Kelsey Grammer: 'Real Housewives' was a 'parting gift' for ex-wife Camille

While promoting his new series Boss Down Under, Kelsey Grammer had some unflattering things to say about his ex-wife Camille. When anchors on Australian news Sunrise TV asked Kelsey about Camille’s airing of his dirty laundry on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Grammer offered a terse “it’s bound to be what they do.” But his next statements seemed to show a lingering hostility for his ex. “In my mind that [show] was my parting gift to her after a very difficult marriage and a very difficult decade,” Grammer . “I thought maybe, ‘So long! Here’s a little present for you.'” Check out the full video here.

The Grammers were married for 13 years before their split, sparked by Kelsey’s affair with British flight attendant Kayte Walsh, who became pregnant in August 2010. The announcement triggered an embattled divorce and bitter custody battle that has played out in the tabloids, culminating in Kelsey and Walsh’s wedding two weeks after his divorce was finalized.

What do you think, PopWatchers? Are you on Team Camille or Team Kelsey? Do his remarks strike you as patronizing, or do you think he wishes Camille the best?

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  • DLT

    And save this comment for his next divorce: …”sparked by Kelsey’s affair with (fill in the blank blonde)”. Silly mistresses, he cheated on her to be with you, he’s going to cheat on you to be with the next one who looks like you used to 10 years ago.

    • lisa g.

      Kelsey looked unusually appealing during that interview. Maybe it was the beard!

      • K Worthington

        Anything helping to hide his face would make him look better.

    • amy

      Once a man cheats they never stop! I am a fan of Kelsey’s though, Frasier was a very funny show.

      • lisa g.

        Me too, Amy! I’d love to quit him for how he’s treated camille but I just can’t!

      • amy

        Hey Lisa! I still watch reruns of Frasier at nite sometimes.

      • lisa g.

        Hi there Amy! Same here!

      • duncan Green

        once a woman cheats they never stop..right amy?? with one dumb sentence you show you lack of intelligence…Camille was treated way better then she should have..most guys would have dumped the tramp a long time a go

  • Elle

    Honestly, I think this is a case of dirty rotten scoundrels. I don’t feel badly for anyone caught up in this drama.

    • Elle

      Except I do feel badly for the kids who are unfortunate enough to have these two as parents.

  • PrincessPJ

    I never cared for Kelsey Grammar but I have no respect for him at all now. I will never watch or support his career in any way. I don’t care who was at fault or who was difficult. He should respect the mother of his children and keep his big mouth shut! And so should Camille! I’m waiting for him to cheat on the current wife – cheaters never stop!!

    • JB Tom

      100% agree with you. I will never watch a Kelsey Grammar show, a movie, nothing — Camille was busy being a good wife and mom while he moved to NY, leaving his entire family, to get closer to his mistress.
      He’s sick.

      • Ralphie

        “She was being a good wief and mom while hse was in NY”. You’ve got to be kidding me. She had four nannies. And about being a good wife, talk with her ski instructor, waiters and her good friend she was flirting with the entire first seaon of R.H.

      • Lee

        @Ralphie Good moms do not do reality shows and exploit their family for a little fame. She knew her marriage was over and wanted the cameras there to make her look good. He moved to New York to work. Something she has never done in her life. Now she gets half of his Frasier money that she did not earn. If you pity this woman then you are the sick one.

      • duncan Green

        JB TOM…Camille was never a good wife and never a good mother..a good mother would be home with the kids instead of promoting herself on a reality tv show!! shes $$$ greedy..a golddigger..Kelsey Rules!!

    • DRG

      It is well known that Grammer is a Republican and once again we get another look at the part of family values.


      • j

        What does that have to do with being a Republican. Someone should slap the stupidity out of you. You liberal jackhole.

  • Joe

    Kelsey I think Camille was a fake a gold digger who probaly never loved you and was only looking for a rich man to take care of her.But…do not waste time talking about that tramp.Just move on with your life and love your kids more than you hate your ex.You are way too talented for that.

    • Jo

      Thanks Kayte Walsh

  • Lee

    As soon as they got married she dyed her hair blonde, got fake tits, a fake nose, and gave up her charity work.Kelsey’s right she became a totally different person than the woman he married. He was the award winning t.v star remember and she was the nobody. I am on Frasier’s side on this one.

    • bringbackrocky

      He’s got such a great track record with marriages (currently on number 4), why wouldn’t you side with him?

    • Jo

      Yeah, He was an award winning star, she was a nobody – so it’s okay for him to be an adulterer. I’m with you on this one.

    • Tom0822

      Hey, I wonder if the new Mrs. Grammer will “not become a totally different person” and just continue to be a flight attendant?

      You should hold your breath for that!

    • Zara

      Not true, I remember her as a dancer on Club MTV back in the day and she looks the same only slightly older now.

  • Adah

    Wow Kelsey, you’re a real prince aren’t you?

    • duncan Green

      Adah…Kelsey was telling the truth…he was married to a stripper, golddigger, B**ch..

  • Ann

    I’m admittedly not all that familiar with Kelsey Grammer, but I have to wonder if he’s actually all that talented, or if he’s just been playing the same character (himself) for all these years.

    • K Worthington

      He played some character from the Amer. Revol. some years ago and I just could not seperate him/Frasier from the character he portrayed. It was George Washington or someone like that and I just could not watch it. I really want to watch Boss and I’m torn. Don’t want to support him in anyway but then don’t want to deprive myself of something interesting.

  • Polly

    How many times has he been married?

    • Polly

      Yeah, FOUR times. I’m not fan of Camille, but I think anyone who has been married FOUR times has room to criticize anyone, especially one of his X wives. Also, how dumb can you be to be willing to give that much of your money away to so many X wives, since you clearly don’t have a good track record.

  • K

    He truly reached scumbag level when he wanted to split the kids up, him only taking their son. After like 3 or 4 girls did he only want his son? Seemed odd and cruel to the little girl.
    He really can’t be mad if letting her be on the show was a “gift”. He had this coming and was really asking for it.

  • Jiji Moran

    Kelsey Grammer is a peeg!

  • lena horn

    I hope Kelsey Grammer is sitting in his mansion counting his emmys and his millions and not worried about what awful things a bunch of jealous losers on the EW website are writing about him.

    • lisa g.

      Lmaoooo….ouch. doubt it. He’s upright. Very miserable.

      • lisa g.


  • juesty

    They are both saying mean things about each other. Poor kids hope they get massive inheritances.

  • AM

    I always kind of thought it was anyway. Camille even said in the first episode of RH that she hadn’t wanted to do the show but Kelsey encouraged her to. And if you watch that episode things were so obviously icy between the two of them. When Kelsey left for NYC they barely kissed on the cheek.

    • me

      oh yeah, she didnt’t want to do the show, but what’s the excuse now? Hmmmmm, the poor innocent girl, hometown MaryAnn, the blessed Virgin. Spare me.

  • Diana

    Team Camilie all the way. That’s no way to treat the mother of your children. He’s a jerk. Also, how many times can he afford to get married without prenups & gets taken to the cleaners for cheating? Just curious.

  • Tara

    The only reason any of you people are siding with that fake gold digger Camille is because Kelsey is a Republican. There’s no way you could see how she treats people on The Real housewives of Beverly Hills and think she is the victim here.

    • lisa g.

      Is that widely known? No… ur off base boo boo

    • bringbackrocky

      Seriously? Because he’s a Republican he’s getting bashed? Wow, you Republicans are even more paranoid than we think.

      • j

        Wow, I’d rather be paranoid than an idiot. You idiot.

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