'Sons of Anarchy': The body count rises


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SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy, stop reading now and come back when you have. We need to discuss.

I remember having to pause my DVR last week while watching Juice try to steal some coke to give to Sheriff Roosevelt (and again when Gemma lied to Clay about John’s letters). I just couldn’t stand the tension. During this week’s episode, I had to pause after Juice shot Miles in the head FIVE TIMES when Miles discovered him trying to smuggle the coke back in and threatened to make him explain himself to the club. In addition to the great blood splatter that I had to rewind to appreciate, there was also that beautiful, deceptive breeze through the trees — I want to say it symbolized the calm before the storm, but this entire season has been a Category 1 hurricane — and the tragedy of Juice trying to save two innocent lives and taking one anyway. The club seemed to buy that Juice was the one who busted Miles — including Happy, who put another four bullets in his corpse (“Did you get him,” Chibs cracked). But I think Chibs suspects something’s up with Juice, who had the idea to give the thief time to return the coke in the first place, no questions asked.

Speaking of looking guilty, that was a great fakeout with Jax and Ima, wasn’t it? He paid her a visit after she pulled a gun on Lyla, Gemma, and Tara when Lyla found out she’d slept with Opie. She thought Jax was just jealous — she could only be his bad girl — and they kissed. Tara’s sewing up Juice, who’d been shot in the leg, and that’s how Jax repays her? I couldn’t have handled that betrayal, particularly after their fidelity talk. That was just Jax getting Ima alone so he could bang her head into her vanity table and threaten to kill her if she ever flashes that “rancid p—y” around the club or his family again. I don’t condone violence against women, spitting in their faces, and calling them whores, but this woman knew exactly what she was doing and who she was hurting and didn’t care. (And, it’s not like Opie didn’t take a shot from his father.)

The only hero of the hour, for me, was Unser, who went to the sheriff and told him he’s heard Tara may be in danger. By putting that typed death threat — “I’m going to hurt you, then kill you doctor bitch” — in her car, he’ll put both her and Jax on alert. Judging from the promo for next week, Roosevelt also now takes Unser’s tip seriously. He’d be stupid not to offer Tara protection so he can get eyes on Jax’s old lady, but the club will no doubt veto the idea, and this will come back on Unser. Not that I want to see Unser leave the show, but he’s still dying, right? What does he have to lose? Clay should be afraid of him, and honestly, I’d be okay right now if Clay went down. I would’ve been bleeped multiple times talking back to my TV when Clay asked Romero to take out Tara, then had the cojones to throw his arm around Jax as though he didn’t just order a hit on the love of Jax’s life.

How do you think this will play out next week and beyond? And are you hoping to see Tig’s daughter again? (“Which one?” “Crazy one.” “Which one?” “Yeah, I know.”) It’s sweet that he’s happy to give her $12,000 if it means she’ll keep coming to see him, but a good parent doesn’t give a troubled daughter that kind of money without asking what it’s really for? That said, watching Chucky flirt is worth having her back.

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  • Joe

    Great Ep. tonight. Miles getting shot an Ima getting spit to the face was shocking enough but, what about Clay going to the cartel to get them to kill Tara. This show’s just goddamn amazing.

    • bill

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      • jj

        Bill, your a moron!

      • tina

        Yeah Bill, online live porn cams pay well.

  • Jaime Ortega

    Crazy episode. Still trying to process everything. With that said, I think that Unser is going to be the next statistic in the body count. This season just keeps blowing me away.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      I am sad for the club, now that we are seeing behind the curtin its dark, real dark. Miles we barely knew thee! I wanted to get to know him more and as soon as he found Juice I knew one of them was going to die. But the way Juice did it, and then set Miles up as the crook made me hate Juice. I was with him, hide that you are black to avoid some dumb old rule, but killing a member and setting him up? Not cool. They berried Miles in an unmarked grave with out his cut and he will be remembered as a rat….sad. And Chibbs and big fat Phill know something is up. I wanted to cry for the club at the end because this season is taking the club down a dark road for sure.

      • Megs

        I don’t think Juice wanted to kill him, but in that situation, it was kill or be killed. He didn’t have much of a choice.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Yes Megs, I dont think he wanted to either but he did. The fact is he killed a member, not a prospect but a member who sits at that table.

        Miles gave him the oppertunity to walk to the warehouse and explain himself. Maybe he would have been killed, maybe they would have taken pity on him and blamed a prospect. But he did not have to tackle Miles to get the gun, he chose to do that. He is a rat and a tarder and he should die for what he did.

      • Peter

        They all need to die. SAMCRO is so corrupt and what pisses me off the most, is that I thought they were better. You hug a man, call him son, then send someone to kill his wife. Jax beats up and spits on a woman, a woman that did nothing wrong, yeah I said it, she did nothing wrong. She never forced anyone to sleep with her. Juice, who I used to like, killed a member because his club would kill him if they found out he was black. I mean what the hell is that, if my so called brothers, will kill me cause my dad is black, then maybe we shouldnt be brothers. SAMCRO is going down and boy would I love to watch them all die.

  • janice

    I hope clay gets blown away! he is being a real SOB, this season has me on edge!

    • Ally

      I can’t believe Clay, he really disgusts me. Killing Opie’s old lady didn’t teach him anything? He only thinks about himself…I really hope he gets what’s coming to him soon, hopefully by Jax. Jax btw, scared the crap out of me. At first I was completely shocked, they had me thinking they had been secretly meeting up for awhile- and I felt like I had just been cheated on too. I have to admit I had to rewind a few times to watch Ima’s face get bashed in- it was awesome. She really deserves it. I really hate what they are doing to Juice..he is one of my favorites. Thanks Mandi for recapping this awesome episode and awesome show! Let’s stop with the Real Housewives crap and get a show like this recapped every week!!

      • Heather

        ^ This!!!

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        YES! WE NEED A WEEKLY RECAP ON EW! RECAP! RECAP! RECAP! RECAP! How is this show still not getting any respect from EW? This season might be the one to get the emmy nom finally cause it is GOOD

      • april

        why can’t we have both the real housewives and this.
        I like them both.

      • hlynn

        Yes, this show is definitely worth of a weekly recap over some of this other reality crap!

      • TONY

        hell yea..we need a weekly recap…best show on tv
        wheres doc at when u need him

      • jelly200

        I agree! We need a weekly recap for the best show on TV!

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      No doubt in my mind that by the end of all this Clay will be exposed. He will either kill Tara/Piney/Unser and then be exposed for killing the which will then lead to why he killed them or he wont and he will get found out by one of them droping teh dime on him. And when it happens Clay is a dead man.

  • ray

    I really do love the show but Clay is turning out to be a worthless piece of garbage and he will no doubt be the target of Jaxs’ wrath. No one in the club will trust him after they find out he put a hit on Tara. I think its a little early to write this kind of material unless the show has only one more season which I hope not. Kurt Sutter will probably shock us all as he usually does I guess.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      Not really cause Clay is on his way out and the show has to start acknowledging that fact. I mean did you really expect Clay to be the prez for teh entire series? I think this will all lead to Jax not wanting out anymore and he will instead stay and become prez and kill Clay which will lead to Tara leaving Jax as she will want out with or with out him.

    • j

      I believe soa was only planned out for 5 seasons. So I think anything goes.

      • Rae

        I’ve watched two different interviews with the creator Sutter and he said seven seasons.

  • mike

    def a great episode. kinda feel bad for juice, saving two lives then taking one that wasnt even one he was trying to save. anybody know the name of the song they played at the end of the episode?

    • dusty

      it was called “Family” by Noah Gundersen.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      I felt bad for Juice before this episode. First of all this whole story arch about the club not wanting blacks in its ranks is BS!!!! they have NEVER been racist before this season. They went after white hate in season two for crying out loud. So I felt for Juice but he should have just come to the club and explained and hoped for mercy so he could remain a member cause what does he think will happen if he rats to the cops? That he will some how still be a member? There wont be a club if he rats. But after last night I hope he dies a horrible death for what he did to Miles. Miles who we barely got to know but seems to have been close with Oppie as he patched in during the prison time. So as far as we know when they were all locked up Miles might have been a big help to the club, he seemed it. And how does he go out? Trying to protect the club and instead he gets shot in the face 5 times and made to look like a rat. Juice is a punk and he will get his for what he did.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Alsdo I had a new found respect for Miles. In that breif second when he found Juice and was fast enough to draw his gun and say “explain it to the club” I mean we did not know him well but he was ready to kill for the club, he took out his knife and he was ready to stab juice. Clearly that didnt happen but for a breif second before his face was blown off I was liek wow this guy has it in him. He was a real SoA member and Juice is a punk.

      • Brandy

        It’s not BS. If you know anything about real MC’s, especially say the Hell’s Angels, then you know they do not have black members. It’s an incredibly old school rule & just how things are done. Doesn’t mean you have to like it, but it’s just how things are. Doesn’t mean the members of SAMCRO hate black people, but it does mean they won’t let them patch into their club.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Yes Brandy BUT I have watched every episode and they have NEVER mentioned this rule before nor have they ever acted like they do not let blacks in their club. I realize this in a real MC those rules apply but I did not think the SoA was like that because the show never led us to beleave they were like that so its a weak ass storyline

      • Brandy

        For some reason I can’t respond to your reply to me, but anyway, what I wanted to say is that is hasn’t been an issue yet, so why would it have been brought up before hand? It’s not the kinda information you just slip casually into conversation.

      • Ms Juice Ortiz

        Ok SOA, go to Sutterink and read his post about the black and white of MC’s.
        Remember Piney in season 1, he dropped the N bomb as often as he could UNTIL Laroy saved his life when he went into Oak looking to avenge Donna’s death.
        That said, I am wondering if the Juice story is about race or that his dad was a RAT? The file Roosevelt has on his dad doesn’t have a mug shot. Just my speculation.
        Also, Chibs and Phil know something is up. Remember the look Chibs gave Juice while Tara was sewing up his leg? They loaded him into the truck at the end of the episode. They will question him.
        Lastly and this is kind of important, most of the USA MC’s do have some sort of racial segregation. BUT BUT BUT The IRA has murals of Frederick Douglass on it’s walls in Belfast. The IRA sees their struggle as being very similar to African Americans in the USA. Both groups faced a lot of discrimination coming to this country (albeit one was actually “enslaved”).
        There was a reason Juice asked Chibs about it, not just because of Chibs wife either.

        I am shocked though, as you are. I assumed they were open membership and was truly upset to find out otherwise. But I’ll wait to see what they do, before I choose to keep watching the show.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Brandy, I realize its not something to slip into conversation however its the kind of thing they could have directed the fans to before hand so we didnt feel like its a BS story arch. They could have mentioned it in season 1 when dealing with the 9ers and Mayans or something. I just dont like that they blind sided us and used it to make Juice a POS.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Ms Juice, I will check out the sutterlink but I have also read books on the Hells Angels so I realize those rules are for real I just wish the show hadnt led us to beleave that they were not like that like they did. I mean they hated Darby for being a drug dealer and white hate and they have gone up against white hate as well and now outof no where they drop this “rule” on the audiance. Thats my gripe not that I dont think its for real. And yes I remember Piney in season 1 and I I actually love his character so yea I know all about him and the N word and his hate for teh Mayans as well. However one member being old and racist does not say the whole club is that way which it seems its not, I mean Jax acts black half the time so clearly they dont hate blacks so its a dumb rule. My point is Piney using teh N word is not the sign im looking for to show that they have set this story line up in the past cause IMO they just kind of pulled it out of no where.

        I think the stuff with Juice’s dad is all about him being black. But I love your thinking outside the box.

        And if the IRA is ok with blacks and they were a part of teh found 9 then I dont get the rule but thanks for that info cause I never noticed that before.

        Also props for calling Big Phill by his name and not “the fat prospect” lol not even the people doing the recap knew his name. And I did so I was like come on pay attention. But yes I also saw teh Chibbs looks and Phill as well. Juice will be found out and get his.

        The reason jice asked Chibbs about it you are right is not about his old lady at all but it was the writers. That was Sutter trying to make it official IMO. They had never come right out and said there was an old rule about blacks and that was there way of saying “yes there is a rule”. And they let Juice cover that up by asking about Chibbs old lady.

  • Cathy

    This season has been amazing so far- Sutter is taking lots of risks, which is so refreshing. Tonight, my jaw dropped more than once. Can’t wait to see how all this pans out. I’m also interested in the song at the end- sounded a bit like Bright Eyes.

  • Bri

    Agree with all the above comments! This show just gets better and better. If they kill off Tara I will not be a happy camper.
    I guess it’s safe to say that Juice is gonna be meeting his end soon, but I have my fingers crossed that he won’t bite the bullet just yet. He is one of my favorite characters.

    • spanked by teacher

      yea, but that would be great TV..the easy way out is to have Clay die…will not happen….this year anyway

      • Valley Girl

        Yeah, Unser, Piney and Juice will meet their demise before Clay…

      • Ally

        I hope not Juice :( Unser and Piney can go. Although I loved the scene where Piney punched Opie..he definitely had it coming for cheating with that nasty girl and hurting Lyla like that.

      • larry in noho

        Well you never know. Clay just might be on the casualty list this season. That’s why this is such a great show. You never know what’s going to happen. The only reason they got rid of Deputy Hale was that the storyline was a Plan B in case negotiations with the actor didn’t go well. It turns out that they liked the way that impacted the storyline so bam! he was gone. I think Clay’s demise would greatly affect the storyline leaving Jax in charge. I would love to see Jax do to Clay what Clay did to Jax’s old man.

      • LOVE SOA!

        I think that this show is so unbelievably close to the plot of Hamlet. Clay, Jax, Jemma, Opie, Piney and Tara are going to make it to the end of the series as the principle characters, but that last season (perhaps even he very last episode) will end in a bloodbath–everyone dies. Everything that’s happening currently on the show is just a build up to that moment. The tension will build, the anger will fester, the betrayal will grow deeper and deeper. When they reach the point of no return, they’ll all turn guns on each other. So far; Clay has betrayed his best friend and co-founder, John Teller. John was Piney’s oldest friend, Jax’s dad, Gemma’s old man. He’s betrayed Piney and Opie by killing Donna, he’s betrayed the club by fixing a vote to mule cocain for the cartel, he’s threatening to betray Unser and reveal their long-kept secret, implicating Unser in John’s death. He’s threatened Piney and now he’s putting a hit out on Tara. He’ll definitely go down, but all of this exposition is just building a case against him…and digging him a grave.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Piney was John Teller’s best friend not Clay. JT trusted Piney more then anyone. I dont think Clay has ever had a true friend in his life.

      • LOVE SOA!

        @ SOA = Best show on TV: good point. It likely appeared to everyone around them that Clay and JT were best friends. But you’re right: Clay is a sociopath.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      Are you serious? So you side with Juice over the club? I loved Juice and really wanted tosee his back story but after seeing him kill and set up Miles to take the fall for him I hope he dies a bloddy death. He is a rat. He is a trader. His father being black shouldnt be a problem, that is a dumb rule but what he did last night was crazy. But I actually think he will live. If no one finds out what he did and he does not rat on the club he will get away with it. Which IMO is worse.

    • andrea

      I know right. I hope nobody kills juice. what i dont get is was he supposed to be white? He never looked white to me.

      • Maria

        Isn’t Theo Rossi (Juice) white in real life? Do they do some sort of makeup or does he have a genuine tan?

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        No he is not white he is dark skinned Italian I think. And on the show he is Hispanic and they allow hispanics in the club just not blacks.

      • hun

        @SOA-since when did Italian stop being White???

        okay, I love that sutter is doing this storyline because it brings some reality to the show. Its not that most MCs are burning crosses or anything, but they are extremely segregated. They’ll ride with other ethnic groups (like Black clubs), they’ll party with them…but membership is usually something totally different, especially for US chapters.

  • Kiwi3

    Truly enjoy this show. Having said that let me say that even though I get why the violent lifestyle is portrayed as it is, I was still horrified by Clay’s actions. Even though it seems that Clay killed Jax’ father so he could have Gemma and the club; I can’t believe that if he truly loves Gemma and supposedly his stepson, that he would so wantonly destroy Jax’ life by killing Tara.

    • Moderation

      It’s called Hamlet.

      • Ms Juice Ortiz


  • Mary

    I agree this season is amazing. I literally got nauseous when Clay ask Romero to kill Tara and also when it looked like Jax was going to betray Tara again with Ima. The tension in the season is ridiculous. I can’t wait to see how everything plays out but at the same time I am nervous because this is not going to end well. This season seem like it is going to be a major game changer. Kurt Sutter is a genius.

  • Misspriss_1

    I love Juice, hate the position that he was put in, and, last nights episode kept me on edge because of Juice!! Just glad that he is still with us!! ( For now, anyway ) Cannot STAND Clay!! He is a d*ck. Love how Unser is trying to warn Tara, and to make sure that nothing happens to her… And, how cool is Happy?? Ima got what she deserves!! Low life b*tch! Loved also that Tigg had some story line!! Tigg is my all time favorite sicko character….

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      How are people taking Juice’s side in this? Before last night I get it, teh cops were playing teh race card on him and I felt for him. But he killed a member and covered it up by making a stand up guy look like a rat. How are people still on his side? He is working for the cops!! He is going to rat out his club. IS it only because you didnt know Miles enough to care that he was shot in the face 5 times? Cause I was sad that we didnt get to know him more as he was just starting to form an indentity on the show. Juice is a rat and he will get his.

      • Misspriss_1

        Well, you are right, I did not know Miles. So, I really don’t care that he was shot in the face five times. Now Juice, Juice I DO know. I have liked him for 4 seasons. He is one of my favorites. He has been put in a really bad position. The cop using the race card is doing a very good job with the race card. Son’s has NO black members. So, Juice has every right to be worried about the race card. Juice did not mean for anyone to get hurt, he spent most of the episode looking like he was about to puke over the whole missing kilo. He did what he had to do to keep his place in the club.. So, I choose Juice, who I DO know, over Miles, who I do not know. Just my opinion.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Listen I get it, I have seen every Ep just like many of you and I have grown to love Juice as well but I wont let that effect what Im seeing and what im seeing is that Juice is a rat. He knew his father was black, and he knew they had a no blacks allowed rule and he still chose to join the club. So now they are using it to turn him, which sucks and I hate it however what is he doing? Im trying to understand his logic, so his logic is what? Ok tehy are going to expose me to the MC which would mean I have to leave the club so I can 1. Tell the club myself and take away the cops leverage which is clearly the best option and yes maybe lose the club but to keep your life. Or 2 rat out the club to the cops so that they wont expose you but that means taking your club down in which case there is no more club to go back to so what is the point? He is helping to destroy the club so that he can remain a member? That is horrible logic. We did not know Miles but the guy was starting to play a role, he was one of Oppie’s guys which means Oppie went to bat for him and I mean he was willing to kill for the club so he was all in and how does he get repaid? a Rat POS like Juice shoots his face off so he can rat to the cops. F*ck Juice I hope he gets found out and killed for the rat he is. It is a bad situation that Juice made worse.

      • Juice is Breaking My Heart

        Juice hasn’t ratted yet. He may be walking the line, but he hasn’t done it yet. I still have hope that he’ll end up being the guy we’ve loved for 4 years, albeit with Miles’ blood on his hands.

      • Ms Juice Ortiz

        Juice is no more a rat than Chibs is (season 1). Or Opie who was forced into.
        Rat? No, he stole the key and killed Miles to get it back IF ANYTHING IT PROVED HOW LOYAL TO THE CLUB HE IS.
        That he didn’t want the prospects killed for something that he did, says a lot.
        Remember the proposition Roosevelt gave him, either help LE nail the cartel or get nailed for being an “other” in a all white club.
        Juice’s options were limited at best. HE IS NOT A RAT (yet)

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        You guys are FOOLING YOURSELFS. Chibbs never killed a member to cover up that he was almost a rat. Oppie was not a rat at all he was just made to look like one. Juice tried taking coke to give to the cops and killed a PATCHED MEMBER to cover it up. Even if he does not rat how can you just act like “oh its ok we love Juice” f*ck Juice, he killed Miles and set him up to look like a theif and hope Juice gets his head cut off. He will rat he has shown that he is willing to kill to keep his secret which means he will do what the cops want to keep it which makes no sense cause he is killing the club by doing so. Juice is a trader and you guys are just going to let it go because why? Because you had not gotten to know Miles yet? So had he killed say Oppie would you then not be ok with it? What if he had killed Tig to cover it up? Then you would care right but because its Miles its no big deal? I call BS on that one.

  • Corinne

    I also do not condone violence against women, but DAMN did Ima have it coming to her, I just would have preferred it be at the hands of an old lady. Don’t understand how people were tricked into thinking Jax was about betray Tara again, if he insults against her in the last 2 weeks weren’t evidence enough of his disinterest in the skank, did people not hear Gemma order Jax to make her stay away. My heart is kinda of breaking for Juice, especially when you can tell he was about to spill his secret to Chibs. This season is shaping up to be the best so far, hopefully it will end will the death of a prez and a change in command.

    • Ally

      I like that it was by Jax and not one of the old ladys…I think that hurt Ima even more since she has always been into Jax.

    • Megs

      I eventually figured it out before he actually put the smack on her. It just took me a minute. I was like, What? This makes absolutely no sense, with his character. As soon as they showed there’s was more scene between them I knew he was there for revenge.

  • Rush

    This show shows how to do palace intrigue right.

    • rico43

      Haven’t seen many use the term Shakespearean here, but that is damn sure what SOA is. This is not cookie cutter drama where we know who walks away at the credits. I was a slow convert, but this show is a showcase for all involved.

  • BJG

    I loved how Piney showed some backbone by putting Opie in his place but by the end of the ep, he was drinkinghiself into a coma and not using is oxygen. Is he trying to kill himself or is he just super depressed at the direction of the club? Also loved seeing the prospects have a plot line. I’m very interested in what their life is like.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      Im right there with you on the prospects which is why I was so sad to see Mile get done the wya he was by Juice the rat.

      But I have been like the only fan of Piney since season 1 lol I love Piney, to me he is the most interesting character on the show. He knows so much and gets such little respect. I mean they prop Clay up as a founding member but Piney was also a founding member and not even his own son gives him his respect. So I love the Piney storyline more then anything else.

      • Misspriss_1

        I love the Piney character too!! He is just so interesting!! It is obvious that he is in deep depression over life, love, and the direction that the club is moving in. I too have been cheering Piney on since the first season. And I think that he deserves more respect than he gets. Last season, when he opened up to ex wife Mary, about how he had been wrong in their relationship, was an awesome thing to do!! Big Piney fan here!!

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Yea I kind of think people like Gemma and Clay have tried to keep Piney all boozed up for years because they want to keep him fat and happy so he wont stand in their way. I would love to see him get off the booze and start using his clout to make change. he is a founding member of teh club the same as Clay and he should get the same level of respect. I wonder what it would have been like if Piney had gone to Belfast with them, he was also friends with McGee as a founding member. This is Piney’s best season by far, they are giving him a serious story arch and I just hope he does not die.

      • BJG

        A few eps back Piney warned Clay that he had “contingincies” in place in case Clay came after him. I’d love to know more about that. Of course he was sober at the time, which doesn’t happen very often.

      • SOA = Best show on TV

        Yea but I think Piney was just saying that so Clay would think twice about killing him. We know Piney does not have the letters so its not like he has them in a safe deposit box or something. He is bluffing Clay.

  • Mother Nature

    So nice to FINALLY see a SoA recap, and very happy to see Mandi doing the recapping.

    I just don’t buy Juice turning against the club, and the club has been very forthright about their hatred of white supremacists. It seems too convenient and easy, and very out-of-character for Juice, who has been so loyal. Now cold-blooded killing a club member? I don’t think this plot is well conceived.

    Loved Piney’s punch (and his character), and Jax’ reaction to it.

    • Ally

      I thought the same about Juice…when the storyline first came up I didn’t even know about that “no blacks” rule..I mean I guess it’s not too shocking with a biker gang sticking to race but it’s never been a forefront issue that’s been addressed in regards to SoA. And it’s okay for Juice to be hispanic, but not half black? I just hate that he has this storyline this season, he is one of my favorites.

      • sweet pooper

        he’s dead sweetie…no chance he makes it out alive..

      • Dewight

        ally are you really running the race card on a tv show! give me a break! its a gd show!!

      • Ally

        Im not running the race card?? Im just saying that the “no blacks” thing came out of nowhere and asking why it would not be okay if he was half black in the club’s eyes but it’s ok to THEM if he’s hispanic.

      • Skeptic

        It’s odd because Puerto Ricans–even the light-skinned ones–tend to be a mix of Spanish, African, Taino Indian. Yes, there is skin color-based prejudice among Puerto Ricans; but they seldom deny the racial mix of their ethnic group. A Puerto Rican from NYC, like Juice, would surely know this; even if he didn’t like the fact that his father is black.
        I think this storyline is contrived and nonsensical–including the prosecutor’s attempt to use race to have Juice killed by the club; and the black sheriff’s willingness to go along with this craziness.

      • Awk

        It didn’t come out of nowhere. You just didn’t notice. Have you seen any black SOA members?

      • Ally

        No I haven’t but all the members don’t look all 100% white- so it never seemed like a major issue (not enough to kill someone bc they’re half black) is all I was saying. Like Happy doesn’t look 100% white and neither is Juice- even if you don’t think he is black you know he’s hispanic. It just seems like if they were that concerned about “no blacks” they would be just as concerned about “no hispanics”. I just didn’t get that- that’s all I was saying.

    • SOA = Best show on TV

      Yea I have been saying all season that the club is not racist but in last nights Ep Chibbs and Juice talked about the “rules” and how you know the rules when you join. So apparently this entire time that they have been cool with blacks they have also had an old rule saying no blacks allowed. Its BS.

  • huh?

    mandi, come on! do yo know what kinda show you are watching? your review sounds like you expect these characters to act like regular folks…duh! it is about a biker gang…..you are to good at your job to not let let Kurt Sutter just tell the story he wants to tell…shame on you!

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