'Real Housewives of New Jersey' reunion preview: 'You're the devil!'

The ladies entered this season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey like lions, and they obviously had no intention of going out like lambs. With an 11th-hour flair-up caused by Housewife Teresa Giudice’s trash-talking in her latest book Fabulicious!, the women of Franklin Lakes — even usually diplomatic Caroline Manzo (pictured right) — went into the two-part finale on decidedly bad terms. After learning that Teresa’s sister-in-law Melissa Gorga, with whom she’s skirmished all season, was in touch with former Housewives nemesis Danielle Staub, Teresa spits, “You’re the devil! I’m, like, lookin’ at The Exorcist right now!” See the diabolically good preview after the jump.

Teresa’s ever-combative behavior, it seems, has caused a domino effect that will have far-reaching effects from the reunion into next season. From a walk-out by Jacqueline Laurita (who skipped the reunion) to friction between “thick as thieves sisters” Caroline and Dina Manzo (a former Housewife), all signs point to trouble with a capital BRAVO for Teresa — and fabuliciously guilt-free pleasure for fans.

So how excited are you, PopWatchers? How do you think this season of RHONJ has measured up? Did they save the best for last or what? Will you be sad to see Jacqueline go? Are you on Team Teresa or Team Caroline? Has Teresa dug herself into a hole she can’t get escape?

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  • Jenn T

    Can’t wait! With no Danielle for everyone to distract everyone anymore, it’s clear to the other wives that Theresa is the villain.

    • Jenn T

      I meant to say with no Danielle to distract everyone anymore, sorry about that

    • Necro

      Yep. And a brainless one at that.

    • wakeforce

      Yes, I thought they got rid of Danielle because SHE was starting too much drama! I think she was a scapecoat.

  • lisa g.

    I still think the gorga/ guidice fued started out somewhat scripted! Teresa as nutty as she is makes the show! She is perfect for reality tv. No one will miss Jacqueline! She’s so unimportant on the show not to mention uninteresting! Caroline needs to get off her high horse! I’m excited for the reunion but also keeping an eye open for shennanigans bc Im still not convinced that Andy Cohen is NOT playing us!

    • tcc

      I hope your right because if the feud wasn’t scripted then I am 100% sure that the worst people on that show are not cast member but Teresa and her brothers parents. They have raised two of the most horrible (in every way imaginable) people I have ever seen. If they were my kids I’d rather be dead then to know what wretched people I brought into this world.

      • lisa g.

        Good point! Yes I do believe that this is the brainchild of Andy! In this economy, ppl are desperate for jobs even on reality tv. These ppl know if they don’t bring the goods, they’re gone! Some of those fight scenes n the timing of them are quite suspect. If it weren’t for the family fued, I don’t know what this season would have focused on!

      • laura


    • leeza

      @lisag. so so so true . I think Jacqueline was equally horrific to Ashley, on the show. NO one puts out their dirty laundry and says and I quote: “We are having these issues anyway why not get paid for it”. I just could not believe that one. These sensitive issues should not be brought out to the public through twitter, fb , or any other arena . This is your daughter . Who in fact outed you for being the “drama queen” that you are Jacqueline. First and foremost you are friends with everyone’s enemy. You play both sides of the fence who can really trust this woman?. She had Daniell reprimanding Ashely, at the beginning of the show. She did nothing but put her hubby in the wrong position of having to constantly reprimand Ashely, Then they go at it like sisters not like mother and daughter. But this woman puts so much importance on other peoples lives. Ex: teresa, gorga, manzo, what is she?. A woman or a girl?.

      • jax

        I totally agree!!! I have a daughter with the same age difference and i was a single mother and my daughter same age as ashley and I are closer the best friends!! I think Ashley see’s right through her fake mother and there is nothing worse in this world then seeing your mom and all her flaws as she tries to turn it around and act like she has it together and the kid is the screw up.. is Ashley the screw up or is it really Jacqueline….? my money is on J

      • Petra

        I agree. I think part of Ashleys frustration is knowing her mom is faking it for the cameras. I think all J cares about is her husband and those two sons.

      • bww

        I totally agree with your comment Leesa. Jacquline and Caroline need to be put off the show. They contribute NOTHING!!!! Give the Godmother (Caroline) a ring for kissing and send her — packing!!!!!!

  • mark

    With Jacqueline’s walk out does that mean we are finally rid of that heinous Ashley.

    • Heather

      You mean, Ashlee.

      I like Jacqueline, but her daughter was awful! My mother would have slapped me silly if I ever talked to her like that.

      • lisa g.

        Well aren’t u special! U know the correct spelling of a losers name! Bravo, Heather!

      • N

        I think Heather was poking fun of the fact that Ashlee had the spelling of her name legally changed in yet another attempt to rile her mom

      • Mary

        @lisa g. get your facts straight before you lash out at someone. Heather was making fun of the fact that Jacqueline’s daughter has legally changed her name from Ashley to Ashlee. You should apologize to Heather.

    • Bonnie Lee

      Ashlee is sometimes really mean to her mother. But I think Jacqueline sometimes unintentionally make Ashlee feel as thou she was a mistake. The real villain here is Ashlee’s dad who left Jacqueline to raise a young daughter on her own; Jacqueline needs to stand up to him and let him know much he REALLY hurt the two of them. And maybe Chris could turn over a table on him.

      • lalaland

        I was a ‘mistake’ and I never would have spoken that way to my parents (and I assure you they wouldn’t have allowed me to). Jacqueline’s real mistake is always giving in to Ashley’s whining. She wants everything to be given to her on a silver platter and so far she’s gotten it. Her parents are doing her no favors, time to find out how life really works.

      • lisa g.

        Let’s be real… jacqueline is not a great parent! During past seasons, she would lecture AshLEE about egging on Danielle when she was doing the exact same thing, and loving every minute of it. And AshLEE made a valid point when she called her mom out on the fact that she has not had a child at 20! AshLEE is a MESS but so is her mom who has become a complete follower. If it wasnt for inserting herself into Teresa’s issues, and the random AshLEE issues, Jacqueline has NOTHING to do on the show. She is a wasted paycheck.

      • pamb

        Why is it Jacqueline’s ex-husband’s fault? Yes, it must have been difficult for Jacqueline to raise Ashley alone. But, I don’t think they ever lived in the same state once they were divorced. So, it doesn’t seem like her ex really wanted to be around his child or help his ex-wife.

        Life goes on, and all the parents now get along.

        I was really surprised that Chris went back on his word and allowed Ashely to stay in the house. What point did that serve? Ashley got her way, as always.

      • bh

        Did you hear that Jacqueline’s ex-husband and his wife got arrested for arson? Do you wonder why Ashlee is the way she is?

      • lisa g.

        A lot of Chris’ behavior is perplexing to me! He looks to be this stern straight shooter but then he obviously agrees to be featured more n more on this silly show n he doesn’t keep his word about Ashlee.

      • Bonnie Lee

        I was speaking about whats at the root of Ashlee and her mother’s problem. Sometimes you have to dig up the rotten root, otherwise people take out their anger and frustrations on whoever is safest to vent upon.

  • Marcie

    Team Caroline 100%. Teresa is delusional.

    • tigger851

      AGREED! Caroline tells it like it is….love her for that.

      • lisa g.

        Not really because lately, she talks smack about Teresa in her one on ones, but not to her face. Seems like she finally gets some balls and says what shes obviously been thinking of Teresa to her face on the reunion.

      • mari

        Teresa has always been a vile person. She never apologizes without a last dig. Her husband hates her brother and she just laughs about it. She wants all the housewives to bow to how important she is and credits herself with their wealth, marriages and anything positive in their lives. Narcissism is her middle name.

  • Eva

    Caroline, to use her own words, is a clown. Sh calls people garbage, says on more than one occasion that Ashley woul be picking her teeth up off for the floor for speaking disrespectfully, butts her nose into EVEYBODY’S business and thinks she’s qualified to tell others how to live their lives. She’s been called a liar by both Jacqueline and Teresa. She’s boring and so are her kids.

    • lisa g.

      Spot on, Eva! I agree w/ u on everything!

    • wakeforce

      Ashley SHOULD be picking her teeth off the floor, She’s a BRAT.

  • Polly

    Teresa is the new villain. I think Bravo has seen this coming for a while. Teresa is so hostile, combative and unreasonable. I can’t see how she has anyone who would choose to be in her life for that long. Team Caroline all the way. She’s the only one of this bunch I’ve ever really liked anyway, well, here and Dina.

  • Burton

    There’s a reason I love watching this show. And that reason isn’t Danielle…..

  • Labelquanda

    Yuck to all of dose laydees

  • Vigs

    Why did EW stop recapping this show? I wouldn’t miss any of them, frankly. Even Caroline, who supports her children so much she can’t seem to see the poor choices they make. All the children on this show are hideous (personality wise), though Teresa’s oldest is showing some sense of oh, there are other people in the world? If only they would put down their GD blackberries and look around. It’s the guiltiest of pleasures to watch these people self-destruct!

    • pamb

      I agree. Albie and Chris flop around from career to career (Albie: Law school, police academy, Blk water rep. Chris: Brownstone worker, bartender, Blk water rep) and Caroline pushes it all aside to say “my kids are the best!” Sure, their Uncle Chris bought them a business, they have everything handed to them, and Caroline thinks they are a success. How is Lauren paying the rent on her makeup store? How did she pay for the product upfront? Caroline to the rescue!

      • lola

        you are sooo right pamb and which son likes the opposite sex i mean when they took his lover to dom. Rep. LOL !!

  • ‘Lish

    Team Caroline all the way!

  • EJ

    Terese may be nutty, but Caroline is a joke…I hope she is taken off her high horse.

    • lisa g.


    • joyce

      Caroline is a big freakin joke!!!! She loves sticking her nose into other people business!!!! Teresa should smack the s— out of her!! Caroline get off the show and let a real woman have that spot!!! BTW, if you want something to fix…fix up the relationship between you and your sister!!!!!!1

  • Jess

    Team Caroline all the way!!!! Teresa is crazy pants.

  • zar

    Why are the Manzo brothers hanging around with the gay guy? I think the older Manzo brother is gay. On one of the shoes he practically says he doesnt like girls. Hes definitely gay… you heard it from me first.

    • Lloyd

      Actually this is about the 100th time I’ve heard this, but I certainly hope it’s true.

    • lisa g.

      Albie? of course he is. How hilarious when they thought we believed he was interested in Alexis Ray or any woman for that matter.

    • bh

      He does seem gay now that you said that. I think the younger brother has mental issues. Nobody his age acts like he does. The daughter seems grounded though. I guess Caroline’s perfect children aren’t so perfect after all.

      • lisa g.

        The younger brother is always over laughing at things! Maybe It’s nervousness…dunno but it seems fake!

    • lola

      I felt the same way !! Why take his lover to the Punta Cana Hmmmmm !!

  • sally7 brill

    Yeah Albino is def gay; I have that info from his “beard” and living in Jersey I know the Guidice clan…..Joe is a juice head, not juicy….he’s curses at his kids, a drunk and strung out on steroids. Tree allows all of this since she is hardly home to watch the kids.

    • lisa g.

      well thats not really news about Juicy Joe. It’s pretty obvious just from watching the show!

    • lola

      Juicy Joe loves to go to Alantic City w/o Tree and hang out with young chicks and teresa bro is a real jerk !! I heard Melissa isn’t as bad as they make her on TV

  • Lloyd

    I would love to see Teresa take an IQ test on the air. I’m guessing it would come in around 75.

    • Jenn

      Lol, you’re giving her too much credit! She can’t even figure out the pronunciation of her last name.

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