Bethenny Frankel did not fake her lost at sea adventure, says Bravo. Release the Kraken?


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Did anybody else see the super-special Thanksgiving-tacular episode of Bethenny Ever After last year? Let’s briefly recap. Last Thanksgiving, Bethenny Frankel, the svelte and shrill mistress of margarita, had an intense turkey related meltdown. She moaned and groaned and stomped her tiny little feet, ultimately deciding to stab her assistant in the jugular with a state of the art stainless steel turkey baster. Okay, so that last part may have been slightly fabricated. But the point here is that Bethenny Frankel is a Type A lady with a harsh tongue and an anxious temperament, so if she was really “lost at sea” you’ll probably be able to tell by the intensity of her tantrum when the episode airs. At least that’s what Bravo is counting on.

Last month, Frankel was filming in New England with her husband, Jason Hoppy, when their boat’s GPS reportedly malfunctioned. Frankel said she was stranded in the treacherous Atlantic waters until the Coast Guard finally showed up 20 hours later. Tim Russell, the man who rescued them, told the Jewish Journal that the whole thing was a big fat SkinnyGirl lie staged for TV. But a rep for Bravo told EW that the drama was as real as a housewife: 

“It is accurate that Bethenny, Jason and their therapist were stranded at sea when the navigation on their boat broke during a taping for the new season of Bethenny Ever After. The Coast Guard referred a private tow vessel who eventually led their boat out. When people see the episode, they will certainly see for themselves that this was very real.”

Well PopWatchers, it looks like you’ll have to tune in to Bethenny Ever After to determine if this whole mess was genuine. Does anybody else wish that this whole thing played out closer to the recently discovered lair of the Kraken? Drama by Bravo!

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  • Catherine

    LOL. It’s already been well documented from serveral independent sources that this was hoax from the ground up. There was no danger, the GPS was working, there was no need for “rescue”. I especially love how they let the camera crew off the boat first so they could catch her kissing the ground when she got off the boat. Wonder how many takes that took? I’m guess that Bravo believes that the people stupid enough to even watch this show in the first place are also stupid enough to buy the B.S.

  • lisa g.

    Of course Bravo says it happened! They wouldnt want us to think their golden egg franchise n offsprings were scrapped, would they? Kind of like Nene’s SCRIPTED marital problems?!

    • luckandge

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      • Benny

        The turkey bastor was exactly what I was thinking about looking at that skin. Someone check her turkey temperature popper and see if it has popped.

    • Joanna

      She is ugly inside and out.

    • Bohoken

      Of course she made it up. Anything for attention.

      • Moi

        You mean, of course the JJ blogger made up the story, to get her name into the media. That is all that idiot blogger does.

  • lisa g.

    *scripted….not scrapped

  • Lauren

    Maybe I’m too bias because I like her so much but I saw Bethenny on Ellen last week and when she recounted the event, it sounded pretty real. But let’s face it – real or not, I’m going to watch!

    • SaraS

      Yeah, I actually believe it.. if your GPS breaks down, what’s the cameraman going to do??

      • lisa g.

        @ Sara if course u believe it…because ur stupid!

      • SaraS

        @lisa g.: You’re rubber, and I’m glue! *rolls eyes*

      • lisa g.

        maybe that explains ur stupidity! Glue fumes. Poor thing!

    • lisa g.

      Yes, Lauren, u probably are biased. If u read some other sources, It’s obvious she is lying! No offense, but EW leaves a lot out of this story! Google it n how she mislead ppl n Forbes about how much money she made from her margarita mix! But i will say shame on Forbes…I thought they did more thorough research on things like that! So how embarrassing for them as well as Bethenney!

  • Bobbi

    It isn’t called Bethenny Goes LA per Bethenny.

    • Shaunna Murphy

      Thank you, Bobbi!

  • dee123

    She looks like the kraken.

    • Gene

      She looks like a Kardashian, just uglier

  • LynnnChicago

    She looks old! Her credibility is zero at this point…

    • lisa g.

      I agree! She is so full of sh*t not to mention the lying by not disclosing how much she made from skinny girl! She has always struck me as having an affected personality that wasn’t completely genuine! and she loooooves to hear herself talk!

      • SaraS

        Why would she talk about her actual paycheck, stupid Lisa G? To make you and your housewife friends happy?
        It’s not classy to talk about finances in the press. When’s the last time you heard an actor talking about how much they made for a movie?

      • lisa g.

        stupid Sara….when Forbes crowns u one of the highest paid women in the country n put u on the cover of their magazine, n u know its inaccurate, u speak up u dumb pos! She earned 8 mil that she split w/ a partner, not the 100 mil Forbes n others thought…yet she rode it all the way, never coming clean until someone went n did a lil research. So STFU, stupid Sara!

      • KSM

        She made a lot of money either way… I don’t think it’s that big of a deal.

      • lisa g.

        Of course no ones frowning at 4 mil but Forbes n other publications that did features on her feel as if she mislead them! And for me, in MY opinion, it goes hand n hand w/ the lie/ exaggeration about being lost at sea for 20+ hours.

      • Jb

        Actually, they reported she made 20 mill, which she did, not 100 mill.

      • lisa g.

        Thx for the info jb! Where’d u read that? Because I read 8 mil n she split that w/ a partner. I guess the actual specific amt isn’t what has ppl, namely Forbes, up in the arms..It’s the fact she never came forward n cleared any of this up. 20 mil is a lot different from 100 mil….that’s not a small difference! And for me, it just shows her deceptive ways! She let a magazine do a spread on her under the guise of being the 100 million dollar woman…that’s just WRONG!

      • Moi

        Whenever a corporation makes a deal like the purchase of Skinnygirl, part of the deal is you cannot talk about how much money was involved. Anyone who knows business knows that.

    • Kristina from Tampa

      @LynnChicago, she’s been getting beat up pretty bad in the press this week for her lies. The Coast Guard was even contacted. I can just imagine how much of a witch she is to be around right about now. Poor Jason.

  • map

    “As real as a housewife”: that about sums it up!

  • Beauty

    I’ll be watching either way and I’ll see for myself.

    And for people going off about what she made B has always said the numbers were blown out of proportion and she never said how much!

    How about Forbes do some research and get tax return statements and such before putting someone on their cover? Sounds like Forbes is the dumb azz if the numbers aren’t true!

  • Dominic

    The only way I’d watch this awful woman on anything is if she did discover an actual kraken. Or got eaten by one.

  • Sweet potato

    I like Betheny, however, I have never purchased her product. She obviously works hard at marketing herself and her brand. Good for her if she can get away with it. I wish I were as ruthless as she, then I wouldn’t have to worry about college for my kids or retirement. Sounds to me like every one dissing her is j.e.a.l.o.u.s.

    • lisa g.

      @ sweet potato…ppl like u r the worst kind of ppl on message boards! Simply because u sum probably everything n everyone who is even remotely critical up as either a “hater” or jealous. Grow up! Ugh.

      • lisa g.

        Housewives past n present from bravo get a lot of bashing so i guess according to ur logic it can be summed up as jealousy!

      • Sweet potato

        @lisa g. – Seriously? How DARE YOU tell me I am “the worst kind of ppl on message boards”. Are you kidding me? You telling me grow up makes me laugh when you are the one calling people stupid. Seems to me your the one who needs to grow up.

  • Hudson

    True or not, they can’t have been experienced boaters if they had no backup to the GPS. Paper charts anyone? Anyone?

  • Marisol

    She made a mountain out of a molehill once again. Lost at Sea? Maybe Bravo can splice in some film from The Perfect Storm, and edit Bethenny screams and anxiety with those 30 foot waves. Shame of Bravo. We’re not that stupid.

    • Peanuts

      @Marisol – No, we’re not that stupid, but does any one believe any of the RH franchises are real? I watch for the drama, whether scripted or somewhat authentic (because yes, these ladies do have real feelings and they do sometimes react in realistic, al beit hysterical/crazy/insane ways). I seriously believe it’s half and half, and don’t care which half is real and which half is fake as long as it’s entertaining TV.

  • Moi

    The originator of the story, the stalker-like ‘writer’ for the Jewish Journal, Angel, is a widely discredited source. It is absurd that ANY media outlet is citing the JJ jerk on anything. Angel regularly uses anonymous tweeters as her sources (and there are actually lots of people who believe that SHE (Angel) is one of the anonymous tweets – creating fake sources and stories that she then cites in her ‘column’. Beyond that, she has a bizarre obsession with Bethenny; writing about her continually. Why? Before real media use her as a source, they should investigate and ask what her agenda is – because Angel clearly DOES have an agenda, and it is certainly not the truth.

    The Jewish Journal should fire Angel. As a Jew, I find it embarrassing that they employ her. Her continual lying goes against the Torah and everything else the Jewish Journal should be about. Angel and the Journal who employ her, are a disgrace.

  • viviennewestwood

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