'Kim's Fairytale Wedding': Part 2 included an actual wedding...barely!


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Last night, the final two hours of Kim’s Fairytale Wedding: A Kardashian Event aired. And if you managed to sit through three hours and 33 minutes, you were finally rewarded with an actual wedding. But more on that later.

E! packed even more wedding prep into last night’s special leading up to the actual nuptials. Seating charts, catering menus, a bridal shower, and bachelor and bachelorette parties Vegas style. All of which had Kim making this important life observation: “I don’t know how Elizabeth Taylor got married so many times!” So really, part 2 was just a continuation of part 1. But with the wedding right around the corner, Kim finally answered some of the important questions brought up in Sunday’s special. Which Vera Wang wedding dress would she choose? Why choose just one? Let’s go with three. Would she hire Robin Thicke or Christina Aguilera to perform on the big day? Mr. Thicke won the job and was seen serenading the newlyweds during their first dance. Also seen: Rob Kardashian showing off his pre-Dancing with the Stars moves.

The fight between Kim and Khloe from part 1 was still going full force in last night’s episode. They still weren’t speaking to each other, but spent a lot of time in their confessional interviews talking about not speaking to each other. But Khloe decided to put it all in the past, and she showed up at Kim’s bachelorette party. Talking about penis necklaces resolves all.

Kim was also seen enjoying her husband’s home state of Minnesota for one of his charity events at a Boys and Girls Club. The highlight of this was meeting Kris’ grandparents Don and Donna. They didn’t speak much, but they looked really cute. The trip also resulted in Kim giving Kris a pedicure while he farted in front of her. Real-life fairytales really do happen, people.

The couple returned to L.A. for more wedding planning and inevitable run-ins with the paparazzi. So Kris encouraged Kim to move to Minnesota with him and start pumping out babies. This is only the first of many battles Kris will lose with his now-wife. Speaking of arguments Kris had no chance in winning, much of the episode was spent discussing whether Kim would change her last name to Humphries. Not helping was mama Kris’ insistence that Kim keep her name as is. And perhaps making the worst argument for anything in the history of all time, mama Kris said to Kim: “Britney Spears didn’t change her name!” Sorry, Mr. Humphries. At least you have that mustache!

As a form of solidarity, Kris grew a mustache right before the wedding because he felt (and rightfully so) that it was the only thing he still had any control over. But he even sacrificed the ‘stache before heading down the aisle. Kim and Kris continued to argue about the last name, right up until the very end when Kim finally decided she was going to be a Kardashian forever and always, till death does she (not) part.

Meanwhile, Bruce Jenner was busy becoming my new favorite Kardashian. He brought over some of Robert Kardashian Sr.’s old shirts to Kim so she could incorporate something of her dad’s into her three dresses. And then, before I even knew what had happened, I was crying! What’s wrong with me? Anyway, after I recovered from the sentimental moment, it was pretty much time for Kardashian name dropping as the likes of Serena Williams, Cheryl Burke, Mark Ballas, Mario Lopez, Sugar Ray Leonard, and others arrived for the biggest event in E!’s history. (Sorry Khloe and Lamar.)

Then it was time for the actual wedding. And with the exception of Kourtney tripping while walking down the aisle with Mason in her hands, it was surprisingly uneventful. An “I do” here. An “I do” there. And it was all over with. There you have it folks. Kris and Kim are married! But you probably already knew that because it happened two months ago.

Did you tune in for part 2? What was your favorite part? Did you see the groundwork laid for a Jenner family spinoff when Bruce was talking to his biological children at the wedding? (Jamming with the Jenners, anyone?) Sound off in the comments below.

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  • lisa g.

    He is so lame. Shame on Kim. She can do better!

    • LOL

      America looooooves crap!

      • Hmm..

        Kim reminds me of a modern-day Jayne Mansfield. We can only hope her career will take the same path.

      • @LOL

        And in this case America wallows in the crap.

    • Nshi

      You were crying?? Seriously??? What IS wrong with you????

      • ty

        They were talking about her dead father…I teared up

    • Jethro

      He looks like the son of Andre the Giant, that deceased wrestler, anyone agree!

    • SS

      I’m not even a big fan of this show (or Kim), but I totally agree. He’s an idiot. His eyes are too close together, he won’t have a job in a quick few years, and when she doesn’t wear heels he can’t even kiss his wife.
      She DEFINITELY got married just because she turned 30 and freaked out.

      • Kate

        She shouldn’t have married him because his eyes are too close together? That’s a good reason to not marry someone? Wow, if that’s not shallow I don’t know what is.

    • JJ

      Sorry to disagree. Shame in Kris, HE CAN DO BETTER than a woman who emasculates him at every turn.

      • Eiroadann

        So true. That woman is so shallow and self-absorbed. He could definitely have done better. Although, he’s a little spineless, he let himself get steam-rollered into this marriage. Reggie Bush had the good sense to run (never thought I’d put ‘good sense’ and ‘Reggie Bush in the same sentence’).

      • niki


  • Nshi


    • GMC


  • Shelley

    Kris Humphreys is so out of his league marrying Kim Kardashian. How dare he have to control so many of the decisions. How much did he pay toward the wedding, nothing. Right! Country Boy has a lot to learn. Thank goodness Kim kept her name.

    • Bus Driver

      The guy is from a wealthy family himself, and has probably had the good sense to save a good chunk of his NBA paycheck. He probably would have been happy just to elope; it’s his fame-wh*re wife who needed it on TV.

      • s

        He could’ve saved even more by not dropping TWO MILLION on her engagement ring. Just saying.

    • anne

      perfectly said!

  • Zac Heffron

    She is one well-endowed lady. I’d like to get my hands on her ‘ample assets’, if you’ll pardon the expression.

  • Shaw

    A lot of people don’t know that Kim Kardashian is a cougar. Kris is 26 while Kim is about to turn 31.
    Kim is the more mature one who have always been in control of the relationship and had the power. She has already decided that they will wait a year before they have a child.

    • ad

      Cougar? When he’s 26 and she’s 30 – close to 31? Not at all.

    • A lot of people don’t know

      what “cougar” means. Including you.

    • Tii

      If she were 40 and he 26 then she?d be a cougar. I am not a fan, but why would she change her name? ‘Kardashian’ is her money maker. As far as Kris Humphries, imo, he was chosen because he’s not going to overshadow Kim in any way.

  • ABC

    I’m no Kardashian fan, but a 4 year age difference does not make her a cougar.

    As for “She has already decided that they will wait a year before they have a child,” how, exactly, do you know this?

    • keisha

      The child thing was the cover story on people mag’s website yesterday.

      • MszMax

        You believe everything you read? Especially the Magazines!!! Really

  • Sam

    Kris is so out of his elements marrying Kim. It was awkward watching him navigate that world. Kris seems so odd and immature. He should have married a gym teacher.

    • SS

      LOL — yeah, a tall weight-lifting teacher would’ve been perfect!
      “I don’t eat sweets! I won’t try the cake.” Shut up, Kris, and go to a dive bar to get a burger.

    • Clete

      He could have married a gyn teacher I had in high school…his name was Hal.

  • SRB

    The show was such a waste of time, why couldn’t they pack that into an hour?! When you them down to the basics (if you could), I like the Kardashian/Jenner family and Lamar fits right in…. Why couldn’t Kim find someone like “Lamey”?! And did anyone catch Bruces wishes to Kim after giving her away? “Good luch with this one.” Ha!

    P.s. Shaw is probably right, Kim probably does have a year hold on popping out babies… it would be the Kim thing to do.

    • AN HOUR????

      How about a headline? “Kardashian marries basketball star” would have done just fine.

    • neen

      why? bc then they wouldn’t have been able to double the amount of ad money they took in. the E! channel and the Kardashians are perfectly matched. They pimp out this media whorish family until they are used up. and while the majority of americans are probably over these people (and many of us were never INto them in the first place), unfortunately, there are just enough fools who get some strange wish fulfillment joy out of watching self entitled people enjoy lavish lifestyles at the public’s expense. yes, people who actually WORK for a living somehow have no problem contributing to a bunch of rich spoiled brats who don’t have to work at all. There is absolutely no logic in this to be found. Idiots, stop making these people even richer than they are! They neither deserve nor appreciate ANYthing they’ve got.

  • Meg

    Regarding the babies–People Magazine has an interview that says she’s making them wait (but can you see the E! coverage then–three hours and thirty-three minutes that will probably show the baby-making and the baby-popping).
    How does one differentiate between Mom-Kris and Husband-Kris? That’s crazy. Not healthy, either.

  • cherryice

    I hope Kim Kardashian will have children soon with her new toyboy husband and not end up making excuses like Kate Beckinsale because she doesn’t want her figure to change or to put her career on hold. She owes it to Kris if she really loves him. She is nearly 31 and it will only be harder to get pregnant the longer she leaves it. Once she has given birth to her first child, she will regret not doing it earlier. It is an emotional and indescribable experience.

    • Your post

      sounds like the spam posts, only without the URL included.

    • Lauri

      What are you talking about? She has a 12 year old daughter named Lily. She was an only child and so she doesn’t have that burning desire to pop out a baby a year. She’s said more kids could happen in the future or not, but it has nothing to do with maintaining her figure or putting her career on hold. Who died and left you to decide why and how many children a woman should have? I have 2 kids, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY woman wants 2 kids. Some women don’t want ANY, and that’s fine. It’s about THEIR happiness. NOT what society SAYS will make them happy. Kim & Kris will have kids when THEY are ready, just like everyone else.

  • sick of it

    I give them 6 months if that. Does anyone think
    this is a long term marriage.??
    Kim and the rest of the family are so into themselves
    it’s a waste of TV time.

    • WTF?

      I actually thought that when they were fighting about, um, something, and Kris called Kim out about “four years ago, you were working at a boutique in the Valley” and scoffing at her self-declared “work ethic”. That cracked me the hell up and made me realize Humphries isn’t as big a dullard as he’s made out to be. He’s got her figured out, and that may be just what Kim needs to keep her in check. When she gets sick of him reminding her her sh*t DOES stink, then it’s divorce time.

      • Marissa

        I completely agree! I thought the Valley comment was hysterical…something to bring Princess Kim back down to earth for at least a millisecond. Hopefully he’ll keep her ego in check so they can stay married longer than six months.

  • c2

    A Jenner spinoff would be better than this show. I watched fifteen minutes of the first part and turned on the second part with forty-five minutes left. Hoping that I would catch the ceremony and maybe see some sincerity and heartfelt vows. I never made it that far turned it off after fifteen minutes. This was all hype and another Ryan spotlight moment.

    • neen

      and you thought it would be different… why? stupid! they are counting on people like you for their ratings and for maintaining relevance. kim is an airheaded spoiled piece of trash human being who i don’t believe has a sincere bone in her body. anna nicole smith was less fake than kim. and her valley girl snooty voice doesn’t help things either. stop feeding the troll and maybe it will die. eventually.

  • Chelsea

    Here Bruce is trying to tell her how much he cares about her before they walk down the aisle (and actually have a genuine moment with her) and she goes “don’t, don’t mess up my make-up”. To add to that, then Kris goes to lift and hug her and she yells at him over her dress. Get over yourself, Kim.

    • Al

      When Bruce went to tell Kris (mother) about Kim’s emotional moment over her father, all Kris wanted to talk about was some website she was probably paid to mention on the show.

      • IN

        I’m glad I wasn’t the only one that caught the Living Social plug by mama Kris (only to have it bookended with a commercial immediately following)……shallow.

      • Stayce

        Wow! Kris Kardashian plugging Living Social sounded just like a commercial!!! I was like, “Seriously?!” No concidence that Living Social was a major sponsor of the tv wedding event. Barf.

    • sigh

      that’s bc she’s a fake spoiled brat. bruce seems like a decent guy. why he married into this fake family only he knows. khloe’s the only one who seems close to having some sense and being “real”. but even she has bratty moments. Thanks, E!, for more proof positive that trying to be good, humble, kind and hard working doesn’t get you anywhere in this world. being a spoiled fake biatch, however, apparently gets you riches, fame and a married. i might as well give up and off myself now.

  • ok

    Kris H. should have known before he got married that the men in that family don’t have any say. It will get even worse if/when he and Kim have kids. A strong man would go crazy in that situation.

  • IA

    I hope they make it. They really haven’t known each other long, but they can make it work. At this point they both seem to want to.

    • @IA

      Most newlyweds do, dummy.

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