Ashton Kutcher's strange recent tweets: What does it all mean?!


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When talk of a possible Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore split sparked a few weeks ago, the couple’s silent Twitter accounts only fueled the rumor mill flame.

Since then, people have been buzzing about what they are posting on the social networking site. And since neither party has tweeted anything along the lines of, say, “It’s over! I’m free! So long, famous significant other!”, followers have been chomping at the bit to find anything that resembles a clue about the status of their relationship. Because, what else is there to do? Get a hobby? Psh.

After Kutcher’s alleged mistress gave her story to US Weekly, the Two and a Half Men star posted what some are calling “cryptic” tweets. In one, Kutcher linked to a picture of “Ctrl” and “Esc” cufflinks from his page, which lead me to believe that the actor is simply a total nerd who likes a good set of cufflinks. Nothing really scintillating about that. But, then again, Kutcher (who just so happened to wish Moore well on her directing effort for the Lifetime short film anthology Five) also wrote in the tweet, “If we are not looking for one we are looking for the other Ctrl Esc.” Sooooo… maybe he lost one of those cool cufflinks? Details developing!

In addition to posting a picture of someone with a screaming mouth doodled over their hand, it’s Kutcher’s Twitter background that also has people asking questions. A picture of a numberless-clock with hands that point to “Anxiety” and “Fear” can only mean one thing, PopWatchers: At any given time of day… you’ll be able to find a re-run of That ’70s Show on television. Seriously, that thing is quickly becoming like the Law & Order of sitcoms.

Phew, glad we cracked that code! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to get back to figuring out one of Twitter newbie Samuel L. Jackson‘s latest posts which reads, “Yo- check me and the Avengers fam in our dope new trailer.” I could be wrong, but I think he wants us to watch this.

What do you think Ashton Kutcher’s “cryptic” tweets mean, PopWatchers? Do they really give clues about his possible split from Demi Moore or do they somehow inadvertently explain plot points from The Butterfly Effect away? Share in the comments section below!

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  • maggie

    It’s all about publicity.

    • LOL

      Does anyone honestly care?

      • reese

        Right on Maggie!

  • Franco

    They’re both trying to come across as deep to distract from their superficiality.

  • Lorraine

    I hope the split rumours aren’t true. They are both decent people. It would be such a shame if their marriage collapsed. Marriage, in my experience, takes work. A lot of work.

    • @Lorraine

      How the hell do you know they are decent people? Cheating is your idea if being decent?

      • aminonya

        haha-i just tried to post “how the hell would you know theyre decent people?” and it said, “duplicate post..SO Lorraine, apparently we’re all confused…please share your insight…am I a good person? dont say you dont know, because youve seen me type now…and youre SO insightful…

      • Cameron J

        How do you know they aren’t? Haven’t met a single person, good or bad, who hasn’t screwed up majorly at least once before.

        Although I am pretty much Switzerland in this. Don’t care much past refuting illogical comments.

    • AmiNOnya

      How the hell would you know theyre decent people?

      • *sigh*

        Simple the National Enquirer said they are, right after the article on Elvis is married to an alien in London, very gripping.

  • Fez

    Sounds suicidle. Don’t see the point in him trying to be weird, if your’re getting a divorce anounce it and move on. You know that’s what normal people do. Welp, if he’s gonna go, he should take one of the Kardashians (preferably Kim) with him.

  • Big James

    I think he’s just some tool who thinks he’s artistic and can’t wait to try and prove it to the world. I believe the kids call them “hipsters”. I call it douchey.

    • Tess McGill

      Nah. Take into account that Ashton is an Aquarian, a sign so unpredictable that atrologers {I am one] refer to as having been dropped on their heads as children.

      • Sherry

        Haha! Two of my exes were Aquarians and both made the most unpredictable, nonsense decisions. They also had commitment issues. Not saying all Aquarius men are like that, but they acted like Ashton so found it hilarious. My take, both of them need to cut their losses and keep it moving. Demi does have a history of control issues, he has a history of relationships ending badly. It was doomed from the start. I think the thrill of youth, having publicity and fun was all cool at first. Once it ran it’s course, they woke up from dreamland. You can’t base a marriage off Twitter and social media. Plus when they first got together, Bruce Willis was with them every second. That was a red flag then.

      • Eve

        @ Tess MCGill : I’m an Aquarian and i wasn’t dropped on my head. Most people think Astrologists are full of crap so keep your narrow minded opinions to yourself. Just because you think you’re an ‘expert’ on horsedung doesn’t give you the right to slag off Aquarians.

    • Cameron J

      So… all aspiring artists are douchebags?

      Pardon me, sir. Hats off from one aspiring artist to another. ProTip: Artists generally fail when closeminded and bigoted.

  • kat

    Yeah, no… he’s saying that Demi is CONTROLLING, and when he cheats on her, he’s just ESCAPING her CONTROL (which he craves when he’s being a big baby boytoy). Oh, and he has anxiety and fear, and can’t stop himself from screaming (figuratively), even when he covers his mouth. Sounds like teen angst to me… he could just be ready to leave the nest.


    Who Cares!

  • ronn

    pretty simple…
    every relationship has control issues…
    or someone’s potentially looking for an escape…

  • Francisco

    It means he forgot about Ctrl Alt Delete. Control, Alternate, Delete

    • aminonya

      HE is the “ALT”, get it, control-one hand-HIM=ALT-other hand delete…whats wrong with you people?

  • Snookered

    This has got to be a stunt.
    or else Ashton is taking pointers from Charlie.

  • Barb

    This guy is a loser w/ a capital L. When will his 15 minutes end??

  • kat

    Demi needs a new boytoy. Control, Delete, Alt.

  • BC

    “If we’re not looking for one, we’re looking for the other [Control] [Escape]” (or however he said it… close enough)

    Referring to life in general. (Can’t CONTROL the situation? ESCAPE it.) It could apply to anyone’s life.

  • Dr. Vanilla Latte

    If you add the numerical value of the all the letters Ashton uses in his tweets and divide by the total number of Ashton’s nose hairs it proves the end of the world is Feb 13, 2013.

  • Zeke

    Said it once and will say it again…this guy got lucky once with one show but he’s destroying this show and now making an ass of himself in public and on social media sites. Stardom hasn’t gone to his head, oh no…what a moron!!!

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