight, she still had to let go of some steam. I mean, I never liked Aguilera’s personality during her “Genie” days either, so I could certainly see her making fun of Kelly. But, when little Ms. Osbourne went off on Christina again this week, I thought it was lame and immature and a sign that Kelly still has plenty to work on even though she’s worked on her body. That said, I don’t think Christina cares what people say about her either. That’s never seemed like her personality type. She just puts on an ill-fitting unitard and let’s it all hang out.

      • Diva!

        Kelly has a lot of nerve calling X-Tina fat. I guess her fat ass hasn’t looked in the mirror lately.

      • Adwina Lambert

        Flop-tina is soooo over-rated and over-exposed!!

      • Christine

        Normally I would agree that Kelly was wrong, but in this case I don’t blame Kelly for giving X-tina a dose of her own medicine. I don’t know either woman but I do know people who know them and X-tina was horrible and cruel to her and said mean things to and about Kelly for YEARS. And all of her comments were about Kelly’s looks and weight. Now Kelly’s career is on the ups and X-tina is on her way to being a drunk washed up mess Kelly deserves to have fun laughing at what a (sometimes sloppy drunk) mess X-tina has become. Remember the old saying becareful of how you treat people on the way up, cause your gonna pass them on the way back down.

    • Cygnus

      Kelly is just straight up jealous. No matter how fat or ugly Xtina might get, Xtina will still be infinitely more talented. Kelly just hates that now she’s skinnier, and she’s still talentless. She just keeps sucking her daddy’s teet, and milking it until she becomes a nobody again.

      • daisy


    • gerritv

      I think she has Bette Davis thighs. . .

    • Ken

      But…Christina Aguilera has gotten FAT. Facts are facts.

  • Kat

    Kelly Osbourne is such a waste of space. At least Christina has a talent, what does Kelly have?

    • liz

      I agree. Kelly has become a bully as she was bullied b/c of her weight. She needs to grow up and get over it, or seek therapy if it still bothers her that people think she is fat.

      • Rebecca M

        I agree with you. I find it so childish for her to turn Christina’s insults back around on her. It would be nice if she could be a little compassionate instead, snc she’s been there.

      • Adwina Lambert

        ooo floptina! retiree tee-hee!!

      • Rain

        Agree. I was really annoyed with Fashion Police this week. I agree Christina doesn’t look her best and really needs to stop with the unitard/fishnets look – however Kelly lost any respect I had for her – which admitedly was very little – with her comment.

      • Barry

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    • bb

      Kelly has rich parents, that’s all.

    • Jackiev

      Oh I agree. Christina will be around for the long haul, and she may or may not lose weight..
      Once Kelly’s off Fashion Police, no one will care if she loses weight or not. And for the record, she WAS and IS that fat.

      • Devon

        X-tina’s barely around now. She’s slumming it on a game show (and before anyone says what a hit The Voice is, that is not the same as being a relevant artist. Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger aren’t exactly topping the charts). She got a pity verse on Maroon 5’s song. Wow.

      • lisa g.

        @devon u can’t stay on top forever! Geez.

      • Diva!

        So Devon, where can I hear your number one hit song or watch your hit TV show? X-Tina makes more on an episode of The Voice than you’ll ever make in your lifetime.

      • Ap

        What is Fashion Police?

      • Devon

        Hi Diva! I was replying to a comment on Kelly’s vs Christina’s career and how she is in it t for the “long haul.” You won’t hear me on the radio, because I am not a professional singer. It’s not about me, but thanks for trying to put me in my place. Shame. I feel shame.

      • Squishmar

        And so, Devon, what about that Maroon 5 song? Ya know, the one whose lead singer is ANOTHER coach on “The Voice”? Are Adam, Cee-Lo and Blake Shelton (both additional artists who top the charts TODAY) slumming it too? Or is that standard just for Christina?

      • Devon

        Yay, this is fun. Yes, the standard is actually different for Christina. Had her film career, album, or tour taken off, there is no way she would have been doing The Voice. Adam, Cee-Lo and Blake were going for exposure. Christina is following a different template: relevance. The same that Paula Abdul, Nicole Sherzinger, and Jennifer Lopez have done in the past. Is it different for men and women. Yes. She has a limited time to make an impact before becoming a tv personality who had hits back in the day (Paula, Nicole) or becoming relevant again (J-Lo). She’s making steps with Moves Like Jagger, but that is clearly a Maroon 5 song, with her thrown in. If she wasn’t on it, it would still be a hit.

      • Jan

        Sara Bareilles.

      • Santana

        I would argue that things weren’t looking so good for Maroon 5 before the Voice either. They hadn’t had a hit in a few years and none of the songs from their new album were doing well at all. Then along came “Moves Like Jagger”, which premiered on The Voice. Christina has only had one flop album and that’s because she was trying wayy too hard to be Lady Gaga. She could still rebound. She’ll have an easier time if she stops wearing such ugly, age inappropriate things though.

    • Lady Bean

      a famous father.
      but isn’t that considered enough these days? Not saying I agree with it, but in general talent has nothing to do with being famous anymore… except for extreme examples of talent that can’t be ignored, like Adele.

  • Bloomsbury21

    Well played, Kate!

  • jared

    she may not care what she looks like in that ridiculous getup. BUT… if you dare to put yourself in that outfit in that kind of physical shape, then you invite criticism. If you know you look like that, put one something to cover up the thunder thighs

    • J. Davis

      Thunder thighs were considered beautiful in the 60s. We need to celebrate all shapes and sizes and colors.

      • Sincy

        “Thunder thighs were considered beautiful in the 60s.” No, no they weren’t. Now, I’m not saying we should get hyped up about such things, but you’re just making that up.

      • @Sincy

        There is a video of a Sports Illustrated shoot from the 80s where the woman who always picked the models talked about the thighs. Sports Illustrated used to pick models who had thighs that would touch. If you could see space between them, then you were considered too skinny.

  • Marcelina

    Her thighs are so huge! I’m pretty sure she could crush a man to death between those thighs. It would be one of the most pleasant deaths a man could die.

    • Pittner

      If Christina would take off the clown make-up then I’d think she’s much more attractive now than she was ten years ago. Also, I hear people try to blame men for women being uncomfortable with their weight. Most guys I know like a woman with a little extra. I think it’s the media and other women who make it difficult on each other.

      • lisa g.

        I agree! I believe theo average man likes a curve woman and that her make up AND hair e her biggest offense!

      • Kat

        But it’s the men who do things like wear HILARIOUS t-shirts that say “No fat chicks,” just to make sure that any fat woman who passes them has a chance to feel shame and humiliation, even if there isn’t time for a verbal taunt.

      • Pittner

        No real man would wear a shirt like that. If you see any wearing something like that, at least you’ll know right away that this guy is a total loser that you don’t need to waste your time on.

      • daisy

        weight discrimination is the only hate speech that nobody wants to fight. Its too fun for people to make fun of anyone fatter than them. Take that pathetic excuse for a person Kello Osbourne. She is calling that woman fat. What is she a size 6? 8 maybe? Shame on anyone who is supportive of that kind of hate.

  • Jay

    Kelly should know better having gone through it herself.

    But I have to admit, if Christina used to slam Kelly for being fat, there is no shame in a little payback when the tables have turned. Doesn’t feel so good now, does it Christina?

    • susan

      If Christina ever called Kelly fat it wasn’t publicly on television like Kelly did to her. Christina’s choice of clothing, hair, and make-up leave alot to be desired but she is not fat. I hate to point it out to Kelly also but there are plenty of pictures of her from a few years ago looking bigger then Christina is now also.

      • Shannon

        Kelly’s remark isn’t a fair call either way since her and Christina–while both petite women, are different body types. Kelly gains wait throughout her head neck, neck, and torso, whereas Christina gains weight in her stomach, hips, and thighs and looks curvier rather than pudgy as a result.

    • lauren

      Actually, Christina NEVER called Kelly fat. It was just a nasty rumour started by media, who tried to create a feud between two people. She’s been filmed saying that she never said anything bad about Kelly. For someone who sang a song called ‘Beautiful’ people should know better than to think Christina called anyone such names.

      • etm

        Christina has a reputation of being a nasty you know what. Google “christina diss list” and you’ll see a video of other stars’ negative experiences with her.

      • Devon

        Well, she didn’t write beautiful, an ugly person did. Singing it as a pretty, skinny, blonde with big jugs is a little disingenuous.

      • maggie

        Kelly repeatedly says that Christina used to call her fat. I don’t know what the origin of their feud is, but apparently they can’t stand each other. Kelly always says nasty things about Christina on Fashion Police.
        Kelly says she was never as “fat” as Christina, but Kelly was a lot heavier than Christina, judging by pictures I seen of both. Kelly didn’t like being called fat, and she should be more sensitive about calling someone else that.

      • Squishmar

        Devon, you’re just a little sweetheart aren’t you. Linda Perry (the writer of “Beautiful”) is not an “ugly person.” You, however, are. And I’m not talking about how you look.

      • Devon

        Hi Squishmar! Super fun talking to you. Ugly was a harsh word, I admit, but I was contrasting it to the title of the song, “Beautiful.” Linda Perry is not a traditionally attractive person. The song that she wrote is empowering to people who are not viewed as “beautiful” by society. Christina Aguilera, a traditionally beautiful, thin, blonde, who fits society’s “ideal” singing it, to me, always came off as a bit boo-hoo self-pitying, not empowering. She’s a talented singer whose vanity also shows through. A lot of people got something out of the song, I think they just associate the message with Christina and not the writer.

        But thanks for the personal attack! It really puts me in my place.

      • Santana

        Christina has definitely fueded with quite a few celebrities over the years, she has a reputation for doing that. I know she and Pink don’t get along, she recently bad mouthed Lady Gaga twice, and then there was the whole Christina vs Britney thing. And there were others too.

      • Carlos

        Santana, if other singers don’t like her that doesn’t mean that she’s feuding with them.

        Pink and XTina have issues because the producer had XTina as the lead on Lady Marmalade, so it was more about Pink’s ego more than anything.

        The whole Britney vs. XTina crap was made up by the media who had them competing since day one.

        And the comments she made about Gaga were not a diss. She was asked in early 2008 if she listened to Gaga and she simply said that she had not heard of the singer.

        People like to create feuds in the media because that’s what makes $$$$

      • flapjacks

        You know… being filmed denying you ever said something doesn’t make your denial true.

        I can go in front of the camera and claim I’ve never called out of work just because I didn’t want to go in that day. But I have.

        (I don’t anymore, for the record.)

    • peaches

      Well, I love both ladies. But in the end, Christina will be remembered as the singer with an incredible voice who won Grammys regardless of her weight. Kelly will merely be remembered as “Ozzy’s daughter.”

      • christine

        Exactly. This commentary is not about a star being overweight–it’s societies issues with having a scapegoat and issues with “bigger” women. Leave it alone already!

    • noelbelle

      Look, I’ve been fat and I’ve been thin and it didn’t change my sympathies. In fact, I think it made me even more critical for a time because I thought if I could turn it around and lose weight then no one else had any excuses either. I’m not saying it’s right, but if I was Kelly Osborne and a person who’d picked on me turned around and had the exact same problem, I would find it hard to be sympathetic. I’d find it poetic justice, which is the point I think she was trying to make, albeit not tactfully.

  • Michael

    Good article. I don’t think Christina is fat at all and the comments are getting old and boring. People’s obsession with weight just baffles me. As if Christina Aguilera’s weight impacts your life at all. Kelly Osbourne just sounds absolutely ridiculous, bratty, and trite with her comments. Let it go! Seriously. Grow up.

    • lisa g.

      She’s not “fat” that word is thrown around too loosely! She has however gained weight!

      • J. Davis

        Most people gain weight as they get older.

      • Joe B.

        Lisa honey, you’re being very nice about this but she is fat. Way to fat to wear a bodysuit and a leather jacket onstage.

      • lisa g.

        She’s our nations greatest singer! Love love love her!

      • Santana

        I read somewhere that according to her arrest report for whatever she did a few months ago, she only weighs 100 pounds. Which is not overweight.

      • lisa g.

        i just saw pix of her taking her son to the pumpkin patch. she looked tiny!

      • Oy Vey

        Joe B she’s not fat, she has on the wrong size outfit. Most men don’t know the difference. Y’all are stupid that way. LOL

        The girl is short, has gotten older, and has had a kid. Her thighs are wider but she probably wears a size you’d consider “in shape”.

    • abadstroller

      Those of you who are not a Size 0 should not cast the first stone because they live in glass houses and NO ONE wants to see that! Mixed adage, I know, but there’s my point. Aguilera is a mom now with a new metabolism and to expect a woman to retain her pre-preggy body is hypocritical. Having that, she needs a new stylist and someone who tells her the truth about which hairstyle and outfits will benefit and enhance her best features the most The “Quiet Riot” hair, the leather bustier, and the hooker fishnets are not in her best fashion interest, that’s for sure.

    • Rahul

      cool. like her also very much. i found a site where you can see her dancing with the stars onnlie.check the link to watch kelly osborne right now. i hope it helps you. Was this answer helpful?

  • Lex

    Christina Aguilera has a healthy model figure that boasts an ample cleavage, fuller legs and a fuller backside. I just love her curves. She’s so shapely. She’s a great example to women around the country. She’s someone I really look up to. I think she’s really, really sexy and I just have so much respect for her.

    • Team Damon

      There is nothing wrong with putting on a few pounds (and Christina has put on quite a few), but when you do gain weight, you need to stop trying to wear the same clothes you wore 20+ pounds ago. I see nothing wrong with Kelly’s comments. Christina blasted Kelly b/c of her weight, and Kelly is loving it now that their roles are reversed. Don’t dish it out if you can’t take it. Payback is a B!tch.

      • lauren

        Christina has never called Kelly names. She has never been filmed saying bad things about her. It was a gossip mag trying to cause a feud that said Christina called her that. Xtina has explained she never did. Kelly on the other hand is more than happy to openly speak about how much she hates Christina. Christina hasn’t spoke her name in over 10 years – and the last time she did was explaining that she’d never called her fat.

      • Jose

        Christina NEVER called Kelly fat. Christina always taught women to love themselves regardless of their shape or size. IN FACT I REMEMBER the Rolling Stone interview of Christina clearly stating that she felt women with curves were much sexier than skinny women.

      • TBH

        She never called her fat in public. If there was a private feud between them then that is where it should have stayed, in private. Kelly is an ugly inside despite her weightloss. and she WAS MUCH bigger than Christina

      • Asha

        Agreed! It’s not the weight that is making her look bad (she actually looks a lot sexier now) it’s the clothes they are dressing her in. Everything is sized too small and she looks stuffed into everything! If they started dressing her for her actual size she’d be ok.

  • Sammy

    If it doesn’t bother Christina then that’s cool. Christina you’ve gotten really fat!

  • Patrick

    Great article. What kind of music industry do we have if one of the greatest voices in the world gets more headlines for her thighs than for her singing?

    • Jay

      Oh, please…. in a world where a person like Ke$ha can be a make money by “singing”, you should know that musical talent means nothing anymore. Its all about what you look like.

      Is it right…? NO
      But it’s just the way it is

      • lisa g.

        Ita w/ Jay. let’s keep it real Patrick!

  • Merson

    Christina Aguilera is voluptuous, gorgeous, sexy and beautiful. She’s amazing. That woman is incredible. She is one well-endowed lady. I’d like to get my hands on her ‘ample assets’, if you’ll pardon the expression.

    • Sammy


      • lisa g.


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  • The Grammar Nazi


  • Lisa

    I would really appreciate if someone pointed out a link or an article where Christina calls Kelly fat, because I really don’t remember it.

    • Kat

      I remember them feuding back in Xtina’s “Stripped” days, but i dont remember her specifically going after her weight either. Kelly needs to move on, it was 10 years ago.

    • lo

      Christina never called her fat. Kelly is just playing the victim so she can justify her attacks as some sort of payback. In fact, Christina has always stood up for women with different body types. “I think it’s important that whatever shape or body size you are to embrace it and get down! The female body is something that is so beautiful. I wish women would be proud of their bodies and not dis other women for being proud of theirs!” And Christina made that comment right at the time when this whole “feud” supposedly began. If you look up how it all began on youtube, it was always Kelly being the aggressor.

      • RP

        totally agree!!! xtina is so talented and people just can’t help but to try and bring her down. Kelly is holding a grudge with xtina..just like Pink is. they both need to let it go .grow up and move on. they try and get whenever they see something ot exploit..like wieght of course. Xtina will be back to normal soon…she’s been overweight before..no biggie. But i agree with some comments below..in the mean time..xtina must dress her size perhaps and fix her hair lol.

    • Chelsea

      Um, how would ANY of you know if she did or didn’t? More than likely if it did happen, it was in person, not in an interview.

      • Obamaniqua

        That’s what everyone is trying to explain. If they had a private beef, then they should squash it behind closed doors. There is no record that X-Tina ever said anything bad about Kelly in public. Kelly completely crossed the line when she bashed her on live TV. Now the gloves are off. Someone needs to bash Kelly in the head with a bat.

  • Sue1

    Kelly Osbourne obviously has learned from the best–her mother.

  • Jeremy

    Kelly can lose all the weight she wants but she’ll still have that unfortunate face

    • SLB

      Unfortunately so does Christina now. She looks like a blond Snooki.

      • ST


      • Rolf


    • etm

      ITA, Jeremy.

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