'Dancing With the Stars': Eliminated contestant is...

Update: Annie’s recap is liiiiive! Don’t click through if you don’t want to know! After a results show featuring the return of prodigal pro (now movie star!) Julianne Hough and performances by Susan Boyle, Blake Shelton, and Raphael Saadiq, the couple heading home from Dancing With the Stars with no hope of eventually secreting sparkles in their hard-earned sweat (ewwww)…. is…. coming up, after the break!

Chynna Phillips and her partner Tony Dovolani were eliminated Tuesday night.

Did the right pair go home?

Mini Buzz Lightyear and Maks’ tightly packed jeans would like you to go marvel at this week’s XXXL heap of ‘Dancing With the Stars’ Hidden Gems. Are you really about to disobey a Cubic Zirconia Award winner?

Oh, would this help?

Come back later for my full results-show recap!

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  • Peggy Sue

    Absolutley not! All the good people are going home and we are stuck with a bunch of terrible dancers! Maks partner is awful, so is Chaz and I love nancy Grace but she should have gone home before Chynna! This is a terrible season. Maybe people have quit voting?

    • jen


    • Nshi

      Oh please Chyna was stiff as an iron board, and she looks old and creepy. Good riddance!!

    • How You Doin’ ??

      Bring back Wendy Williams!!!

  • Kwo

    I can’t believe Chynna got the boot! I really wanted Tony to go all the way this year. Boo that NG is still there.

    • etm

      I don’t regularly watch the show, but Tony seems like such a sweetheart from what I’ve seen.

      • Kata

        Tony is a sweet heart and this is the best dancing partner he has ever been given. Too bad he was on a year when political correctness runs amok.

      • Captain

        I’m pretty sure Stacy Keibler is the best partner he was ever given.

      • jmm

        Melissa Rycroft was better too. But I do agree it is a shame that Chynna went – she had great potential.

    • NancyRickiFan

      hey don’t hate on nancy ….. her fans vote

  • mcprophet

    Chynna didn’t deserve to go home this early. Yes, she forgot her routine, but she pulled it together and finished with her head up. Regardless, she’s been more consistent than Rob or Chaz and definitely should have outlasted them. I call shenanigans.

    • Kata

      Chynna still did more movements than Chaz did and more beautifully so, even though she forgot part of her routine. The Judges were too critical on her while gushing and crying with another. Carrie Ann needs to leave.

    • Acaseofgeo

      I guess Chynna just couldn’t “Hold On” for one more dance. I guess having a tiny handful of hits 20 years ago didn’t rouse up enough of a fanbase and the had to “Release Me,…her”.

    • Hannah

      Sometimes the viewers are voting for people they want to continue to see. Because those people sometime get lots better as they go on.

      • Chris

        Chynna may be gone, but You Won’t See Me Cry.

  • Emily

    I’m shocked. She should have been on for longer. But I’m glad Carson and JR are still there.

    • Alyssa

      yeah I like Carson…he cracks me up to no end. AND he is trying…I dont see much IDK, range from Chaz and Nancy or Rob sometimes- he is getting better , breaking away from his obnoxious sisters.

  • Alyssa

    How did that happen? I would vote, but it says sprint customers, and then you have to go through all this crap online.

    But IMO- Chynna and Kristin were better dancers than Nancy and Chaz who still are stiff and dont show much emotion. Disappointing. But this has happened so many times already to good dancers…Chynna was so nice I was hoping her and Tony would go far. Not hating on anyone just judging the dancing. I don’t know much about Hope Solo either but her and Maks are to cocky for me sometimes.

  • sock monkey

    This is quite possibly the worst year for the “popularity vote”. It’s been there every season but usually by the end there are several good dancers left – at the rate it’s going, it’ll be a sad finale.

  • Jacob

    I had Chynna battling out with Ricki, J.R. and/or Rob in the finale! This is 1,000,000 percent wrong! America-WTH is wrong with you! WE NEED TO SEND CHAZ HOME NEXT WEEK!

  • Kata

    Absolutely disgusting. Chynna is a beatuiful dancer and with a bad night she was still better than at least 3 others. But the Judges are scoring higher for others because of personality. Seriously, Chaz should have been gone already. No dancing whatsoever… but bring famous mom and gush all over the dance. Carrie Ann is a joke. J.R. for the win.

    • Alyssa

      yeah….The 3 judges didnt want the wrath of Cher.

      • Frank

        The judges have not put enough distance between the poor dancers(Chaz and Carson) therefore leaving good dancers in jeopardy. The way they are scoring,they are making the show simply a popularity contest

  • DonnaW

    Wow, Chynna has one bad night and she’s gone? After Chaz was declared safe, I figured it would be either Rob or Nancy,
    But I’m thrilled that Maks and his tight pants (oh yeah and Hope too) will live to dance another week.
    Did anyone recognize the familar-looking dark-haired (and probably Botoxed) woman applauding for Chynna after she was cut? I’m sure she’s someone famous, but I can’t figure out who.

  • Brenda

    Too bad. But a) she froze and b) she doesn’t have an active fan base. There are millions of Kardashian Twitter followers and Chaz has his community.

    • jen

      scary. How dimwitted does someone have to be to follow the Kardashians on twitter?

      • annah

        I’m a social worker who works with special needs teenagers…they follow them..cos they think it is the cool thing to do..they are high functioning, but with some cognitive disabilities..and please don’t think I am putting them down…they are awesom kids…but this is who they think is cool…I can’t help what they see at home…so sad…

  • Becca

    The fact that Carson, Chaz and Nancy live to see another week when their dancing is lousy weekly, and Chynna had one bad week is pathetic..guess no one likes the pretty people…LOL!

    • kross

      Does Carrie Ann realize when she tells the better dancers that they suck and gushes all over the terrible dancers that she is setting up the good dancers to go home? Len does the same thing. Why would they think Chaz is good enough to receive such high marks. All he does is walk around.

      • Nshi

        You mean “waddle” around???

  • Neko

    I’m fairly sure the judges gave Chynna 7s despite forgetting her routine exactly to try and avoid this outcome.

    If they want Chaz to go home instead of better dancers, they need to start judging more strictly and stop giving him sympathy points. I’m looking at you, Carrie Ann!

    • AJBarrett

      You are 100% right! 7s for a routine that she completely forgot???? Anyone who has watched this show for more than one season knows that the judges are simply trying to “manage” the contestants to keep the most viewers through the season. It has less than 1% to do with talented dancing — and 99% to do with maintaining ratings.

  • barbara

    I think it’s too late in the game to forget a dance routine. I felt bad for her and also her partner, but did Nancy Grace or Rob Kardashian who didn’t forget … should they go home? I don’t think so.

  • kross

    It’s past time for Carrie Ann to be voted off as a judge. At this point in the competition every year she chooses a favorite (this year it’s Ricki) and she gives ridiculously high praise and marks and their nearest competitor gets slammed (JR).

    • R.K

      If any one is her favorite it is Chaz.She admitted that she was rooting for him. She admitted it!How is that fair?

  • Colleen

    There are handful of stars that should have gone home before Chynna. I thought she was going to go to the finals with Tony!

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