'Dancing With the Stars': Hidden Gems of Week 4!

Studies have shown that Hidden Gems of the Week, EW.com’s collection of reader-submitted ridiculata, is the best way to enjoy Dancing With the Stars without ever having to turn it on. It’s a visual feast of sparkles, fringe, and stunning awkwardness. Ready to go down the rabbit hole? Behold this bountiful smattering of Visible Gems!


“Personal favorite Hidden Gem…maybe of all time….Maks adjusting his package before his dance and the cute smile that went with it!” –Christy, endorsed by gigi, Call me Daphne and her roomie, Neko, B, Tracy S, Neko, Alexis, Daphne, Ted, Sparkle Girl, Jem Ho, Stephanie, Kevin M. Kawa, Tina, Tricia, Diane, Pumbaa

“OK, Annie, I get the impression you are trying to be more respectful of Maks this year since he commented on the media focusing on his butt, but seriously, with all due respect to Maks, I must implore you to pretty please (I will beg if I have to) include a booty shot of him in those jeans. I mean, it may not be hidden, but if that’s not a gem I don’t know what is!! Thank you.” –Jem Ho, endorsed by Donna W, B

“After the cast was ‘rocked to its core after losing Kristin,’ there’s a shot of Mark hugging no one (aka, himself). Lord knows it’s not the first time this has happened.” –kellen, endorsed by johoallen, tara, B, Anthony

“The long-haired blonde violinist was kind of like a fembot from the Austin Powers movies! The rest of them seem to be going for “Bond girl.”” –orville, endorsed by Lin
“Hidden Gem of the Week: Lacey, possibly pulling double-duty, not only dancing, but also playing violin with the band.” –Kevin M. Kawa
“Had we seen Hipster Glasses Violinist before?” –Julia, endorsed by Call me Daphne

“A new one for me to notice tonight was Terribly Toupeed Trumpeter. He should maybe talk to his neighbor Impeccably Manicured Trumpeter and ask about some grooming tips.” –Jem Ho

“I loved in the opening how Chynna thought she was flashing the heart symbol, but it really read more like a Mint Milano. Yum!” –Gemologist, endorsed by Daphne, IAMSOBZ

“Hidden Gem (with a callback from a season or two ago): Our old friend, the Well-Behaved Bonfire, made an appearance during the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly dance.” –Jessica, endorsed by Rebecca

“Mature lady in the audience finger-whistling at bare chested male Troupers.” –Chaz, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh

“The HIDDEN GEM I’m sure the producers put there specially for us: During David’s rehersal package’s interview, there were movie reels casually propped up on the wall behind him.” –DebraD, endorsed by Anthony

“I know Cher is getting screen time, but all I can do is wallow in the fact that I’m actually seeing Coco’s face!” –socialandrea, endorsed by Amy in Pittsburgh, etm, Ashley, gigi
“And in one frame we got Courtney Cox wiping her nose (?), Coco blowing kisses and Cher to the left!!” –DebraD

All night long, whenever Tom had his back to the stairs, with the lighting they had, it looked as if Tom had a red mailbox flag or an upside-down letter “L” over his right shoulder. It was driving me nuts!” –Rebecca

“All that booty talk… it looks like Maks was checking David’s butt out during Brooke’s interview.” –gigi

“Kyms dress reminded me of the “I am dust” outfit from the Swiffer commercial.” –Tina

“OK, was that a deep fryer next to Anna and Carson’s barrel?” –Amy in Pittsburgh

“The skull and crossbones had a bow in its nonexistent hair!” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Call me Daphne, Chaz, Kelly W., Stephanie, Patrycja, GoAggies89

“When Carson showed his ‘Len heart’ tattoo, there was a tiny red rhinestone as a drop of blood at the tip of the sword.” –Stephanie, endorsed by Kevin M. Kawa
“The tiny little sequin in Carson’s fake beard” –KristieD
“My 11-year-old son thought Carson looked like Jeff Bridges.” –DonnaW, endorsed by B, Chaz

“Len Goodman, trying to do his best Jack Sparrow, using a hook to give Carson a “6″” –Anthony, endorsed by MegJYay

“Right before the commercial break when Tom was announcing Nancy and Tristan’s upcoming dance, Bruce Jenner was in the audience behind Tom READING THE TELE-PROMPTER!! His lips were totally in sync with Tom’s. Hilarious! Bruce may have a secret desire to emcee DWTS, but no one can replace our Tom!” –visavis

“Nancy grimacing when Tristan kissed her cheek. Really NG? You’re turning THAT down?” –Kelly

“Wondering why the exit sign in Tristan’s practice room is covered with a ‘do not enter’ handwritten sign. Is there no escape?!?!” –Xorp

“Tom’s deadpan look at the camera when Bruno says ‘kick him in the balls’ to Nancy. Love Tom.” –Jem Ho

“ECL sighting!!! And playing the slide whistle!!! Will her talents ever cease to amaze?” –kt, endorsed by Chaz, duranmom, orville, Call me Daphne, Xorp, gigiLAG Award Winner, Jem Ho, Anthony, Kevin M. Kawa

“Maks’ flood pants-turned-capris in the rehearsal footage….WTF??” –Stephanie

“At one point during thier dance, Maks came up behind Hope and looked upward. He looked just like the poster for The 40 Year-Old Virgin. Dorky hair and all.” –Freakinfatone

“Maks’ celebratory fist pump when Tom landed a zinger about Len’s age. If only the judges scored Tom, he would get 10′s every week.” –Glitter and Sparkle


“I nominate a Cubic Zirconia Award for our cute Mini Buzz Lightyear!!!” –LAG Award Winner, endorsed by Cindy, Call me Daphne, iggy, Lorie, Tina

“Can we nominate Rob K’s ass?” –ampersand, endorsed by Kelly, gigi, johoallen, jodipo, Anna

“Rob wanting to be more masculine while sporting pink and white shoes.” –Xorp, endorsed by fringefan

“Mark Ballas was clapping like he was nominated for the Best Actor in a Comedy Series Emmy and lost once again to Alec Baldwin.” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by Carmella, Kelly, gigi, socialandrea, LAG Award Winner, Kelly W.

“It looked like a smear of blood on the wall while Ricki was talking during her rehearsal footage.” –Tara

“Ian Ziering sporting the same sparse, flesh colored facial hair as Derek.” –Xorp
“HG: Buzz Aldrin falling asleep behind Ian Ziering.” –Amy in Pittsburgh, endorsed by IAMSOBZ

“ECL ON THE XYLOPHONE!!!” –socialandrea, endorsed by johoallen, tango2 (who says hello, it’s a Vibraphone), Jem Ho

“At the beginning of JR & Karina’s dance, her hair stuck to her face and for a moment they had matching fake mustaches!” –Jem Ho, endorsed by socialandrea, Stephanie
“I love that they hid JR’s pink tux until it was showtime! Somewhere in the skybox Carson is drooling.” –Kelly, endorsed by Daphne

“Karina’s dress looks like the feather duster from Beauty and the Beast.” –Jen, endorsed by duranmom, socialandrea (See similar past nomination here.)

“Storm the sword trainer in the audience!” –iggy, endorsed by Neko

“Len and Bruno applauding themselves after both giving J.R. a 9″ –Brenda S.


“JR & Karina’s whole dance, and Pink Panther theme, was basically the ultimate ode to our little hidden gem hunting community.” –Kevin M. Kawa

Thank you, DANCMSTRs one and all, for a fabulous heap of gems!

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  • etm

    These were hilarious!! I try to watch the show, and I just can’t get into it, but reading the “hidden gems” is sooo entertaining! Also, I was mentioned as an endorser! Yea!

    • Squishmar

      I know! I tried. I watched the premiere and that’s it. I’ve been thinking I’m going to catch up with the episdodes, but all I really want to do is read Annie’s recaps and see the Hidden Gems!

      • Squishmar


  • Tess

    FYI, Annie: The caption for the “bonfire” pic referencing Skating with the Stars – Steve Jones didn’t host that one; Vernon Kay did. Sad that I know that, but since I do, I thought I’d pass that on to you.

    Boo that Chynna went home…really wanted it to be Rob instead. I think the judges’ cost her votes actually because if they scored her fairly and gave her 6’s then she would’ve gotten more sympathy votes. Giving her the same score they gave others who completed their dances competently just annoyed a lot of people who would’ve otherwise felt bad for her mistakes. Now who makes the final three? I totally had her pegged to be there with JR and Ricki. Maybe they wanted her to go so they would have more “excitement” than an expected top 3?

    • TxJessie

      It shoulda Been Nancy Grace to go home.

      • EJ

        Or Chastity.

  • LAG Award Winner

    Great gems and awesome comments!!!

    Wonder if Harold Wheeler and the Band/Orchestra know how much we all enjoy their little cameos they get each week? I miss that they no longer get their proper shout-out each week in the middle of the show; the opening intro from Disemboweled British Voice just doesn’t cut it.

    • orville

      We’ve had “mini-interviews” with ECL and Princess Sparkles, haven’t we? We definitely need some quick chats with Impeccably Manicured Trumpeter and the man himself–Harold Wheeler. Are you going to make a pilgrimage to the set again this season, Annie? Once a hidden gem, always a hidden gem.

  • Neko

    Gem made audible: Carson exclaiming “It’s me!” during one move in his routine.

    I sort of feel like he’s doing that silently during every single second of his life.

    • Meg


    • Tara


      he cracks me up every week

    • Daphne


  • Kevin M. Kawa

    The LAG winner, two weeks in a row?!? I’ve died and gone to Planet Mirrorballus!!!

  • Alice

    This perked me up after Chynna left! Especially the second picture of Maks. Thank you Annie and Jem Ho!

    • Jem Ho

      You’re welcome Alice! Glad I could help. :)

  • Care

    These made my night. Thanks Annie. These were awesome!

  • ampersand

    ahhh I’ve been quoted!

    I really am starting to think Rob is the Kardashian with the most junk in his trunk.


      Is it my imagination or is Rob getting taller and better looking with each passing week? His Mom may have forced him to do the show for the Kardashian publicity machine, but she did him a huge favor.

  • Robin

    I love your comments when I hover the mouse over the photo…you have me rolling Annie!

    • Tracy S

      I never noticed those until you wrote that – hidden gems in the hidden gems!!! I love it! Hilarious!

    • sparklewind

      I know it, hilarious!!! My favorite part.

    • Daphne

      Never knew this before, but this has totally made my day! “That’s what their blood is made of”!!!! B*#$@ please!!!

  • Brenda S

    Yea!!! First time with a hidden gem. Thanks Annie!!

  • Jem Ho

    Best gem haul of the season so far! And I’m not just saying that because of Maks’ booty. (a special thank you for that though Annie. sorry I had to put you thru what I’m sure was the torture of inspecting every moment of Maks’ dance to find the perfect a$$ grab) Your captions really got me this week – I actually snorted I was laughing so hard. (btw, I DID notice the tight buttocks) You da bomb Annie! Great job fellow hunters!!

  • Squishmar

    In the one with Courteney Cox wiping her nose, that’s Rosanna Arquette on the far right.

    • Squishmar

      *That overbite is unmistakable! ;)

  • Jem Ho

    The light saber gem disappeared! Was it too naughty??

    • Squishmar

      Uh-oh. A Disappearing Gem? I’ll have to ask Annie about that on the video Q & A thingie.

    • gigi

      haha! I noticed that too!! Skin Deep is one of my favorite movies. I guess the EW censors thought the screen cap was too risque’. lol!

      • Squishmar

        Do tell! What was it? Deranged minds want to know! :D

      • Jem Ho

        The original gem nomination came from my own deranged mind and said that the light sabers reminded me of the glow-in-the-dark condom scene from the movie Skin Deep, (which is very funny btw!). Annie had a pic of 2 glow-in-the-dark condoms, ahem, in use, next to the light saber pic from the show. But the condom pic wasn’t actually from the movie scene, and it was probably a little too close up and graphic. Guess the powers that be decided that was a little much. Thanks for tryin’ Annie!

  • Call me Daphne

    I must say, for a crap load of a day yesterday – today can only get better with a slew of endorsement gems. thank you for affirming my abilities to fixate on the inane things in life and to them worth some!!! Vindication!

    And the roomie will be thrilled!!! As, aside from Derek, this is the current reason she now watches Glitter-fabulous DWTS!

  • Meg

    I don’t know what’s going to happen if DWTS ever goes off the air. Hidden Gems are the best part of any week.

    • Squishmar

      We’ll just start seeing them throughout the day in our regular lives… but we’ll have no place to share them!

      • IAMSOBZ

        It’s so frustrating to see Hidden Gems on other shows and not have anywhere to share them with other HG hunters.

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